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"I would like to say I had a reading of moon. How amazing she is, the situation my mother and I are going through she picked it up and was spot on. She is very professional in her manner and is just so good. I highly recommend her." - Ree, 9/1/2017


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The first of the astrological signs is Aries. Aries is greatly represented by the symbol of the Ram, which is loosely inspired by the golden ram known as Phrixos. It is ruled by the planet Mars and is said to lead the following astrological signs as the head of the house. You are an Aries if your birthday falls on (or in between the dates of) March 21 – April 20.

In the western regions of the world Aries is said to be an extroverted sign or more of a male sign. It is known as one of the four cardinal signs as well as a fire sign. In terms of compatibility, Aries is said to be compatible with signs of the same element such as Leo and Sagittarius as well as the other air signs like Libra, Gemini and Aquarius, which makes sense since these signs are complimentary to one another because of their polarity. Capricorn and Cancer are merely semi compatible with Aries because of the fact that they are of the female sign or introverted.

There are several ways in order to determine the compatibility of the signs. There is no definite way for these personalities still have their differences to what is being said about them. There is also the issue regarding their birthdays and the position of the stars and whatnot.

As an Aries, you are believed to be a strong person who likes to lead and watch out for your fellow citizens. You like the feeling of responsibility and taking hold of it with both hands on the wheel. You are an independent person that likes being in the driver’s seat, making sure that the path is clear enough for your passing. You most likely prefer to be the one in charge as opposed to feeling like a subordinate to someone else.

The downside of being Aries is that you may sometimes be slightly self centered. This syndrome in which you feel much more comfortable leading than being led may direct you to some sticky situations with other people of the same feelings.

On the other hand, it is this quality in you that makes you headstrong and prepared for most of the obstacles in your way. You allow other people to do the things that you want to accomplish for you but for the most part you like to do them yourself just to make sure that everything is. Where it should be or everything is being done the way you wish it. This may also come as a quality that may project you as being a bit of a control freak.

In relationships or friendships, you tend to be the frank and candid of the group wherein you are not afraid to voice out your concerns. You like things running smoothly where there is growth and progress that is observable. This may sometimes lead to Arians being easily irritated or annoyed with the idea of taking things slow so you may seldom come off as aggressive.




You know you are an Aquarius if you are born on or within the dates of January 21 – February 19. Aquarians are ruled by the stone amethyst and represented by the water beaver. The ruling planet of Aquarians is Uranus.

As someone who is born under the astrological sign of Aquarius then you are most probably the type of person who has a very attractive and strong personality. You believe in fighting for good causes and defending those who are in need. Although this is not always the case with you Aquarians since you are the extremes of two qualities. You are either too shy to voice out your thoughts or the complete opposite.

However different and extremely far apart these two qualities may be there is a forceful and wonderful harmony that allows these personalities to be themselves. They hold their opinions and beliefs dearly to their hearts, but they are not prideful to the point of blinding themselves from reality if they are shown facts that are contradictory to their original beliefs. This does not mean that they waver immediately. It just adds to the proof in which they are shown with.

They like seeing both sides of the argument being presented or the story as opposed to hearing just one side and settling with that one. They believe that in order to have a clearer grasp of the situation justice may only be found when all of the pieces of the puzzle are present.

Aquarians tend to express themselves with proper reasoning or with light, dry humor. This is the way in which they feel the most comfortable when communicating. They are very logical with their work and their beliefs, staying true to what it is that they find close to home. They are very intelligent, for the most part, and enjoy an honest and intellectual debate every now and then. Being involved in these kinds of conversation allows them to sharpen their skills and their knowledge, something that they value.

On the other hand, as much as Aquarians love to socialize and interact, they also appreciate their time alone. They enjoy meditation and being away from people for a while where they can think freely and let loose without being under the scrutiny of so much. They enjoy the occasional getaways where they can get lost in their thoughts and worry about nothing else; they find this relaxing.

Unfortunately, no matter how welcoming or humanitarian both ends of the personality spectrum are they still have a difficult time making friends.  Friends, who are intellectual and stimulating to speak with, this is mainly because Aquarians like to keep to themselves until they find someone who they instantly connect with minus the effort. They believe in the flow of things and that relationships or friendships should not be forced. This is why they are very rarely the first to come up and say hi. When they are shoved in a room full of strangers they tend to observe and see everything from a clear standpoint.



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