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"I would like to say I had a reading of moon. How amazing she is, the situation my mother and I are going through she picked it up and was spot on. She is very professional in her manner and is just so good. I highly recommend her." - Ree, 9/1/2017


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Who is a counselor?

A counselor is an individual that is capable of facilitating counseling activities such as psychotherapy, demonstration, and advices for individuals that are suffering from psychological distress. This includes people that are experiencing anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem that is affecting their routine activities in a certain period of time. A counselor can be represented by psychologists, nurses, physicians, midwives, and other members of the health care team. In this case, counseling is an effective approach because it will help individuals to alleviate signs and symptoms of psychological distress by allowing them to be engaged in psychotherapy activities. A counselor is important because it helps the society to lower the risk of legal based conflicts such as anti-social personalities as well as the risk of mortality rates bombarded by suicide. A counselor can be practiced by anyone who has the skills, knowledge and experience to provide counseling for the reason that they are capable of handling psychotherapies to individuals that are having problems with their internal and external emotions.

There are issues that should be concentrated and learned by counselors. The presence of non-compliant behaviors is another concern because this can indicate that there is a distorted psychological behavior affecting the patient’s emotional integrity. As a critical perception of this particular behavior, patients are not being disciplined by their parents because there is a possibility of having a poor parental support that allows the patient to elicit non-compliant behaviors. It is considered as challenging behaviors because patients shows signs of poor coherent behaviors that will need behavioral management because these are early signs of showing disrupted psychological behavior of a person. Sometimes, non-compliant behaviors are also being manifested by the parents because these are behaviors that can be considered as influential to others for not having the confidence of acquiring behavioral management such as self-awareness. On the other hand, counseling is also needed when a person is suffering from severe emotional distress because they are currently battling against a post traumatic event that lead with their sudden loss of their self-esteem.

Inability to establish interpersonal communication is considered as a behavior that can be harmful because there are significant consequences that can be affected to a certain family household. The psychology routine of parents are the most significant action for the reason that this can be a role model for the person who are still in their developing stage that are highly inquisitive. As an intervention, it is important for the nurse to assess their current emotional and intellectual well-being for the reason that emotional behaviors can be modified for individuals during self-awareness process. In this process, behavioral management can be provided when the patient will be undergoing psychotherapy so that they will be more aware with their current environment. It is also important to always provide necessary feedbacks to all kinds of inappropriate behaviors that have been intervened so that this will identify the presence of any failures that can be changed to improve the patient’s behaviors.



Relationship counseling and when it is needed

Relationship counseling is an activity that involves psychotherapy for married and unmarried couples because the aim is to strengthen their relationship in the long run. Aside from couples, this particular counseling can be applicable for certain families that are seeking stronger connection with other family members. In addition, relationship counseling can be also applied for non-related individuals that are aiming to become socially productive by establishing more influential interpersonal communication in the long run. Relationship is an important aspect that we should respect and maximize because there are different benefits that can be acquired such as bringing up trusts as well as resolving conflicts. Relationship counseling is always motivated using self-awareness for the reason that this is an activity that will assess an individual regarding their current psychological situation.

Another concern for the process of accessing self-awareness to an individual during relationship counseling can be applied for prioritizing the patient’s self esteem because these is one of the most reliable factors that is causing a patient to increase their intellectual and emotional well-being that allows them to become more verbally aggressive. The presence of patient’s verbal aggression is another factor due to the presence of an increasing intellectual capacity that is why they exhibit verbal aggressive behaviors. Verbal aggressive behaviors are naturally occurring behaviors because they are in the inquisitive stage of becoming more curious. Aside from verbal, there is also physical assault that might happen for the reason that poor relationship with dysfunctional trust creates angers against each other.

Relationship counseling is important because it helps individuals that are involved with the counseling process to be able to release their frustrations on a particular period of time. In this case, all kinds of pessimism and uncertainties regarding with their emotional capabilities will be diminished at a specific period of time. In this manner, they will develop their sense of stronger self-trust and confidence, which is an essential action that will help them to become productive as well as to implement positive interpersonal communication with their family, friends, and loved ones. Symptoms of psychological behaviors will be diminished for the fact that the effects of relationship counseling help the clients to remove stressful behaviors that leads into relationship conflict with their loved ones.

As an intervention made by relationship counseling, it is important to include facilities such as music, art, and play that will be appropriate for the clients as they will be undergoing psychological evaluation because this process will comprehend with the growth and development to do their task of learning new things as an existential intelligence approach. This will include lecture discussion by telling stories to amuse their minds and correlate with the story to the topic that is currently being discussed. Naturalistic intelligence can be used during the process of relationship counseling by using interactive moving images that will be helpful to amuse involved individuals to help them maximize their interest so that they will be able to concentrate to the topic that is being discussed by the facilitator such as the counselor.



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