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17 December 2017 - 23 December 2017

icon This week teaches you to look up and ahead because yesterday is a part of the past. If you're worrying about a financial crisis, take action instead of sulking in a corner. Fortunately, the stars will bless you with extra motivation and inspiration through the people that you love. This also means that there's no shame in asking for the help or advice of others. When it comes to money, make sure you set the boundaries between indulgence and being wasteful. If you're travelling, chemistry could ignite with someone from a different culture or post code. If you're in a relationship, fulfil your plans for the holidays. Book an Airbnb and spend a lot of sexytime together.

10 December 2017 - 16 December 2017

icon Your creativity is at its peak this week, Pisces. Don't forget that you have a vivid mind that makes you able to untangle the most complex situations. The romantic aura this week allows you to express your love in selfless ways. You listen to your loved one intently, help them on personal matters that you don't necessarily have to involve yourself with, go out of your way to please them. If you're single, you could meet your match in an event for a cause. Think about what you were doing and wanted a year ago. Meanwhile at work, an opportunity knocks at the start of the week. This offers more stability and inspiration. Make sure you set your priorities right, especially if this change will affect your personal relations. Think first before you start eating something new. That could affect your bowels.

03 December 2017 - 09 December 2017

icon The insecurity in love is finally ending, Pisces. You stand more firmly in your shoes and you show it. Socially you are strong, and you notice this by the romantic responses you get. Meanwhile, in your career, not all pieces seem to be fitting into place. They don't have to right away. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Give yourself some time and you'll get there before you know it. An impulsive purchase is tempting but don't do it. You'll need to save this money for unexpected expenses. While your friends are searching for the best new restaurant to try, you decide to eat healthier and look fitter for a dress you want to wear for the holidays. It is important to save your knees while working out. If you put too much strain on them, you might cause an injury. Make sure you stretch first.

26 November 2017 - 02 December 2017

icon Give into certain feelings of lust that could act up this week, Pisces. You don't have to suppress anything because that won't do you any favour. Confidently bear your heart and soul. If you're into someone who is also giving you some signs of mutual attraction, verify your gut feelings. Single and have been hurt before? Don't shut people down. A task that screams for completion awaits you. Delegate other duties if you have to. It's time for you to finish whatever that task it, or it will continue to haunt you. Read the labels of the products you use more often and pay attention to the sugar levels. In order to be healthy and fit, you need to learn more about it. You have a very curious mind, so research, then act.

19 November 2017 - 25 November 2017

icon This week promises a good relationship with colleagues and clients. You also have enough energy to deal with almost everything. Get as much done as possible, Pisces. If doubt, always remember that you are ruled by the great planet Neptune. You are more intuitive and artistic than other signs. You can learn from your dreams and find success in following your intuition. The stars predict some changes in your love life. Ask yourself if your norms and values are still compatible. You can get so impressed by someone that you are willing to invest a lot. Don't spend money on foreign trips because you will want to get away again once your holiday is finished. Plan a trip a little later so you have some more financial freedom. Try not to be too judgemental this week. That person you're a bit hesitant to accommodate in your life could become a close friend or more.

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