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17 December 2017 - 23 December 2017

icon You are extremely critical in love this week, Cap. On the upside, this gives you time to be right with the people around you, to voice out your needs clearly. The challenge, however is to deliver the message in a less aggressive and demanding way. Meanwhile, the rules of the game at work could change which isn't really favourable to you. A change of job could be an option, but so is being flexible and giving this change a chance. Don't act difficult. Open up a bit because that definitely offers new perspectives. You will immediately notice the effects. If you've just started a relationship, you could be stressed with the coming holidays, specifically family visits. Know that you don't have to do something that you're not comfortable with yet. Be sure to exercise and eat right to bring balance to this emotional week. A nourishing meal with fresh salads and fish will bring a smile on your face.

10 December 2017 - 16 December 2017

icon This week is all about closure, healing and movement. Don't resist this, Cap, because it'll give you a chance to reinvent yourself. This moves you to make sure that your personal and professional affairs are organized. Get rid of unnecessary distractions and if there are baggage that you've been carrying for a while, let go. Say, "sayonara"! This applies to your love life, too. It brings new inspiration in love. You will build connection with someone who's not your usual type. Things are shifting as well financially. That might ask you to tighten your belt a bit, but later on it will prove to be a positive development. A restful moonbeam inspires you to honour your rest day this weekend. Focus on self-care and do something that will relax your mind, body and soul.

03 December 2017 - 09 December 2017

icon A challenging week awaits you, Cap. Whatever you do it just seems as if the problems just keep on increasing. It appears like you have to struggle hard to sort things out. Believe in your heart that you have enough strength to get through this and it'll keep you inspired. You have a strong community with others as well. They are willing to help out in whatever way they can. Just don't ignore some precious advice and don't postpone what needs to be done. That's how you'll get a grip on the situation again and you will soon have everything under control again. The coming weekend is all about a sense of family and belongingness, making it extremely enjoyable for you. Being healthy is the best look for you. This has a positive effect on your being and boosts your self-confidence as well.

26 November 2017 - 02 December 2017

icon Romance is headed your way, Cap. You're not desperate to find love, but it will keep you inspired. It doesn't necessarily have to be deep love, but it could also be a flirt. Just take a chance on love and see where it leads you. If you plan your activities carefully this week and take enough rest, you will reach more than when you keep on running. Fortunately, your communication skills are on fire this week. You leave a good impression on that project that you're working on. If you're applying for a job, your wit shows in how you choose your words. You're certainly the asset that every employer wants to be a part of their team. There is more to life than busy, busy, busy. Find time to get some space and work out what you can do for yourself.

19 November 2017 - 25 November 2017

icon Not everyone runs on the same energy level as you do, Cap, but that's not an excuse to be overly generous. Being friendly and always available is so noble of you, but you also have to give others a chance to step up their game. There are times when you need to be around people, but this week calls for a sufficient quiet time to focus on your own needs. Keep a close eye on your budget as well. Spend less on material things and more on your education. Your body indicates what it needs in very simple terms, so rest. Don't be hard on yourself. Get enough sleep and choose healthier food options. Increase your water intake, too.

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