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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed out some of the frequently asked questions from our clients and our answers for them. We will continue to build up this list with more questions and answers to improve our service to you. If you would llike to have a question answered inthis page please send us an email via our contact us page.

1. How does the psychic reading work?

2. What are the payment options for a psychic reading?

3. What name will the charge appear on my bank statement?

1. How does the phone reading work?

For a phone psychic reading, you can either pay by credit card or charge the cost of the call to your phone.

Credit Card Reading

  1. For a credit card reading, you will need a valid Visa or MasterCard. AMEX will be available soon.
  2. Call one of the numbers below and once you speak to an operator, we will get your contact details and credit card number.
  3. After that we will first charge you for the minimum time of 15 minutes, for $37 AUD.
  4. Once you have paid, we will then call you back and connect you to the psychic.
  5. When you are connected, you can choose to go longer than 15 minutes by calling the Helpdesk and purchasing another reading..

Simply call the following numbers to speak to a psychic and pay by credit card:

Phone Charge Psychic Reading

Phone charge readings are only available for Australian and New Zealand callers.

  1. To pay using your phone for a psychic reading, simply call the following numbers:
    • Australia - 1900 999 252, call costs $2.97 AUD per minute, no minimum time required.
    • New Zealand - 0900 800 80, call costs $3.50 NZD per minute, no minimum time required.
  2. Follow the promts to be connected. You can speak to the first available psychic or you can choose a specific psychic.
  3. To speak to a specific psychic you need to have the psychic's Access Code. Visit our Psychic Reader's page to check their skills and access code.
  4. You can also check our homepage and see the psychic's that are currently on.

2. What are the payment options for a phone psychic reading?

As said above, you can pay by credit card or by phone for the reading.

Please call us using our numbers below to make payment using your credit card:

3. What name will the charge appear on my bank statement?

Credit card reading charges will appear as Access Positive, Langford. However if you called the afterhours helpdesk, and entered your credit card number in the phone keypad and got connected to a psychic, the charge may appear as Access Positive, Subiaco.

Phone charge readings may appear as Ask a Psychic or Genuine Psychic.



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