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Love Horoscope Compatibility CapricornAquarius

22nd December - 20th January
Capricorn Love Horoscope

Mostly compatible with:

A 50-50 chance with:

- Capricorn and Taurus
- Capricorn and Virgo
- Capricorn and Gemini
- Capricorn and Leo
- Capricorn and Capricorn

Can be good with:

Doubtful with:

- Capricorn and Pisces
- Capricorn and Aquarius
- Capricorn and Scorpio
- Capricorn and Sagittarius
- Capricorn and Cancer
- Capricorn and Libra
- Capricorn and Aries

Famous Capricorn

- Anthony Hopkins - December 31, 1937
- Isaac Newton - January 4, 1643
- John Denver - December 31, 1943
- Elizabeth Arden - December 31, 1886
- Elvis Presley - January 8, 1935
- Val Kilmer - December 31, 1959
- Martin Luther King - January 15, 1929

Love Compatibility Capricorn

The following is the detailed comparative analysis of the compatibility status of Capricorn with other signs.

Ruling planet: Saturn   Zodiac sign: Goat

Some salient traits of Capricorn personality

Downright, grounded to earth, Capricorns set high goals and work hard until they are achieved. They are gentle, dedicated, perseverant, cool, pragmatic, family minded, work-oriented, and conservative by nature.





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