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27 November 2016 - 03 December 2016

icon If you are single, love is peeking at the horizon and this could mean an exciting amorous contact this week. Prepare yourself for a whole load of butterflies in your tummy. Those in a relationship could expect hotter evenings filled with lots of cuddling. Your love life is entering a warm stream and gets serious. This could mean exchanging apartment keys or shopping for an engagement/wedding ring. A promotion which is open for grabs inspires you to work hard on a project you would like to complete with flying colours. Whether you're employed or running your own business, with some perseverance and loads of creativity you will succeed in increasing your income. You need to keep an eye on your stress level to assure you stay healthy though.

20 November 2016 - 26 November 2016

icon Things could get heated in your relationship, Leo, and not in a very positive way. It has no use to just stand at the sideline; you need to bring back those love feelings. Trust your heart far more than the rationalizing of in your head. In your professional life, limits aren't really your thing. You are the director. Keep on standing up for yourself, especially when it involves improving your position at work. Don't be too modest there but be assertive. This is a glamorous week, ideal for launching a new project. A small accident could snap you out of your rhythm. You can prevent hurting sensitive souls by thinking before doing anything.

13 November 2016 - 19 November 2016

icon You have the tendency to can act rather mysterious this week, Leo. That last part won't be beneficial for your relationship. Though it makes your sex life extra hot, communication with an open heart and an open mind is still the best way to deal with any conflict. You need to have an overview of your financial matters, Leo. Take a look at your bookkeeping and get the advice from an expert if necessary. The weekend is entirely for you and your loved ones. Take a timeout. Go into nature and have some quality time together. Single? Stop trying to request for an ideal mate from the heavens. You can come up with a list of how you want him/her to be but the stars could deliver someone who isn't on your menu. Stay open and be pleasantly surprised.

06 November 2016 - 12 November 2016

icon Jupiter causes problems in love but it will pass again. It's important to work together now; there's strength in numbers and potentially a whole lot of fun too. Don't monopolize the spotlights though, Leo. Royally compliment others if things are going smoothly and don't claim all the successes yourself. If you're single, this may not be the week for you. It's useless to eat away your frustration because the scale is merciless. Control yourself.

30 October 2016 - 05 November 2016

icon Nothings is wrong with being monotonous or boring. You have the tendency to take unnecessary risks, Leo, and you could harm yourself and others. Being too busy with chasing pleasure could also be a risky behaviour. You're allowed to peek outside the door for a minute for more excitement but don't peek too long. Mercury is smiling upon you and that means there will be some financial opportunities. If you have gone through a financial low, you will see light at the horizon now. It's because of the many days of hard work and devotion you've given. You have the right to ask for a better salary. Take note that you emotional life could influence your health so choose positive thoughts.

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