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04 December 2016 - 10 December 2016

icon It's not necessary that everyone knows which colour of underwear you are wearing but don't keep secrets from a friend or a loved one. A double life seems attractive but it has big consequences. Listen to what heart tells you. Open up for new ideas. You can put yourself in the spotlights at work by accepting a challenge. That can increase your salary in the future. You have the tendency to cross limits if it involves your health. Alcohol, candy and snacks are very tempting. Just say 'no' this week.

27 November 2016 - 03 December 2016

icon Don't keep secrets from a friend or a loved one, Cap. A double life seems attractive but it has big consequences. The planets have laid the groundwork for some exciting new developments. Come up with a new game plan but it doesn't have to be the sole job of your brain. You can also listen to what heart tells you. It's also best to open up for new ideas coming from your loved ones or colleagues. You can put yourself in the spotlights at work by accepting a challenge. It may take a lot of your time and effort but that can increase your salary in the future. Reaching your goals could mean doing things that aren't all that comfortable for you. You have the tendency to cross limits and this could affect your health this week. Make sure you allot time for rest and recreation.

20 November 2016 - 26 November 2016

icon If you encounter an annoying situation, control your urge to kill, Cap. You don't have to agree but you don't have to burn bridges either. You are eloquent enough to handle this in a diplomatic way. Financially, your bank account is stable at the moment and you could consider getting into a new business venture. Don't let this opportunity get away even though it takes an effort to get the necessary amount. It can be quite challenging if you force to do everything on your own, but if you partner with someone you trust you will have more control of your own time without compromising the chance of doubling your investment.

13 November 2016 - 19 November 2016

icon Emotional intimacy will become equally important as physical intimacy and maybe even more important. You're always a busy buddy and that could hurt your relationship much. Try to balance work and your personal life, Cap. No apologies if you want to switch your phone to sleep mode and lose yourself in a me-time project. A change of scenery would be good for the heart and soul, especially when spent with someone special. Your financial position will improve this week and that will last for a little while. This offers you the opportunity to save a bit for tougher times.

06 November 2016 - 12 November 2016

icon Single? Exploring the beauty of online dating will bear good fruits, Cap. Try a new app and post an irresistible profile, complete with a new array of photos. Coupled? It could irritate you when you notice that your partner isn't on the same spiritual and intellectual wavelength as you are. This could make you feel down for a bit because you feel as if you are facing everything on your own. Open this up to him/her and hear what he/she has to say. If you're into business, it would do you good to find some people that share your financial interests. There is a high possibility of successful business partnership this week. Take a look at your eating habits and make some necessary changes. Your body will thank you for it.

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