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22 January 2017 - 28 January 2017

icon You feel like a different person this week. For a sign who's good at handling routines, you will easily be bored by the daily rut. You are now willing to try out new things and open up to new ideas. You'll see that you are able to accomplish some great things. Also on Thursday, the stars will help you assess your financial trajectory. This is a great time to learn about investments and finding out a way to earn passive income. You could find yourself exploring a sales business that features a product that you believe in.

15 January 2017 - 21 January 2017

icon Your social life is blooming. You usually don't really open up to strangers but you are letting your shields down this week. You're in a mood to just enjoy the moment. You might meet someone interesting or get to know a different side of someone you already know. Expect an instant click between the both of you. Time will tell if this is just a passionate fling or something that will last long. You will have to step into a leadership position by the end of the week. Don't worry because you won't have any problem getting along with others.

08 January 2017 - 14 January 2017

icon Allow a stagnant flow of positive energy flow this week, Taurus. A desk or a house without clutter is one way of letting good vibes in. Reorganize your priorities and focus on your saving goals. Money could be a little bit slippery in your hand this week so just carry a set amount of cash when you go out. You need to avoid impulsive buys as much as possible. A good amount of creative will be granted to you. Use this to do some chores around the house or you might want to work on your interior decorations. Focus on anything that catches your interest: write, paint, draw, sing and dance. Everything you do will work out. A word of warning if you're in a relationship: you're a bit sensitive right now, meaning you need for space and privacy.

01 January 2017 - 07 January 2017

icon Money issues could arise starting from Thursday on. Make sure you spend your money wisely this week, Taurus. The days of spending too much on presents is over. The trick is to things things on or close to close budget. Create a chart that shows how much you need for expenses and how much is left to splurge with. With too much of Jupiter, the Planet of Success and Accomplishments on your side, once you have started something you will want to finish it. There's nothing wrong with pulling out all stops but asking for others to contribution isn't bad either. It'll actually make the job easier and fun. Pay attention, Taurus. If you aren't careful, your work pace will rob you from a pleasant personal life.

25 December 2016 - 31 December 2016

icon This week you will prefer to be in the company of people who are on the same wavelength as you concerning ideas and opinions. Sparks doesn't have to fly. The fascination for rich and powerful relationships will decrease again. Not having enough money is annoying but when it flows in royally it also brings restlessness along. Whatever is the case make sure you have a clear overview and don't worry over unnecessary things. Be careful with your bowels. Check the Internet to see which food influences your digestion now that Christmas dinner is around the corner.

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