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A psychic is a seer, a diviner, a spiritually realised person who can delve deep into your psyche, mind or soul. They are able to bring out truths about yourself and guide you through life. Are you seeking someone with great intuition and heightend perceptive abilities to help you interpret signs or clarify confusing experiences? Here at we aim to improve many prospects of your life through readings with our professional team. Please select from one of the following exceptionally talented mediums located in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and other locations.

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Psychic Moon


"I would like to say I had a reading of moon. How amazing she is, the situation my mother and I are going through she picked it up and was spot on. She is very professional in her manner and is just so good. I highly recommend her." - Ree, 9/1/2017


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Psychic Gifts

Psychic gifts are the psychic powers such as the sixth sense, third eye, gut feeling, inner voice, extra-sensory-perception, clairvoyance, telepathy, empathy or what the scientists call ‘anomalous cognition’. Essentially all these gifts or powers are the abilities to receive the information that does not come with the induction, deductive logic or the use of the five physical senses. You suddenly become aware of the truth without explaining or reasoning why. May be you have been working hard for them, though unconsciously.

Psychic gifts can be acquired through accumulation of knowledge about them and then putting that knowledge into practice. The knowledge about how to develop the psychic gifts can be gained either directly from a guru or through self effort like reading books and magazines, attending psychic fairs and seminars. Nowadays it is available online through the internet from some reputed institutions.

The first step to develop the psychic gifts is to evoke your psychic ability by affirming that you have the psychic gifts. It is like daily chanting the mantra of ‘I am a psychic.’

The next important step is to train your conscious mind to collect the information through the five senses and feed it to your unconscious mind which is the ultimate repository of all information. Thereafter you have to use your conscious mind to retrieve the information from the subconscious when ever it is needed. Initially it would appear difficult and even frustrating. But with practice and perseverance the effort will start bearing fruit.

Another way is to feel that the truth is entering your mind like a constant stream of energy through your five senses, the eyes, the ears and finger tips and on. When a phone rings, or you hear the steps of some body, concentrate upon it, visualize it and meditate upon it. Try to connect yourself with the object, person or the situation. Initially you will see just parts, flashes, fleeting scenes, vague memories and feelings and ultimately you will see the light looming clearly and drawing closer by day.

24. Professional Psychic

Professional psychics are people who use their knowledge and psychic abilities for economic gains. Like any other service provider such as lawyer or a doctor, they advertise their services through various media like newspapers, magazines and internet. Professional psychics usually charge by minute, sometimes even by hours. Since the advent of the Internet, the market of a professional psychic has acquired global dimensions. It is ordinarily not possible for their clients to meet them personally to seek their guidance. The psychics therefore utilize modern means of communication such as telephone, email or online chatting for providing psychic counseling. For this they may host their website on the internet.

Although professional psychics work for money, they cannot be successful in their profession if money becomes the sole motive of their pursuits. They have to maintain a moral relationship between their urge to make money and adherence to humanitarian ethics like compassion and spirituality towards his clients. Nobody can survive without money. Therefore there is nothing wrong about charging money for psychic services. But if money becomes their sole motive like in case of other professions, their psychic powers may fail to work properly. They may not deliver the truth and may even come to harm besides losing their clients. Their basic psychic abilities like intuition, telepathy, and clairvoyance can only grow and prosper if they observe strict moral, ethical and spiritual discipline in their thoughts, words and deeds. For example, if psychics go into trance with evil intentions of satisfying their lust for money, they may meet evil spirits rather than kind spirit guides and angels. Their predictions may prove false and even harmful for their clients. They themselves may suffer some kind of loss.  

Most professional psychics provide all relevant facts quite honestly and do not hold back any important information from their prospective clients. Their websites will contain informative articles and tools to educate clients and enable them to take enlightened decisions. They will not make any false and exaggerated claims about their psychic qualifications, experience and other powers or present fake testimonials about their performance.



How to Become a Psychic

Reading the mind, healing the sick and predicting the future are some of the miraculous psychic powers which every body can learn irrespective of the fact whether one is born with these abilities or not. Every one of us, at one time or another, experiences the existence of these powers within us, howsoever transitory the experience may be. This short lived divinatory experience provides the clue about how to become a psychic. It proves that every one of us possesses psychic abilities in varying degrees and these manifest themselves every now and then. The only thing needed is to unravel, analyze, capture, cultivate and perpetuate that experience. Learning to become a psychic is an art like learning the piano, painting or athletics. More than the theoretical knowledge, learning these arts requires practice preferably under the guidance of a guide or a guru. Unless you are born with the proverbial silver spoon in your mouth, you have to be patient, regular, focused and dedicated to acquire mastery.

It is a well-known fact that our brain has a great potential which remains in most cases unutilized. The first step, therefore, in learning how to become a psychic is to tap the full potential of the brain. It can be safely presumed that great statesmen like Sir Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln utilized their brains to an extent that they could correctly visualize which strategies and actions would prove successful. Similarly the great scientists like Einstein or Newton just did not go about hitting and trying in the void, but they could intuitively visualize which experiments would lead to the right direction. The point to be noted here is that they worked hard to utilize their brains to its full potential. Like weapons with the warrior and the scientific tools with the scientist, the tools of the psychic are astrology, numerology, tarot cards, and crystals and so on. These are the tools to exercise the brain. As a novice you are likely to fumble and make mistakes in the beginning, but with continued devotion and hard work, the mental and the physical faculties become more and more refined and are transformed into psychic powers of extra sensory perception, intuition, clairvoyance and so on.



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