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23 November - 21 December


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

icon A joint project risks failure because of the lack of effort from certain participants. The hard task to motivate them without stepping on to any toes is yours. You have the feeling that you have to choose between your own needs and the ones of your partner. You usually have the tendency to think about yourself first. Try to do it the other way around today. Keep the necessary up and downs and surprises in mind. Be ready for anything!

Monday, January 23, 2017

icon Don't take any financial risk for now, Sagi. Experts make mistakes as well. You feel very restless at the moment. The obligations and festivities that are planned for next weekend cause that. The best way to deal with it is not to postpone things until the last minute. Do what you can now, so you won't be overwhelmed with work on the next days to come. It's time to put up boundaries with demanding people. If your sibling has been borrowing money from you without giving it back, say that you need the money too. He/she has to pay his/her previous loans first before getting another one. Act now!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

icon You can count on an endless ocean of luck in the love and creative departments today. Invest loads and loads of energy and attention into everything you love, Sagi, and forget about those stupid mood swings. Today you only know one mood: a happy mood. It promises to become a wonderful Sunday. Something will happen that makes it unforgettable. Everything you wish for will become reality. Be careful what you wish for!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

icon An important message could reach you today. You will probably receive a phone call that makes you happy or you will find a sweet letter in the mailbox when you get home. The content will strongly influence your plans for the upcoming days. You are very occupied with work or your study at the moment and that's not making your partner happy. This could cause some frustrations and irritations. Good news is heading your way!

Friday, January 20, 2017

icon It's time for a different approach at work, Sagi. Structural progress should be what you are striving for and not reaching some incidental successes. In the long run durability is much more important. You will need a guardian angel today because you're not really the most practical person around. Fortunately, that angel doesn't have to come and visit too often. One of your two left hands suddenly turned into a right hand and you become extremely technical. Do something different!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

icon A news, no matter how small it is, it will throw you off balance a bit today. Find a fast and not too complicated solution, Sagi. You can let others do everything but then you won't feel at home in your new situation. Find your voice in this; it's not right to agree on something that you're not comfortable with. Fortunately,there is some great news for you too because there is a happy, flirty vibe in the air. This could be something which includes travelling or love. Keep your feet on the ground!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

icon You tend to worry about all kinds of things, Sagi. Run to your friends and loved ones, they are what you need today. They make you laugh and will distract you. They will lift you out of any ruts you've been in and fuel your desire for action. Along with the return of your energy comes the aura of adventure and independence. That's great but see if you can afford that. If not at the moment, the right time will come. Just keep on dreaming for the grand adventure for now while you work on strengthening your finances. Cherish your friends!


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