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18 August 2019 - 24 August 2019

icon Scorpio This week, you will feel a little insecure about yourself as you look in the mirror and you see your flaws and your imperfections and you keep on thinking if you could comply with the demands of the people around you and if you could give them what they want. That is only normal, Scorpio. To wonder if you are ever enough and to be worried if you are giving your all to the people you love. Just do not let these insecurities eat you up. Always remember to be confident and to think positively all the time. Always look at the bigger picture and don't just focus on what is in front of you. Plan ahead and make sure to follow your heart.

11 August 2019 - 17 August 2019

icon Scorpio You will be having a few minor issues regarding an insurance policy that you have availed or haven't availed yet. You should learn how to read first before signing anything, Scorpio. Don't worry, these issues will be addressed properly by your agent. Just ask the right questions and you'll be good to go. You will also be spending more time with a Gemini or Cancer friend and it will make you very happy. You have been busy with life that you have forgotten to spend some time with your friends and your family. Single? You will probably meet someone this week that will make you have butterflies in your tummy. Keep your eyes and your heart open.

04 August 2019 - 10 August 2019

icon Scorpio You are not feeling so happy and generous at the moment, In fact, you are angry and you feel very hot-headed this week. Be careful with your words, because you might feel like hurting someone with it, especially those people who crosses you wrongly. Do not let anyone walk all over you, Scorpio. It is time that you stand for yourself. It is also time for you to let go of some old and bad habit and live your life to the fullest. Your personal development is at its peak. You are doing well. Keep it up.

28 July 2019 - 03 August 2019

icon Scorpio This will be a life-changing week for you, Scorpio. Do not be discouraged by the things that you will go through, be it chaotic or crazy situations. All you have to do is to put your feet on the ground always and handle things cautiously. There is also a passionate vibe in the air. So spend more time with your partner. You both have been busy with work that you forget to hangout and do something romantic. This is the perfect moment to catch up with each other. Have fun!

21 July 2019 - 27 July 2019

icon Scorpio You aren't doing financially well this week, Scorpio. Even your whole family is in a financial crisis over something. It is not directly your problem but you somehow feel the need to help them all out. You are a good son/daughter and brother/sister for looking after your family. If you are going to have a conversation with your partner, it won't go smoothly. It might come across as "too confronting" for you. This argument will make you feel very emotional and you might even start to cry. Control yourself, because your partner might feel bad even if there is nothing wrong that he or she did.

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