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26 February 2017 - 04 March 2017

icon Balance, priorities and needs are important this week. Overall, you have plenty of opportunity this week to find comfort at home or with family. You realize that the major key to success is learning when it's time to slow down. Impulsiveness, a signature Leo trait, should be tamed somewhat. Planning more carefully for your future is important, particularly when money is involved. The last few days of the week will be very satisfactory when it comes to career. You can establish new contacts and your social life will be blooming. Keep a positive outlook regardless what happens, Leo. Unkept promises could cast a small shadow over this week.Stay alert and take action. Set healthy boundaries.

19 February 2017 - 25 February 2017

icon You can look forward to a lot of good prospects this week, especially when you start something new. Dream big, Leo. Sit down with a notebook or create a vision board, tuning in to what you want to accomplish and the areas in which you'd like to grow in. The only downside is that you could become really stressed out but don't worry that'll be over in no time again. The first days look extra good for important conversations concerning money or reaching agreements. In whatever decision you make, being rational alone is not the way to go. Trust your intuition and act accordingly. On Saturday, dynamic Mars teams up with soulful Neptune; you become a party-loving Lion once more. On Sunday, you'll probably be happier in smaller, more intimate venues than a crowded Vegas club, or simply at home cuddling with your loved one.

12 February 2017 - 18 February 2017

icon All the ingredients for a good week are there, Leo. Your imagination will be supersized because of these. Creativity is the key; you can derive inspiration from almost anything. You're on an ambitious quest, working tirelessly on a business plan. You could end up in a restless mood though. Be warned because this could result to insomnia. Try to relax your mind. Bear in mind that "Rome wasn't built in a day". Time is essential to create great things. Taking things less serious is also essential to balance your professional and personal life. It might be a good idea to take a few days off and to pay attention in a pleasant way to your family and children. If you're in a relationship, you don't need to leave out your work entirely to enjoy leisurely evenings with your partner. A few breaks every now and then is enough.

05 February 2017 - 11 February 2017

icon Green perfectly suits you this week, Leo. There's a serene and peaceful aura in this color which reflects your inner self. With your heart brimming with peace like this, share it to others through an act of service. It doesn't have to be big. Holding the hands of a friend in need will make a big difference. Yes, you can depend on yourself, but you need to take time to think about a tough issue (probably concerning work). Take calculated risks only. You could get back in touch with a long lost family member or an old friend. Your arms and hands could be your weak points this week.

29 January 2017 - 04 February 2017

icon A sea of emotions can catch up with you this week, Leo. Certain items could bring back some memories from the distant past. Give in to this feeling; the Moon is giving your soul back. Through the Moon's energy, you're encouraged to reconcile with these varied emotions in order to make yourself complete and one with the world.The last days of the week won't be suitable for love. Your partner might not understand the way you react to an emotional situation or it might involve something that will cost more money than planned. A special phone call or a message from a visitor could play an important role this week. At work, you are so excited about a new project or idea that it seems like a perfectly brilliant time to launch, take a leap, You will more likely find a receptive audience.

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