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Monday, May 29, 2017

icon You actually don't feel like having a fight at all but unfortunately you will really have to try your utter best if you want to avoid getting into one today. Keep yourself under control as much as possible. You are allowed to remind someone of a promise he/she made to you. You have a healthy dose of courage and you have to maintain this. The daily routine has become a real rut. You are longing for excitement. Do something wild and crazy!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

icon Don't be too full of yourself, Virgo. There is a thin line between pride and arrogance and you are about to cross that line. Be a bit careful. You have angered a few persons with all your nagging and forceful behaviour. You will need to let things cool off for a while. The most ideas you have lately just cost money. Take a clear look at your financial situation before you take things too far. Keep an eye on your budget!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

icon You can pound your head into the wall as much as you like but it's not going to budge. In this case it involves the most stubborn person you have ever met. Parents should stick together concerning education today or they will be played out against each other. A message from far away will stir things up. You should pay more attention to your favourite family members, Virgo. You risk forgetting what really matters when you're so occupied with your own life. Invest time in your loved ones!

Friday, May 26, 2017

icon A good friend will show you that he/she values your advices. Your words stuck and have more effect than you expected. You are seeing the same people over and over again a lot. Try to expand your social circle a bit. They key to success in the project that you're working on is to organize yourself and not get scattered. Focus does take a lot of discipline, which also means that you have to say no to tempting distractions. Between you and a potential partner, take the time to know each other better. Try to stay concentrated!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

icon You still think you've made the right choice but you didn't count on all the work it entailed. You know what you are doing this for. You almost start to find pleasure in that monstrous job you weren't looking forward to. If you know how to hold on to that motivation, it will become a piece of cake, Virgo. That reoccurring dream could occupy your mind during the day as well and you are trying to discover the message behind it. What is that person trying to tell you in your sleep? Don't ignore your dreams!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

icon You're usually realistic and practical, Virgo, however this day seems to be a little different. If you are looking at matters in a too positive way, you won't see the obstacle that lie ahead of you. You're not always forthcoming but when you're in the mood for conversation. Fortunately, no one is more charming and interesting than you. This helps you get the support you need from your surroundings. Be mindful though that others might not be as fast as you are. There is a calm vibe in the air but on the inside you can't wait to make plans and to start things out. Cool down!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

icon Your superiors and colleagues expect a lot from you at work. See this as an opportunity to climb higher on the ladder. Don't look at this as just another job but look at it as a challenge. If you are single you might have to deal with more than one admirer. Don't string anyone along, you wouldn't want that to happen to you either. Make a choice. You are thinking about starting a new diet or joining the gym. Anything that can make you feel healthier has a big chance to be successful. Be honest!

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