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08 December 2019 - 14 December 2019

icon Pisces Your urge for freedom could get you into trouble. With your optimistic way of being you can control it for a while but there will be a time when you need to make a choice. You can't own the cake of life and eat from it at the same time. Make up your mind about what you want this week and head towards that certain goal. The rest can wait. Your tendency to get distracted work unproductive. Practicing self-control concerning eating sugar and snacks wouldn't be a bad idea because you like living large. Be brave and just say no to all those goodies for a few days.

01 December 2019 - 07 December 2019

icon Pisces Independence is a very attractive quality. Confidence will impress a potential lover. Your independent attitude makes others feel insecure. Comfort them. Financially it would be profitable for you to connect with people that matter. Work on your network and make sure you are being seen. That demands a groomed appearance. You would still like to save the world. It's a noble goal but you should realize that you can't get it done by yourself. Worrying is bad for your heart.

24 November 2019 - 30 November 2019

icon Pisces If you are searching for love you should find a candidate in the world of money and economy. That's where the romantic wind is blowing. Make sure you also connect spiritually. It's not smart to eagerly grab every possible opportunity because then you'll just add up in a swamp. Adjust your tempo to your energy level and you'll reach more than just running behind your ideals. What if you are feeling down? Just the thought of everything you still have to and want to do could paralyse you. Check out your biorhythm and adjust your activities.

17 November 2019 - 23 November 2019

icon Pisces This week, you kind of feel like upgrading your looks, your haircut and the way you dress. Shop for new clothes and make sure that you are comfortable with the clothes that you just bought. Do not buy something that makes you feel uncomfortable and weird. Also, go and have your haircut. It has been a while since you last had one. You are so dynamic it's exhausting because you have been doing all kinds of things and thinking for new ideas and planning for your future and it is starting to stress you out. don't you sit for a while, breathe and write down the things that are occupying your mind at the moment. Time to set your priorities and make sure that you are flexible enough to reach for all of it.

10 November 2019 - 16 November 2019

icon Pisces This is not a good week when it comes to your love life, Pisces. Are you in a relationship? Fights and arguments may arise between you and your partner. But don't worry too much, as the air will clear up as soon as you both calm down. Disagreements are normal in relationships. Single? You will discover that the one that you like is not available anymore. It could sting you a bit but you will be able to find someone to like again. You could turn this into a beautiful week if you don't allow a setback or a complication bring you down, Pisces. These experiences could make you stronger than yesterday. Learn from them.

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