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28 May 2017 - 03 June 2017

icon Carefully examining the way you communicate with others around value is essential this week, Taurus. Avoid a fight and trust your charms instead if encountered with a difficult person. Don't expect people to be cheerful while talking about work stuff. Logic will oppose taskmaster Saturn, so some expectations of others will need to be kept in check. Be brave enough to do it on your own. That will earn you respect and goodwill. It's not an option to sit back and relax because there are matters that demand your attention. If you just let these things go their own way, you will have to deal with some annoying consequences. The weekend is a moment of rest and recreation. Make sure you come up with something fun.

21 May 2017 - 27 May 2017

icon If you are in a relationship, it's time to face the facts. If things are going well, you know what makes you happy. If there are difficult moments from time to time, you will realize that they will be cast away and peacefulness will be brought back only if you work as partners. It's advisable to put some money aside this week for purchasing an electrical device that will soon break. To make sure that you're fully covered, have some reinforcement of initiative and action aiming at boosting your income. A good financial policy means looking ahead as well. If you're travelling, be more moderate and more cautious. Your health is improving. You have more energy and you can handle the entire world. Benefit from this by exercising. This weekend is perfect for a jog in the part or a visit to the gym or dance studio.

14 May 2017 - 20 May 2017

icon The cosmos challenges your house of secrets this week, Taurus. One part of you wants to confide in someone but the other part wants to keep that secret to yourself. Listen to your instincts. Your gut feeling tells you how far you can take your revelation. Expect some big changes regarding your career and workplace this week. Fortunately, your creative juices are flowing. Be diplomatic, peaceable and charming, and let go of any doubts. The weekend is about luxury, eating, drinking and relaxation, so enjoy but just take care not to overindulge. Focus on self-care and take some much needed alone time as possible.

07 May 2017 - 13 May 2017

icon You're naturally level-headed, Taurus, but this week can be full of intense emotions. Monday could be the heaviest aspect of the week. If you see something you like, you want it immediately. Be less impulsive and control yourself in love or you'll just outrun yourself. That also applies to the windows you see in the shopping streets. One day of walking in the malls can empty your wallet. If things doesn't go your way despite of how many tries, drop your baggage and set a new course. Maybe this one just isn't for you. On weekend, the charming Venus moves into your sign; Venus in Taurus is romantic, patient and demonstrative.

30 April 2017 - 06 May 2017

icon Everything that involves gathering knowledge, studying and finances is looking positive. You need to make some decisions. Use your own healthy knowledge and don't just go along with what others tell you to do. Pay attention or you'll miss out on some great opportunities. There are some things you're not quite ready for yet though. Be aware of that. If you're involved in any legal situation, a positive development is likely to happen during the latter part of the week. You are protected and favored in all legal matters during this time. Also, if you have any publishing, advertising or business, you'll have a wonderful ability to make money on these projects now. Relationship-wise, you have some trouble expressing your sentiments for others, and because of this you can anticipate some setbacks in your interaction with the people around you.

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