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23 November - 21 December


Friday, August 18, 2017

icon Lying is never a good thing but sometimes a white lie is necessary to keep the peace. Just think about the possible consequences as well. If in doubt about how to handle a difficult situation, try to meditate. It will provide you with a bigger insight in yourself and it makes you feel relaxed. That will be beneficial for you and the people around you as well. Bear in mind that sacrificing joy in the present moment in order to build your future might be too much to ask. A little bargain will make you live life fuller. Think about the consequences!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

icon Fortunately, you had already counted on this financial setback. This shows it's a good idea to think further ahead. You risk losing a discussion but you will be saved by the bell. Lick your wounds and patch yourself up before you start the conversation again. Technical problems and other practical discomforts could cause a lot of delays and irritations today. Ask that person with two right hands for help. Don't be stubborn!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

icon Try not to deviate from your daily routine too much today, Sagi. Your body needs order. You have been walking around with a lot of questions lately and you don't know the answers to them. Ask them out loud when you are around others. If you have a problem that you can't discuss with a loved one it might be a good idea to make an appointment with a therapist. Financial sunbeams could shine into your house through your partner or your own merits. Ask for help when necessary!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

icon You don't need a lot of encouragement to head out and look for new adventures and experiences, Scorpio. Look around you and see that there are a lot of things to learn from such as books in your shelves and the internet to take you places. How about developing a new hobby? If you are single, you will probably experience a spontaneous romance if you do something out of the usual routine. Pay extra attention to your possessions this afternoon. You risk losing something or getting robbed. A conversation with a superior will prove to be very informative. Explore the world!

Monday, August 14, 2017

icon It's fun to reminisce but don't get stuck in the past, Sagi. You always have to focus on the future because you can't change anything about the past anymore. Learn your lessons from the past and use them for the things that are coming your way. You are not standing still at all. At work you risk getting snowed under and you will have to fight for your spot and your principles. Live in the present!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

icon You could bump into some obstacles on the road. If you have made enough efforts and did your homework, you will get the acknowledgment you deserve. The financial reward will be less than you expect though. It could be necessary to stand up for our opinions and ideals. You might have to bring a family member back to earth when he/she crosses the limits. Chose a humorous approach though, Sagi. To inspire you keep the peace, focus your attention to an upcoming holiday. Tackle those obstacles!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

icon You are pretty cocky by nature but now you are really exaggerating things. Slow down, Sagi! Speedy Mars and overconfident Jupiter isn't a very good combination. Stay rooted but don't mistake confidence for arrogance. If you don't control your stubborn tendencies, expect conflicts to happen. If you are single, you suddenly bump into Cupid. His arrow suddenly hits target and it knocks you off your feet. If you are already in a relationship, the passion flare up again as well. Put objectivity aside today and do what your heart desires. Don't be arrogant!


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