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16 July 2017 - 22 July 2017

icon This could be an exciting week when your mood is right, Aries. Just keep your mind open and try to avoid distractions to give way to creative downloads. When in doubt, operate on instinct and take the initiative when you have the feeling that you need to move to a certain direction. Don't stress. If you're single, an attractive type will catch your attention. He/she might possibly walk up to you and you will strike immediately. You can count on a financial windfall, too. Don't spend it immediately though. Save it for a rainy day? You are more likely to catch a cold or flu toward the end of the week. Prevent this from happening by keeping your energy levels high. Instead of worrying, spend more time outdoors, doing sports or joining a yoga or dance class.

09 July 2017 - 15 July 2017

icon If your relationship has been rocky for a while now, you reach the insight that you have to put a definitive end to a relationship. Single? You'll probably need to take some risks, Aries, and as long as they're calculated, that's fine. Find the balance between rash and . Self-knowledge will help you with your career or studies this week. If you have interests and desires, the planets will give you the courage to bring yourself forward. Trust your instinct and move happily forward. 2017 has gone so fast and you suddenly realize that it's already mid-year. Look back at your goals and see that a lot haven't been reached yet. Prevent that you have to make a final sprint by planning well and sticking to your schedule. If you're into business, know your competitors and explore ways you can exceed their service. The fun part of your weekend might get not be that fun. An aching throat could point to an upcoming cold. Make sure to take some extra vitamins and go to bed early.

02 July 2017 - 08 July 2017

icon Your mood is as changeable as the weather this week, Aries. The upside is that you are flexible enough to cope up with the different events this week. That's good because once the dust settles, this could actually lead to greater stability. Unfortunately, some of your significant others might not be able to keep up with the moodiness. Try to keep this in mind so as not to scare people away. Don't let the gossip of a jealous acquaintance confuse you. Financially, a big step is made to give way for some important changes. It's time to fix mistakes and to cast a new and realistic look on the situation. If you're in love, get creative and adventurous behind closed doors. Whatever you want, own it. Single? Have courage and make the first move. If you don't have a prospect yet, whether you're ready for a new love or not, you might bump into someone attractive and interesting locally. This could be in a museum, library, bookstore, or somewhere quiet.

25 June 2017 - 01 July 2017

icon This is a vibrant week to network and make new contacts, Aries. Join some organizations or accept invites from people you don't know all that well. Volunteer or pitch in on a community project. Your horizons will expand in no time. Expect some unpleasant interactions with neighbors, colleagues or siblings though. You are an emotional human being and that's why you know very well who you can inspire or push down. Career-wise, it's time to launch new projects or plans because the earth is fertile. Start with something new. Explore your creative side. Keep everything positive and walk away from things that make you sad. Always choose the happy side of life and get in touch with the right types. They are in your immediate vicinity so invite them to celebrate life together with you. The new moon powers up your domestic zone on the weekend. You might repaint, redecorate or renovate your house for a warmer and cozier vibe.

18 June 2017 - 24 June 2017

icon Your emotional life is a bit chaotic this week, Aries. Are you hiding something? Or, is there something from the past that hasn't been resolved yet? Try to discover what is bothering you because that will give you more freedom. Cry if you have to. Give your emotions some space because if you bottle them up it will come to a nasty outburst later on. In line with this, it is possible that an unexpected could erupt. This will make the atmosphere hot, but at least you'll clear the air. If you're in any kind of trouble this week, try to relax. You will get support from an unexpected corner and who knows what that could lead to. Your relationship is being tested. Financial matters could be a bit complicated in the next few weeks but nothing will happen that you can't handle. With a wise financial policy you will easily tackle these obstacles.

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