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28 May 2017 - 03 June 2017

icon Dreamy Neptune, the planet of illusion and delusion, is really acting up this week. Will you be able to make your way through the haze? Due to your flexible character you will surely find the solution, Cap. There isn't much you can do except meditate and accept the current state of things. You have a never-say-die attitude that a little bit of confusion won't stop you from getting what you want. There is not a single reason for you to get all worked up about unpaid bills because you can pay them in a timely manner when you plan it wisely. Hold off any decision or conclusions if you don't feel very well at any moment. Making hasty actions will result to a big repercussion in the near future.

21 May 2017 - 27 May 2017

icon Is your partner behaving like someone who never wants to grow up? Be direct and say what is bothering you, Cap. He/she also wants to hear how much you care for him/her but that's also what you want to hear from him/her. Career-wise, passionate Mars will stimulate the desire, but it can sometimes be rather rash and too authoritarian. Some more tact would be welcome, especially during the first part of the week. It's the right time to use your sales talents and close an interesting deal if you want to sell something. You know what you want and you'll go straight for it. You cannot rely on other people's help, you'll have to manage on your own. But due to the passing of the the majestic Sun, you will cope successfully. Don't agree too quickly to a proposal. It could be something that's worth the risk. Try to dig deeper. The weather could turn around and this could have some influence on you. You can prevent this by taking your vitamins and watching what you eat.

14 May 2017 - 20 May 2017

icon You have the idea that your life is speeding up all the time but it feels as if you are not making enough progress. This has nothing to do with the level of energy you have nor how your surroundings receive your efforts. Truth is, it's hard to keep up the pace with all the things you would like to do, Cap. You could exhaust yourself by wanting to do so much. You want others to appreciate you but it's important that you take your time so you can deliver quality. That will impress people a lot more than rushing. Before you tackle those tasks, take a couple hours to get centered. Once you do, your whole approach to that to-do list could change. You won't be very serious anymore, but will see the lighter side of things. Grab your weekender bag and hit the road! A change of scenery refreshes your perspective and lifts your mood.

07 May 2017 - 13 May 2017

icon Let yourself go a bit more, Cap. If you give into it, your life will turn into a party. Your energy levels could quickly fizzle if you take on too much. If you push further, you could catch the seasonal virus or run out of creative ideas. Adjust your personal demands and things will become pleasant not only for yourself but for the people who miss you. Carefulness is essential when dealing with finances. You need to pinch some pennies and paying of debts brings you peace of mind. Fortunately, working in a methodical way is one of your many talents. The weekend brings light in your sector of home and family. You feel like putting down roots for a bit. This ignites your house of sex and creativity as well, so you should enjoy your weekend.

30 April 2017 - 06 May 2017

icon Your inner voice is talking to you and you'd better listen to it because you might take some wrong actions if you don't. That's what's really important this week. Strengthen the bonds with your loved ones, Cap. You might be tempted to go on an adventure but stay faithful to your partner. You wouldn't want to be hurt like that either. If you've been holding your breath, waiting for news about a mortgage or loan, you may hear something positive on the first part of the week. Finally, you'll feel like you can begin to move forward with whatever domestic or business-related project you have that requires these extra funds.

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