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23 November - 21 December


Friday, February 24, 2017

icon You are an adventurous soul but don't make a compromise when it involves your norms and values because it won't help you in the end. Stick to tradition for now, Sagi. It's not the best time to put your rebellious foot forward. Don't try to get through everything. You won't reach your goal. Free yourself from negative thoughts and stay loyal to your goals. Financial tension could force you to ask for support. That's okay; it happens to everyone once in a while. You have the feeling you need to deal with your partner in a tactful way because otherwise you have to pay for it. Your partner is very direct and clear and you need some time getting used to that. Stick to your own principles!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

icon You have enough energy to do everything that comes your way, Sagi. Stay flexible so you can make the best use of an offer and you don't miss out on any opportunity. A message will bring along some surprising consequences. You could be a bit restless today. You can't sit still. Exercising and being outdoors works the best for you even when the weather doesn't permit it. It will help you relax. You are full of energy!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

icon You have to arrange your own things, Sagi. You may not be able to count on the support of a lot of people today. You might forget an important appointment in the midst of chaos, so make sure to take a look at your calendar. Patience isn't really one of your values, so trying to teach something to someone can be nerve wrecking. It might be a good idea to let someone else take over this task. Your ideas are bright and innovative but the industry's VIPs aren't ready for those yet. Don't worry; they will, in their own due time. Try to be patient!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

icon Your gift of knowing what consumers want will help you with sales or marketing work. That's great! Use this to close a deal and hit your sales goal early this month. Some disagreements will arise about joint possessions or money. Be persistent with your usual efficiency if an unusual problem arises. Fortunately, something will bring in some unexpected cash. Probably something you have made yourself. You are in a positive mood and you have a healthy dose of confidence. That's good for your relationship and if you are single this will attract others. Be unique!

Monday, February 20, 2017

icon You know for sure that the series of special events can't be a coincidence but you can't see the underlying connection. Don't rush things up and stress yourself in the process. Clarity will come to you in due time. You could run into a potential partner and you will impulsively do what your heart tells you. This might not be so wise, Sagi. Aim for the top today. Your house of ambition is on red alert. Don't miss out on any chance to chat up the boss in the hallway and plant seeds for the rest of the year. Work on your future!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

icon It's fantastic that you have such a good memory, Sagi. This is very practical when you are studying something. Things that took a lot of effort to remember earlier on now seem to have become so easy to grasp. If you are single, you shouldn't be afraid. You are not going to end up alone. Things are going well if you are in a relationship too. Spend your money carefully!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

icon This is the perfect day to talk to your neighbours or some friends about that matter that bothers you a little bit. Don't turn a molehill into a mountain though, Sagi. You really want to get to the bottom of something but if you are not careful it will turn into an obsession. Don't let that happen. Today is filled with optimism so don't waste your time in the complaints department. Stay light and use some humour, instead. Don't waste your energy!


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