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22 April 2018 - 28 April 2018

icon There's a lot in store for you this week, Aries. There are tasks waiting in the workplace and you'll also be meeting new faces. Fortunately, you are great in conversations. You easily draw people's attention with your wit and charm. Use this to your advantage especially when closing a deal or making a proposal. Expect some tension in the financial realm midweek. Whatever it is, remain calm so you can explore your resources diligently. If you have to present a financial concern to the board, dispel any bad feeling before walking into the function room. Prepare to listen to everyone's concerns and guarantee everyone that everything is under control as long as everybody does their fair share of things. The weekend is perfect to meet with someone outside of work or your studies. A light-hearted conversation is what you need to relax.

15 April 2018 - 21 April 2018

icon It's a good time to get noticed this week, Aries. Plug in to your interests and do something you haven't tried before. Whatever you end up doing, keep the positive energy flowing. The more enthusiastic you are, the more likely that you attract who and what you wish for. Expect that not everything will go your way, of course. The key is to add some water to the wine. Some people simply needs to be treated more personally instead of businesslike, so be your most charming self. If you're single, be open to people who you don't usually consider your type. Allow the unknown and exotic excite you. For couples, this week encourages you to learn more about your partner's deepest needs and desires. Needless to mention that it should start with you being physically and emotionally present. Make self-expression the tagline of your sex life.

08 April 2018 - 14 April 2018

icon The stars are in a favourable position for you if you want to start up something new this week, Aries. Success lies ahead but prepare yourself for some setbacks because these things could happen. The trick is not to rush to reach your goals because you could make mistakes. Strategic planning is most important. Love is flourishing and you look more attractive than ever this week. The opposite sex notices this as well. You don't have to do a lot for it. It just happens. Whatever your civil status is, you could score up some romance on the first part of the week. Jealousy could hit you if you're in a relationship. Realize that this gets you nowhere. Clarify matters this coming weekend or else it will drag you further until next week which will eventually affect your mood and productivity.

01 April 2018 - 07 April 2018

icon Old fears or experiences from the past could block you from time to time this week. Fight this urge, Aries! You're a warrior at heart, so don't be afraid of rejection, instead learn from it and draw courage. Treat the past as an opportunity to begin again, only this time more smartly. You have a warm personality that makes people feel welcome. Make the most of this if you're trying to close a business deal. Try to keep the atmosphere light and positive. For some reason, cash seems to flow freely when you're happy. A busy Friday, catching up with deadlines, could ruin the mood for a social evening. To prevent this from happening and do as much work as possible during the early part of the week. That saves you from doing last minute reports and extending your hours in the office. This weekend? Rest. Be surrounded by the people you love.

25 March 2018 - 31 March 2018

icon Your ambitions could rise high this week, Aries. Something that has been on hold for a while suddenly becomes a priority and you will have to make some adjustments. Be careful with your actions though and stay calm. Situations could arise that lead to accidents if you rush. Be extra careful around machines. You could have to make an important decision about something. You have the feeling others are working against you today but the resistance within yourself is your biggest obstacle at the moment. Don't sabotage yourself! Deal with that first.

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