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Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. It is considered a planet of prosperity, opulence and abundance because of its massive size. It takes approximately twelve years to complete its orbit around the sun traveling at the speed of around 30,000 miles or 47,000 kilometers per hour. It means that it stays in each zodiac house for about 12 months.Astrology Horoscope Jupiter

Jupiter subjects break new grounds. Philosophers propound new theories. Legal minds create new laws of jurisprudence. Scientists make new inventions. Travelers discover new regions. Astronomers find new planets. In short, a Jupiter’s phase ushers in a new era of creativity and inventiveness in its subjects.
Jupiter’s influence favors businessmen and increases their overall wealth and fortune.  Those engaged in banking, insurance and law can expect a northward trend in their graph.

Jupiter is also regarded as the lord of the grandiose plans and strategies for growth and progress. The entry of Jupiter in anyone’s house means the beginning of new life of happiness, growth, wellbeing and prosperity.
Jupiter is the patron god of benefaction, donations and good deeds. He bestows financial gains upon virtuous, pious, sincere and loyal people.

Jupiter is revered as guru god   in Indian astrology. He is regarded as the supreme teacher. His blessings usher in good health, progress, peace and prosperity in the life of its subjects. In Chinese astrology, Jupiter is associated with the element of wood and represents the virtues of patience, truth, trust and hard work.
He is the ruling planet of Sagittarius sign and also the ninth house of the zodiac. He brings in wisdom, good sense, optimism to its natives.
The Guru in Jupiter favors scholars, philosophers, teachers, scientists, economists, judges and those engaged in research in their fields. Jupiter’s influence heralds a period of good luck, cheer, rationalism, breadth of vision, confidence, influence and power.

Jupiter makes life easy and pleasant. Pessimism is taken over by optimism and you feel like working with renewed enthusiasm and zeal to achieve your goals.

He brings in new sense of comfort, amity, security, harmony and peace in your family life. Your relations with your spouse, children and parents look much better and stronger than ever before. 
He boosts your productive abilities in business, finance, investments, arts, crafts, theatrical performance and social life. But you must be careful about your health, especially of the upper part of your body.
 But there is a proviso. As mentioned above, Jupiter won’t bestow his blessings unless you also work hard with perseverance, dedication, focus and determination. Jupiter is the true lord of karma.
He easily gets displeased with the lazy and the indolent people. It logically follows that he favors only those who work hard to achieve their goals instead of hoping that favorable circumstances will happen on their own.
Jupiter’s traits perfectly exemplify the astrological theory of the supremacy of karma in bringing good or bad luck.


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