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Love Horoscope Compatibility CancerAquarius

22nd June - 23rd July
Cancer Love Horoscope

Mostly compatible with:

A 50-50 chance with:

- Cancer and Scorpio
- Cancer and Pisces
- Cancer and Sagittarius
- Cancer and Aquarius

Can be good with:

Doubtful with:

- Cancer and Leo
- Cancer and Virgo
- Cancer and Taurus
- Cancer and Gemini
- Cancer and Cancer
- Cancer and Libra
- Cancer and Capricorn
- Cancer and Aries

Famous Cancer

- Liv Tyler July 1, 1977
- Pamela Anderson July 1, 1967
- Missy Elliott, July 1, 1971
- John D. Rockefeller – July 8, 1958
- Seann William Scott - July 12, 1977
- Selma Blair- June 23, 1972
- George Michael – June 25, 1963
- Mike Tyson – June 30, 1966

Love Compatibility Cancer

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The following is the detailed comparative analysis of the compatibility status of Cancer with other signs.

Ruling planet: Moon, Zodiac sign: Crab

Salient traits of a Cancer personality

Cancers are shy, imaginative, courageous, home- and-family loving, determined, focussed and perseverant people.

Cancer and Aries

Cancer and Aries do not bond with each other naturally. They, therefore, may have to make extra effort to be comfortably compatible with each other. This is because while Aries loves to be independent and move freely in social circles, Cancer is home and family centric and expects Aries to seek proximity only with their consort. The relationship between them can best be described as a heavy storm in the sea. This is because Cancer is normally cautious, home-loving and responsive while Aries is fiery and short tempered.

Cancer and Taurus

These signs are likely to share a successful relationship. Both signs are affectionate, and passionate, and can provide a sense of security to each other. Cancer and Taurus share the same temperament, emotional needs and habits. They, therefore, can harmonize with each other quite comfortably. They both love each other and their families. Both enjoy solitude, privacy and wish to stay away from fussy and noisy people. Both are contented with their lot and want a peaceful life.

Cancer and Gemini

Gemini is sociable and intellectual; Cancer is highly emotional and moody. They can attract each other in the short-term but are unlikely to have a successful relationship in the long run. Cancer and Gemini, though temperamentally different, share same love and care for each other as well as their family. While Cancer’s attachment   is at a subjective and emotional level, Gemini offers objective cerebral reasons for their love. Yu can enjoy a superb relationship.

Cancer and Cancer  

A relationship between them can border on the monotonous given the similarities in their nature. Cancers are, by and large, emotional, sensitive and empathetic beings. Though they love their families as well as their partners more than they love themselves, they maintain a façade of detachment and avoid publically demonstrating their attachment and involvement. Cancers also love to be needed and appreciated and none but the Cancers themselves can cater to this emotional need.

Cancer and Leo

Leo can handle the mood swings of Cancer and can enjoy a successful relationship in the long run. You have an unequal but sincere, loving and affectionate relationship. Though Leo is more domineering and Cancer is subdued, yet the latter does not bear any grudge. Leo, being egoist, demands respect and recognition,, which, Cancer gives in abundant measure. Cancer also receives appreciation and emotional support to their full satisfaction.

Cancer and Virgo

Both these signs are highly emotional by nature and so they can share an interesting relationship. However, they may face some obstacles in the long run. Both Cancer and Virgo are gentle, affable and kind people and yet are given to temperamental shifts and bouts of irritation which result in mutual acrimony and bitterness. The reason may probably be Cancer’s excessive emotional sensitivity to family welfare and Virgo’s rational approach which the former misunderstands as lack of concern. You both need to better empathize with each other.

Cancer and Libra

These signs don’t gel too well with each other because Cancer wants emotional communion while Libra seeks for intellectual individuals. Moreover, Libra finds it difficult to handle the mood swings of Cancer. Both Cancer and Libra are extremely thoughtful, empathetic and considerate about each other’s welfare and yet Cancer is generally irritated by what they perceive as Libra’s lack of emotional involvement in them. This is only a case of minor misunderstanding and should not stand in the way of amicable and loving relationship.

Cancer and Scorpio

They are highly compatible with each other. The dominating nature of Scorpio provides a sense of security to Cancer. You experience a natural bond for each other as you share same temperament and pursue the same goals. Both of you love to live in peace and comparative seclusion and privacy. But there are some differences as well. While Scorpio tends to be intensely aggressive in love, Cancer wants the affair to be mild and temperate.

Cancer and Sagittarius

Sagittarius is for too independent and flighty for Cancer. While Sagittarius wants to go out and explore Cancer prefers to stay-at-home and so they may get on each other’s nerves. You are temperamentally poles apart from each other. While Cancer is perpetually home-bound, Sagittarius likes to always remain out-bound; Cancer is mad about their home and kids, Sagittarius finds it difficult to empathize with this meaningless sentimentality. You need to strive hard to maintain cordial relationship.

Cancer and Capricorn

Both are good financial managers but Capricorn is practical and organized while Cancer tends to be extravagant and this can cause conflict in a relationship. Though apparently temperamentally opposed, Cancer and Capricorn can marvellously complement each other and share a warm and lasting relationship which signifies a rapprochement of intellect with the emotion. Both the persons are gentle, helpful and sensitive. But while Cancer is emotionally attached to home and family, Capricorn understands that emotions alone won’t sustain family. So they work hard to raise resources for its smooth maintenance.

Cancer and Aquarius

The match can be successful only when one sign becomes subservient to the other. Cancer is conservative, emotional, open and steady while Aquarius is quite unpredictable and fun-loving. Cancer and Aquarius are gentle and affable persons. But the former is deeply attached to not only their home and family but also the place where they live. Aquarius does not share this emotional attachment, but is pragmatic enough to go where they can earn money and enjoy better environment.

Cancer and Pisces

This is a marriage made in heaven. Both are sensitive and affectionate and are made for each other. Both of you are gentle, sensitive, sympathetic, emotional and compassionate persons. But while Cancer is family centric, Pisces is gregarious and mingles freely with members of the community. The difference is not serious enough to defy reconciliation for a warm relationship.

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