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Famous Living Psychic

Famous Living Psychic


Before we go right through the list of the best psychics in the world at the present time, let us first define what a psychic is. A psychic is a person who claims to have supernatural abilities that defies the laws of nature. They have extrasensory perception or the sixth sense which uses the mind to perceive and obtain information and knowledge that could not be sensed by a person’s five normal senses: sense of touch, sense of taste, sense of smell, sense of sight and sense of hearing.


Psychics usually get the knowledge and information through visions or their minds. They get connected to a spiritual being in a spiritual sense that no ordinary human being will be able to grasp or understand. They are able to see the past, the present or the future of a certain person, place or thing. Some would just have to look at it to “see” it and some would have to touch and feel a certain person or object first before getting anything.


So here is a nice list of the most famous psychics today, at our present time 2019, just in case you feel like getting to know them and getting a hold of what a psychic does for a living and how they practice or enhance their supernatural abilities.

John Edward

John Edward is said to be the best and the most famous psychic today. His real name is John Edward Mcgee Jr., and was born on the 19th of October 1969 in the city of New York. His father is a policeman who is of Irish – American descent and his mother is of Italian – American descent. Aside from being a well – known psychic he was also a television personality and an author. He worked as a phlebotomist while he was pursuing his degree in health care administration.

When he was young, he already felt like he is meant to be a psychic. He was born and raised as a Roman Catholic but some time when he grew up he stopped practicing the faith but remained as closely connected to God as he had been before. He believes that his abilities are God-given and that he maintains his relationship with Him as it is the one who fuels his energy force.

When he was fifteen (15), he did not believe in psychics, the paranormal and supernatural abilities but he had a reading from a psychic woman and she told John that he has the capability to be a psychic himself. He was so impressed with the reading that he had and that all the things that the psychic woman told him became true.

Theresa Caputo

Theresa Caputo is best known for being a medium on her television show Long Island Medium that is being shown on TLC since the year 2011. She was born on the 10th of June in 1966 in Hicksville, New York. Her father’s name is Nicholas Brigandi and her mother’s name is Veronica Brigandi. Theresa is also a successful author and has already written two books.

She had already been scrutinized by the public and had called her names such as fraud and fake as her claims and predictions seem to not be accurate at all. In April 2012, she has been awarded and exposed as one of the most fraudulent psychics today. She has also been challenged by a famous illusionist, Criss Angel, and offered to give her one million dollars if only she could prove her claims and predictions. But of course, there are still a lot of people who believe in her and supports her in a lot of different ways.

Theresa Caputo had just been separated from her husband and had finalized their divorce last December 2018.

The Psychic Twins - Linda Jamison and Terri Jamison

The famous psychic twins, Linda Jamison and Terri Jamison were born on the 12th of January in 1965 in West Chester, Pennsylvania they are now based in Los Angeles, California. They were born in a family of artists, painters and writers. Their father’s name is Philip Jamison and their mother’s name is Jane Jamison. They were also brought up to appreciate arts and paintings and they were making their own paintings too, before they were famous for being psychics.

They are famous mediums as they claim to have summoned and spoken to various dead celebrity spirits such as Lady Diana and Michael Jackson for information and they are also clairvoyants as they claim that they have the ability to read auras and vibrations and that can gather knowledge and information about a person’s past, present and future. Their predictions have been highlighted and accented by newspapers, tabloids and magazines.

They moved to Los Angeles to focus and pursue on being psychics and they charge their clients five hundred dollars for one psychic reading. They have predicted the 911 attack on the World Trade Center and had been able to expound on the 2nd of November in 1999 in a radio show called Art Bell. Although, their prediction was not very accurate as the bombing of the World Trade Center happened in 2001 and not in 2002, but the fact that they have seen such event is commendable and admirable. The famous twin psychics keeps a Youtube channel of their own and publishes videos of their predictions for their fans and believers.

James Van Praagh

James Van Praagh is an American television personality and book author who claims to have supernatural abilities that allows him to read into other people’s auras for certain knowledge and information. In short, he considers himself as a clairvoyant. He is also a medium. He has written books regarding his abilities and had produced scripts for television shows and series’. Additionally, he was also a talk show host of the short-lived Beyond with James Van Praagh.

He was born on the 23rd of August in 1958 in Bayside, Queens, New York and he is the youngest among all his three siblings. As young as eight years of age, he had already experienced paranormal happenings, most especially when he was praying and talking to God. He was born and raised as a Roman Catholic and had served the church. He even went in a seminary and served until one day, someone or something whispered to him and told him that “God is much bigger than these four walls; you must leave and find God outside in the world”, and so he did. When his mother died back in 1985, he claims that he can still see her and that she guides and protects him regularly.

He has a degree in Broadcasting and Communications from the San Francisco State University and then after he graduated, he left and moved to Los Angeles. He met a spiritualist names Brian Hurst and then got influenced into trying out the spiritual practices and encouraged him that these abilities could aid and help them change the consciousness of the world.

Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams one of the most famous psychics today. She claims that she has the ability to communicate with dead people or spirits, hence being called a medium. She also claims to have the ability to heal people, spiritually. She was born on the 19th of June in 1973 in Birmingham, England. She is related to a British Medium, Frances Glazbrook, who is her grandmother. She was told that she would continue on with her grandmother’s gift.

Lisa Williams was able to publicize and show off her supernatural abilities by starring in and hosting her own two television series’, namely Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead, back in 2006, which was renewed for another season and Lisa Williams: Voices from the other side, in 2008. Aside from these televisions shows, she also guested in Deal or No Deal in 2008 and America’s Psychic Challenge.

Lisa’s parents thought that she had a very wide and active imagination when she was young as she tells them that she sees people that are supposed to be dead already. At that time, she didn’t know that she had a special ability but when she was able to practice and enhance her special gifts, she started to give out readings and later became a very popular medium in the United Kingdom.

This famous medium is known to be openly bisexual and was in a relationship with another woman after her marriage with Kevin Harris. They got married on the 30th of October in 2004 and lived in Los Angeles California for five years before they separated in December of 2009. Prior to the marriage with Kevin Harris, Lisa had a long-term relationship that resulted to having a son named Charles Edward, with Simon Shore.

Michelle Whitedove

Michelle Whitedove is a proven legitimate psychic, and author of six psychic books and a psychic speaker at various events all over the globe. She claims that she has clairvoyant capabilities as she perceives knowledge and information about the past, the present and the future of a certain person, place or object. She also has clairaudient and clairsentient abilities as she can hear sounds and noises that could not be heard by an ordinary human ears and she can feel different sensations and can see the emotional standing of a person.

Michelle Whitedove also claims to be a medium as she can contact and communicate with the spirits and the souls of the dead people. She said that the spirits provide images, visions, pictures and feelings for her to perceive and then she translates or interprets it for the living human to understand. It is believed that she had been able to help a lot of people with this ability by providing them with closure and the answers that they needed before the spirit or souls had died. Closure is important to those people who have been tragically left by the people that they love the most because an ordinary person cannot speak with spirits.

This famous psychic medium had also helped the police and the investigators with her special abilities. She helped them solve crimes, look for people who are missing, and mysterious happening that no ordinary person could solve and decipher. She is a psychic healer as well, and offers spiritual and physical healing to her clients as she can see through the physical body. She uses prayer as her healing force allowing to create the possibility of the person’s healing by letting go of their personal problems, suffering and pain.

How are we certain that these featured psychics are genuine, honest and authentic?


This question is usually being asked by ordinary people or the non-believers to the idea and theory of being psychic. Well, no one can actually know for sure unless we give them a try, yes? It all boils down to any one of us to have an open mind about certain things. You can try having and booking a reading, see how it goes and if the psychic gets you the information that yo wanted then it is safe to say that they truly exist and that there really are people who possess such supernatural abilities. And if not, and none of the things that he or she said is true or if the knowledge that he or she told you did not come to reality, then go ahead and stay as a non-believer.


Let us all admit that there are a lot of fraudulent people in this world who claim to have psychic powers and abilities and they do this to deceive other people, tricking them into having a reading and getting their cold cash just because they can. These kinds of people are who we are supposed to avoid or dodge because they do not mean any good. But try and give the authentic and genuine ones a try and you might just like what they tell. Sometimes, a psychic’s role is not to foretell the future or see the past but to enlighten, empower and give us the knowledge and understanding that we need in order to move forward and be successful in our lives.






What is the meaning of incorporeal?


The word incorporeal means not having a tangible, physical and substantial body, figure or shape. We usually use this term to refer about ghosts, spirits, souls, our God and many more religious entities from Catholicism, Christianity and Judaism. The term incorporeal cam from the Latin words, in, which means not and corpus, which mean body, and together it is “incorporeus” which literally means without body.


Long ago, anything with reduced the force such as fire, air and light could be contemplated and appraised as incorporeal. For example, the Greeks thought it likely that air is incorporeal as you could barely see its movements or actions. While the Persians thought it likely that fire is incorporeal and they also believed that every one of our souls came from it.

In science, it has been debated by a lot of people or scientists that incorporeal bodies does or does not exist. Simply because one matter could only affect, touch or feel another matter because their physical bodies touch. Unlike when one does not have a physical form or shape, it could not create a form of contact, thus supporting the theory that an incorporeal body does not exist. But of course, science does not believe in anything that lacks proof and evidence including paranormal phenomenons and supernatural events that occur, unless one can scientifically and logically explain how these things are happening in our physical world.


Our Soul


Theoretically, if we talk about the certain things such as the human body being corporeal and the spirits, deities and God to be incorporeal, our soul falls on being the incarnate being or entity in our substantial and physical world.

We cannot really declare and argue that our soul is incorporeal just because we see it plainly and unmistakably different and definite from the human body but it has no physical form, and it is also another thing to accept and support the Platonic notion that our soul is absolutely incorporeal or that it doesn’t have any form at all.


What is a Platonic incorporeal?


A Platonic incorporeal is something that could not be perceived, sensed or recognized by a human being’s five basic senses which are the sens of touch, sense of sight, sense of smell, sense of taste, and sense of hearing and it is not matter so it does not occupy any physical space. According to Alcuin, our souls could not be seen by the naked eye, incorporeal, has no weight and no color. He also stated that our soul is restricted and limited only to our bodies and it cannot be found or seen anywhere else, but nevertheless it is still in all parts of us. That is to say, according to the Platonic notion, our souls are neither scattered and spread out in the universe, not much like our God, nor is it dispersed and scattered all over a definite space to a certain extent that it could be divided.

Types of incorporeal beings


Here are some incorporeal beings that does not possess a physical form or body; or has a special ability to co-exist with the human being in the physical world even without a physical body; or possesses their form or body but is in another dimension.


  1. Angel – these are the supernatural and spiritual beings produced and designed by God to protect, communicate and guide the human beings.

  2. Apparition – these are spirits that can be seen by the human beings or by the naked eye, although sometimes they are just blurred visual or sometimes they show up in dreams.

  3. Banshee – Banshees are female spirits or fairies that roams around at night and cries loudly to warn the people around of imminent and forthcoming death.

  4. Elemental – These are spirits of nature that portrays or characterizes one of the four elements, which are earth, fire, water and air.

  5. Ghost – an intangible and insubstantial being who were human beings before the death of their physical bodies on Earth.

  6. Jinn – These creatures are believed to be shapeshifters and they can take on any shape of a living creature like animals and human beings.

  7. Jumbee – These are known to be evil and malevolent spirits lurking in the physical realm.

  8. Nightmare – Nightmare are evil demons who haunt the human being in their sleep and cause night traumas, sometimes even causing death and paranoia.

  9. Phantom – Phantoms are a kind of apparition that only appears inside a person’s mind or in dreams at night while sleeping.

  10. Poltergeist – These are known to be evil and malicious spirits that tend to make a lot of noise and attracts the attention of mostly children.

  11. Shadow Cat – These are believed to be human beings who are already dead but are still lurking around the physical realm, taking the form of a cat.

  12. Shadow People – evil entities who appear to be vague or blurry in the naked eyes that kind of resemble a human being but also kind of different.

  13. Soul – Souls are believed to be the immortal part of human beings from their birth but separates with the bodies when their physical bodies die.

  14. Specter – Almost the same as a phantom, also visible to a human being’s naked eye.

  15. Spirit These are spiritual beings like angels, fairies, etc that can be seen or communicated with by the people with high level of perception. It is also believed that it is also an important part of every human being.

  16. Wraith – This usually shows as an apparition but it comes as a warning that death is coming to either the one seeing it or the people around the person who is seeing it.

Incorporeal beings may or may not be true as there is no scientific explanation if they exist or if they do not. Although, there are gifted people such as psychics and clairvoyants, who claim to have seen or have talked to spirits and souls and they are also gaining extra knowledge and information when they do. Now, it is up to you if you will believe them or not. Just keep an open mind and always remember that the universe is such a big place and many of its parts are still unknown, so be open to new and interesting facts, details and elements.



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