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20 January 2019 - 26 January 2019

icon Aries It's important to focus on the harmony at home this week. This will be unlike your usual easygoing vibe. You may need to face issues such as trust, possessiveness and jealousy. Don't worry because you still have time to go out later on. At work or if you're into business, you should grab the opportunity to work with someone as long as you make waterproof agreements. Put everything on paper first. Overall, you're looking at a busy week both in your personal and professional life. It would be a good ideas to dig into spiritual ways of healing. These could not just help you sort out everything physically but spiritually as well. Healing and forgiveness will calm the storm in your mind.

13 January 2019 - 19 January 2019

icon Aries Single? You will have romantic prospects and promising encounters this week. No cold weather can stop you from flirting. If you are in a relationship, you could surprise yourself by confessing a simmering sexual desire to your partner. The tides are smooth and you get a clearer picture and insight of where your relationship is heading. Expect support from your partner if you want to start a project. Come up with a careful plan. Unfortunately, your work situation isn't that stable this week. You'll have to deal with power struggles within the management. With a little more patience, you can positively influence the atmosphere.

08 January 2019 - 14 January 2019

icon Aries You are a simple-minded person, Aries. The little things amuse you. You like going for a drink or walking down town. You are very attractive and so charming. You have reached a peak, Aries. You can put all these things to use if you want. Just watch out because someone might get jealous. You shine and others want the same thing. You are a star!

06 January 2019 - 12 January 2019

icon Aries Love makes you feel more vulnerable than usual this week. It makes you strong but weak at the same time. You can be jealous and possessive if you think that someone you care about has secrets for you. The good thing is that a beautiful kind of sensitivity arises in you. Whatever the situation is, bear in mind that love is inherently risky and uncertain by nature. At work, you are heading into a new direction and you will have to adjust your strategy. Avoid impulses that disrupt that harmony you've built with your colleagues. Try to detox this week. Head to the market and pick up fresh ingredients for a vegetable and/or fruit salad.

30 December 2018 - 05 January 2019

icon Aries Take it easy this week. You tend to worry about nothing. What you have to realize is that you are creating unnecessary problems. You need to relax as much as possible. You're so used to the chaos around you that it has become normal. Being stressed if never normal. You also have the urge of going for an adventure this week. This is a good sign as you're finally going out of your comfort zone. Be careful though; looking for it in the wrong places might have some awkward consequences. Remember to stay away from any form of gambling this week including lottery.

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