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A psychic is a seer, a soothsayer, a diviner, a spiritually realised person who can delve deep into your psyche, mind or soul and bring out truths about you that you yourself may not be aware of. Showing a mirror to you of what you actually are is just one of the psychic's multiple functions. Searching for a Psychic may sound easy at first but often it's hard to find a Real and Genuine Psychic, blessed with several spiritual, divine powers such as clairvoyance, third eye, sixth sense, intuition and so on. Please select from one of the following exceptionally talented psychics.

Love Psychic EMERALD

Psychic Zelda
WOW! What can I say. I had the most amazing reading with Emerald!!! Emerald has such a magic voice. I was just feeling a bit lost, luckily I miraculously found Emerald. The reading was so pleasent comfortable. I felt so happy, confident on top of the world after the reading. I can't recommend enough the supremely talented Emerald...a Big Thank you to you!
~Judy, QLD

Emerald is an amazing love psychic. Her reading are direct honest and caring with accurate sequences of events and timing.
~ Sz, 22/02/2014

Tarot Psychic LUNA

Luna was fantastic and so thank you - I was really pleased with her reading. She is a true psychic. Thanks again guys. :)
~ Raquel, 20/11/2012

Thank you Luna for a very positive reading. I am still very happy today after the nice words I've received.
~Alvin, 20/09/2012

Clairvoyant SOPHIE

Psychic SophieSophie is an awesome reader! Her readings are compassionate, caring, direct and very honest. She has been extremely accurate with dates and events have unfolded as predicted. It has been my good fortune to have found a reader like Sophie, so give her a call she's worth every minute.
~ Lily Anne, 20/03/2013

Clairvoyant MOON

Psychic MoonMoon is a very gifted reader who I have found offers clear insights and guidance in a very kind and caring way. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for some clarity on an issue.

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Characteristics of a Psychic

Here are four characteristics that a psychic must posses.

The key of imagination

Having a strong imagination is a key psychic ability to look into. A psychic must nurture his/her perception such as auditory, visual and even emotional senses. With this, a great improvement in his/her imagination is within grasp. It is natural for a person to use imagination. There is no person in the world which cannot imagine.

Imagination has been used over and over again when people are just planning on a celebration, working, studying or even designing your very own hose. The difference between a normal people’s imagination with that of a psychic is psychic imagination goes beyond the normal realms. It goes deeper than what is known to people. Thus, a client may fully trust a psychic’s imagination.

Great deal of common sense

Common sense is another normal ability of a person. Nonetheless, a psychic may greatly use it in psychic reading session. A psychic’s vision is different to others. It is strange in a positive way and not in a freakish or crazy way. Some psychics may contact spirits to help them in creating psychic readings. Psychics are not and will not be possessed by the spirits.

Psychic have an ability to perceive things in another time. They have a psychic ability that may run in a different clock. This allows them to see the future or past of the client. This also makes them aware of the time. Psychics use their common sense to know their mind. Knowing the mind creates a connection with the world around them. On the other hand, the client must also use their common sense whenever they deal with psychic readings. It will help you and the psychic to move forward towards your goal.

No judgement

A psychic is expected to practice his/her psychic abilities without bias. Judging the clients is a no-no for psychics. Their purpose in the world is to guide the clients and not to let them feel down. Also, perceptions must not affect one, as a psychic, to misjudge the person you are dealing with. You need to get more information. Perplexing can be used to eliminate the things that are irrelevant in the process.

A psychic must acknowledge that he/she is also a person too. People make mistakes and thus, psychics can make mistakes too. Psychics should understand that the readings are not the absolute truth. Thus, he/she must also use imagination to provide bias free readings. Significant details are the only ones that should be taken note of.


Lastly, psychics must be optimistic. One should not fill their emotions with negativities because it might affect the readings they are about to give. Also, a psychic with pessimistic attitudes tend to issue our negativity and fear. As a psychic, you are supposed to inspire the client. Envision your client being in the peak of his/her career. Aim to create a positive environment. Create a dream where your clients may dream about themselves wherein they will definitely wish to come true.



5 Things You Should Know About Psychic Clairaudience

Clairaudience is the art of hearing voices, music, and sounds that are not audible to the normal ear, and may not be of physical form. The word clairaudience comes from the French word meaning “clear hearing” and is also intermingled with other basic psychic phenomenon such as clairvoyance and clairsentience.

1) It is believed to be the voice of a passed on soul. 

The manifestation of a clairaudient voice is very different to that of the own clairaudient, hence the belief that it is the voice of a passed on soul. Sometimes, the client may recognize the voice as the voice of a passed relative.

2) It is also believed to be the voice of spirit guides.  

In many instances, those who have spirit guides may identify them as being the owners of the voice, and in many times clairaudience happens in many psychic readings.

3) Regular people may have clairaudient experiences.  

Clairaudient psychics aren't the only ones with clairaudient abilities , even an ordinary person may on occasions have experienced clairaudience, though this experience may be too transitory and subtle to catch his active attention.

4) Clairaudient psychics can detect voices from another ‘plane of existence’.

A clairaudient psychic is an extraordinarily sensitized person, who has acquired a higher level of consciousness, and can, therefore, understand the significance of such ‘audible thought patterns’. He/She can trace the sources of such voices from another ‘plane of existence’ and interpret them intelligently for the benefit of those who seek the truth. A clairaudient acts as a medium to speak out the messages from the outer sources for the benefit of his clients.

5) Clairaudience is normally experienced in the dream state.

Yoga describes this as the siddhi, and is experienced when the fifth chakra is acted which is located in the throat. Psychic clairaudience is normally experienced in the dream state and related states of consciousness. The sounds of voices sound like voice over’s to the perceived images. Clairaudience is a phenomenon of mystic trances that have been documented all throughout history. Shamans, prophets, priests and so forth have been documented to have heard such voices urging them to do certain things which would lead to certain events. 



News and information about psychics, especially in the Internet is overwhelming. To help take in and weigh all the information, reviews come in handy.

Psychic reviews are a good source of filtered information. Most reviews are written by individuals who tried the products or services for themselves. Most reviews are objective and tackle all sides of the situation. But it is still strongly advised to be keen and alert in believing these reviews as there are unreliable ones.

There are many types of psychics and under each type are different methods in providing psychic readings.

Psychic reviews can help seekers know the best type of psychic for their needs with the help of the reviewer's own experiences and analysis. Getting the reaction of different seekers about a certain psychic or psychic reading can help give insight on what is more effective. Psychic reviews can also help seekers get an idea on the best psychics and avoid possible deception. Hearing stories about a certain psychic can give ideas on how he works and what his specialties are.

Seekers can much easier decide the best psychic and psychic reading for their needs when they are able to relate to the feedback that they read. Searching information on the Internet usually starts from finding the most relevant for one's need. Psychic reviews come from different individuals with their own stories to tell in which seekers for sure can find almost the same as his. Psychic reviews are like family advices. Psychic reviews are meant to help those who need answers to their questions. The world of psychics is very complicated and intimidating especially for first-timers. These reviews try to break the barrier between the psychics and those who seek but a little scared of the unknown. Reviews can help seekers learn the things they need to know.

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