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24 July - 23 August



Monday, August 02, 2021

icon Pressure at work is very high today especially when you're getting close to the deadline. What makes it more difficult is that even though you have a lot of to-do lists, your focus will shift to relationships. You somewhat neglect your loved ones while you are trying to keep up with the pace at work. Strategize and priorities because this can't continue going on like this. You risk your partner getting fed up with hearing that you always have to work. Go where your heart is!

Sunday, August 01, 2021

icon Invitations are coming from all directions so you are pretty much booked up for the upcoming weekend. Make sure you have enough energy to be at all those places. If you're into business, the news could be a bit disappointing but fortunately this is only a temporary thing. Consult a financial planner and come up with a savvier plan so your money will grow. Things are looking good if you are planning to make a purchase. You enjoy the splurge much more when it's wisely budgeted. You are ready for the weekend!

Saturday, July 31, 2021

icon You are a career-minded person, Leo and you want to launch your ambitions to the next level. Go for it because your ideas are finally received well and your clients are happy. You are finally becoming a hot commodity on the job. That's great! Consider paying off a debt with that extra income. A gathering could make you decide to go on a vacation together with friends or relatives. It's not only the vacation days and lazing around the beach that you want, but also knowing different people from other cultures. Your knowledge of other's viewpoints could inspire you to introduce something new for yourself and/or for the company you work with. You can find inspiration in strange places!

Friday, July 30, 2021

icon There will be a lot of action at work but don't use up all your energy because some things are waiting for you at home as well. It could be a bunch of chores that's been calling your name or a relationship which has gone a bit sour. If you're in a relationship, now is the time to see if you two are headed down a shared path. Do you want similar things in life? Discussions like these can be very illuminating. You are a wonderful colleague and your superior notices that at well. If you play your cards well, this promises a bluer sky for you as you climb the corporate ladder. Stay healthy!

Thursday, July 29, 2021

icon You start your day with confidence and you're very driven. You're finally ready to dip your toe in new waters. Unfortunately, some dramas could dampen your enthusiasm. Focus on yourself today, Leo and avoid negativities. Winning would be impossible if you don't play, right? Your wanderlust is now activated. When was the last time you took a vacation? Commit to go to a place you have never visited before. It may take a while to save up but it'll make every day feel a lot less mundane. Avoid drama queens!

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

icon Something significant yet very confusing happened during the week which you need to contemplate on this Sunday. Check every angle so you won't miss any detail. This will help you finalize your thoughts. Don't let this occupy your entire day though. This is going to be a great day socially. Surround yourself with happy people. You have a natural charm to establish new contacts but now it will even gain you new friends. Find your balance!

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

icon Tension is part of your day today. Try your best to leave the squabbling to those who lack maturity. Get your head together and don't get carried away in anyone else's drama. Turn your attention on tasks that need your full attention. After you're done with this, focus on pleasant activities that have nothing to do with work. Use your energy wisely!


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