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24 June 2018 - 30 June 2018

icon Realize that you're the conductor of your life, Taurus. Don't focus on the setbacks that you're going through but hang on to hope and faith that everything will be alright. You have a lot of skills under your belt. Take advantage of these to make your situation more manageable. The days from Wednesday on will be the most productive days when it comes to your career or business. Things that go well this week are teaching, writing, speaking and trying new skills. This coming weekend asks you to give in to your need for a downtime. Even it you still have a lot of errands to run, make room for some rest and relaxation. If you're in a relationship, enjoy each other's company. Go for something fun and naughty. Single? No problem. You're loved by your friends and family. Invite them out and catch up with everybody's story.

10 June 2018 - 16 June 2018

icon Taurus If you are in a relationship, you are currently undergoing some hardships and difficulties with your partner. Allow yourself to think and create better solutions to make things better for the both of you. You have to soothe and comfort your partner that everything will turn out fine. Try to be more intimate and sweet with each other as well, it could save your relationship. In the first few days of the week, you will find yourself in a difficult situation. You can contradict it by doing something new and allowing yourself to experience things that you have not yet done before. Do not worry too much as this would help you, instead, put on a positive attitude and a strong demeanor. This is a good week to start letting go of the toxic people and bad habits that are ruining your life and your health. This is a very challenging week for you so it is best to be mentally, physically and emotionally prepared for it.

03 June 2018 - 09 June 2018

icon Taurus You have been spending quite a lot of time with someone special of the opposite sex for a while now. The subtle differences and fine distinctions are what makes it very exciting and thrilling for you. Continue getting to know this person as they have the potential to be your partner in the future. You both know that in order to continue the good relationship, you must avoid unnecessary conflicts and issues at all costs. When it comes to your finances, you are doing great. You know when to spend and when not to, that is why a lot of people admire you for this. You have a goal in mind that you have been very focused on, unfortunately it is not going to happen for you as it is very unrealistic. But continue to dream on and aim high, you will be rewarded soon enough.

27 May 2018 - 02 June 2018

icon It could be hard for you when others think they can set the rules for you in your career or love life. Don't let this happen, Taurus. Act independently from others and move forward without the interference of the people around you. It's not going to happen that you just accept something from someone. If you want to climb the corporate ladder, more discipline and hard work are necessary. It's a good week to come up with a strategic plan for the future. Come up with something that is airtight but practical and realistic. Work on your relationships as well. If you stay friendly, the people around you will be reasonable and take you seriously. A family matter will take most of your free time this coming weekend. Are you going out on a first date? A wonderful omen awaits you.

20 May 2018 - 26 May 2018

icon The position of the stars inspires you to turn your ideas into reality this week, Taurus. Help yourself feel confident in the area that you're most challenged on. Start with small steps and surprise yourself with how much you have accomplished. There are moments this week when you have a feeling that some of the people you work with are a bit off centre. Try not to be affected by events like this so you can concentrate on what needs to be done. It's useless to confront other people because that could end up in both parties losing their temper. Stick to your conservative self and walk away. If you're single and is drawn to that one special person, the stars encourage you to be more optimistic about the possibility of starting a relationship with him/her. It could work wonders if you try re-arranging your wardrobe or get a new hairstyle.

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