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The Planets in Horoscope and AstrologySun is revered as a god in Roman, Greek and Hindu mythologies. His original name was Apollo. He was a great warrior. He entered Delphi and murdered the huge Python who guarded it. He, then, set up his own temple at that place and appointed a priestess, known as Pythoness, who became the Oracle of Delphi.

Sun is the supreme lord of the skies. It is almost centrally located and all other planets revolve around it and are influenced by it. It is not surprising that all the zodiac signs are known as sun signs.

Sun is the ruling planet of Leo whose animal sign is lion.  Leo was also a warrior god. It is not a coincident that Sun, Leo and Lion are all known for their indomitable, aggressive and brave nature in astrology.

Sun imparts all its traits to its Leo subjects. So, what traits of Sun are reflected in Leo and its subjects on earth?

Sun, basically, represents the ego of the man that expresses itself in several ways. This explains why the Leo subjects are self-willed and egoistic. They like to lead rather than be led. The have strong conviction about their abilities and will power, which they often display in their daily attitude and behavior with those they come in contact with.  Leo subjects resist dissident voices and suppress them ruthlessly.

They feel very pleased when their followers, friends, spouses and kids wholeheartedly endorse their views.

Sun subjects are known for their vitality, courage, initiative and adventurous nature.  Despite their self-centeredness, they are very patronizing and stand by their loved ones in their hour of need and reward them generally for their sincerity and loyalty.


Planets SignsMoon was regarded as a goddess in Roman and Greek mythologies. She was known by several names such as Cynthia, Diana, Hebe or Artemis. Moon is known as Sun’s sibling and, therefore, its place in Astrology, is next only to the ruling planet of the skies.

Moon is the governing star of Cancer. It is believed that while Sun reveals the external aspect of human beings, Moon represents their hidden side. It is quite well-known that most of us hide more than we reveal through our apparent behavior. What we generally reveal is just the tip of the huge iceberg that lies hidden below it.

Moon, therefore, symbolizes our dormant emotions, feelings and sentiments. So strong is the hold of the moon on our internal self that most of its subjects would rather die than reveal it.

This explains, why most people end up in lunatic asylums rather than coming out openly with their feelings and emotions. Some moon subjects, themselves, are not clear about their problems; so they cannot articulate them intelligently. Again, it also explains why psychologists, sociologists and counselors insist upon their subjects to open up, express the grief rather than suppress it.

Human nature has two sides; one is masculine and the other feminine. While Sun represents the masculine side of human nature, Moon symbolizes the feminine side. It should, however, be noted that ‘feminine’ aspect of human nature does not mean weakness, impotence or imbecility that is quite often associated with female character.

Feminine side in human nature represents sensitivity, refinement, delicacy, compassion, empathy and all that is associated with finer sensibilities of human nature.

Quite obviously, then, Sun and Moon horoscopes in astrology are essential, complementary aspects of human nature.


Mercury is also known by the name of Hermes in Greek-Roman mythology. Hermes has wings in his heels. So, he was deputed by his father to deliver messages across the world post-haste. This was done to keep him busy and prevent him from playing mischievous pranks. Hermes or Mercury is revered as the winged god of messages or just messenger god.

Speed and messages are the two important defining keywords in the horoscope of Mercury subjects.

Speed, by implication means dynamism, mobility, restlessness, and an urge to keep going and going. It means going places, meeting people, making friends and promoting the interest of the Mercury subjects.

Messages basically involve not just delivering the statements per se. They require intelligent deliverance, clear communication so as to create the desired impact.
This is what the Mercury subjects, especially the Geminis, are adept at doing.

 Although Mercury is the governing star of two zodiac signs-Gemini and Virgo, it, however, displays the major traits of its nature and personality through the Geminis.

If one were to conduct a survey among the people who partake and communicate in Internet and Social media through its various channels, especially the email, Mercury subjects would come atop the list. They are master communicators. They very well know and use the idiom of the day-to-day conversation.

Mercury people know how to make online friends and influence them so that they can sell them the ideas that serve their personal interests.

Geminis, by implication, are not deeply idealistic, emotional and romantic people. They do not believe in entering into everlasting relationships of love or friendship. They are your friends and lovers so long as you serve their business needs or similar ulterior goals. Once you lose your value in their eyes, they discard you and look out for your substitutes. It does not mean that Mercury subjects are dishonest. They very well understand the abiding value of honesty in promoting the good will and staying in business.


Revered as the goddess of love, sex and beauty, the planet of Venus is normally located 45 degrees away from Sun. It is visible in the morning as well as in the evening.

Effect of Venus as the Morning star

Venus in the morning star represents love as an instinct for infatuation and sex drive. Obviously this kind of love is blind, bereft of any rational approach. Venus subjects are often gentle and docile, but they get infatuated with men from Mars because they are rough and aggressive. The underlying desire in Venus subjects is to seek what they themselves are deficient in.

Once the Venus subjects succeed in luring the Mars subjects or get hold over them, they become disenchanted with the aggressive and tough nature of their mates. They, they try to transform them into their moulds. This effort often creates tensions and even break-up of relationships.
This kind of attitude in Venus subjects obviously smacks of immaturity and blind pursuit of goals that defeats the very purpose of achieving happiness and contentment associated with love.

Effect of Venus as the Evening star

The effect of Venus as the Evening star reflects the dawn of maturity and calm understanding in Venus subjects about the true nature of love and its objective in life. Love is regarded more as a source of spiritual satisfaction rather than sexual pleasures. People start understanding and empathizing with the true nature of their partners and thus begin a new chapter of abiding happiness and contentment in their relationships


 Mars is the governing planet of Aeries. Mars is regarded as the god of wars. It is believed that he represents the blistering heat of the high noon Tropical sun. He stands for the most lethal epidemics and natural disasters.  He is also considered the ruler of the underworld also called Hades and his lust for power is insatiable. He dominates the forces of darkness.

Interestingly enough, he is also called Ares in Greek mythology. Ares is another god of war who is known for his ferocious anger and duplicity of character. He is a hot-headed god who loves violence for its own sake.  A lover of barbaric tribes, Aeries is the passionate killer of men and women.

The meaning of Mars is “bright and burning one”. Planet Mars can be easily identified by its deep bright red color.

Mars or Aeries natives are fiercely independent. They are very aggressive and take quick decisions without thinking much about their consequences.

Mars often fires up the flights of fancy in the Venus beauties who conjure up visions of being loved by its aggressive and ferocious natives. Male Mars are often considered the counterparts of Venus females.

But this similarity in nature of the two does not make them compatible partners. On the other hand, it becomes the actual cause of conflict and tension between the two. Both are impelled by a sense of adventure to enter into a kind of challenging relationship with each other.  Both try to defeat each other, as it were. There is a complete absence of love in the true sense of the word.  Consequently the impulsive relationship often ends up disastrously.  

But Mars subjects can work wonders if their aggressive and dynamic energies are channeled under the guidance of Jupiter or Sun gurus.


Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius, the archer. The planet is positioned at fifth place from the sun. It has a massive size because of a diameter of 89,000 miles. It is the largest star in the entire solar system. It takes approximately 12 years to orbit around the sun. It means that it almost takes one year to reach each zodiac house.

Jupiter is revered as the ruler of the skies. Jupiter is considered a Guru planet in Indian astrology.  He is the most evolved teacher, an embodiment of scholarship and sagacity. His entry into the house of its subjects heralds a period of blessings, good luck, success and abundance. He is regarded as a harbinger of health, wealth, knowledge and spiritual bliss in the lives of its natives.

He is the patron lord of the honest, intelligent, sincere and hard working people who seek knowledge, spirituality and scholarship of highest order.

But Jupiter is not just a guru, a guide and a philosopher. He is the king of the gods and a fearless warrior. He is the enemy of the forces of darkness and ignorance. He is the savior of the weak and .the oppressed.

Jupiter is known as Zeus in Greek mythology and Jupiter in Roman mythology.
Jupiter is an intelligent administrator who knows how to bring order into chaos of the Cosmos.

Jupiter subjects act like pioneering and protective father figures whose presence inspires confidence among their children, friends and relatives. Jupiter natives are often found among judges, lawyers, administrators and other judicious people who dispense peace and justice.

Omens of Jupiter Jupiter is considered as the ‘Prince of Light’, 'Jupiter Optimus Maximus', and the 'Shepherd of the Stars'. Jupiter could see and provide omens to indicate the future through the flight of birds.


Positioned next to Jupiter, Saturn is located at sixth distant place from the sun. Moreover, with its diameter of 74,600 miles, it is the second to Jupiter in size in the solar system. But while Jupiter takes around 12 years to complete its orbit around the sun, Saturn takes around 29 ½ years-two and a half times more- to do the same.

Saturn was one of the earliest Titans who ruled the universe for ages. It is quite well known that the word Titan denotes massive size and strength. Even now, one of the 12 moons that surround Saturn is Titan.

Saturn is associated with Father Time and Agriculture also is as old as the Father Time.  Saturn is revered as the god of agriculture; the earliest legitimate, noble, simple and honest profession that allows people to earn their livelihood by the sweat of their sincere hard work.

Saturn is regarded as the sower and the protector of seeds. Even his wife Rhea was his agricultural assistant, a helper or a laborer.

Another significant feature that distinguishes Saturn from other planets and also impacts its zodiac subjects is that it is surrounded by rings. Astrologists interpret rings as limits—the legal boundaries, the legal lines of individual and social discipline that should never be transgressed in the interest of personal and societal progress and development. Going by this premise, Saturn strongly advocates the law of karma and personal responsibility for bringing happiness or sorrow.

Saturn is the governing planet of Capricorn, the goat, another creature of agriculture that stands for hard work, discipline and earthliness who keeps her head bowed to the earth.

Omens of Saturn Saturn is the star of the sun. Its position and its movement around the sun send significant messages in the form of omens.


Uranus is the seventh distant planet from the sun in the solar system. It takes approximately 84 years to orbit around the sun. It means that it takes seven years to reach each house of the zodiac sign.

 It orbits around the sun like a rolling foot ball so that one of its polar regions remains hidden from the face of the sun. This explains why only one side of the planet remains lighted and the other side remains dark for half the time in course of its orbit. In mathematical terms, while one side of Uranus faces sun for 42 years, the other remains covered in total darkness for the same period.

Uranus is the lord of karma in the strict sense of the word. While he rewards his subjects who perform their karma dutifully with love and blessings, he wreaks vengeance upon those who violate the sacred law.

Uranus is also regarded as the patron lord of the rebels, the wild men and women as represented by Prometheus. It is believed that it was Prometheus who infused the spirit of rebellion among the human beings. It should be noted that the Promethean rebels do not stand for violation of their individual and social duties and responsibilities.

Promethean spirit stands against those social conventions and traditions that inhibit the evolution of human spirit. For example, the earlier creators of new thoughts or inventions in Science and Technology were labeled as heretics and punished even to death.

Interestingly enough Uranus was discovered during the years of French and American revolutions that paved the way for individual freedom. Uranus is the governing planet of Aquarius the water bearer.


Neptune takes around 165 years to orbit around the sun. It means that it takes close to 14 years to transit from the house of one zodiac sign to another.
Astronomically speaking, Neptune was discovered on 23 September, 1846. Going by the time it takes to orbit around the sun, it completed its first round in July, 2011.

The axis of the movement of Neptune remains tilted from the axis of the Sun. Consequently, while its half (northern region) remains tilted towards the Sun for half the period of its orbit time, its other half in the Southern hemisphere remains tilted towards the Sun, in the second half of its orbit. In other words, while one of its hemispheres remains exposed to light, the other half is engulfed in darkness.
In astrological terms, Neptune subjects have both sunny and dark sides of their nature and personality.

 In Roman mythology, Neptune was regarded as the son of Saturn and was allowed to be the ruler of the seas. He is depicted as a bearded man carrying a trident or the fisherman’s spear. Neptune is, therefore, aptly revered as the god of sea. In astrology, he is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign of Pisces.

Sunny side of Neptune subjects

 Neptune or the Pisces subjects are gregarious, conservative and home loving people.  They are gentle, flexible, friendly, cooperative, compassionate and kind especially when it comes to dealing with the members of their own families, clans and regions.

Dark side of Neptune subjects

The problem with Neptune subjects, sometimes, is that they go more by their emotions and feelings rather than by their brains. Consequently they quite often suffer heavy losses for the impulsive rather than rational approach.


Pluto is regarded as the god of the underworld in Roman mythology. This is why he is called Hades in Greek pantheon. He delivers judgment over the deeds of the people after their death.

It is believed that Pluto kidnapped his wife and dragged her into the underworld.  People were so terrified of him that they would not dare to even utter his name lest he became angry with them. In modern day world, the dons of the criminal world or their god-fathers can aptly be considered to be under the influence of Pluto.

It is located around 6 billion kilometers from the Sun. Interestingly enough, planet Pluto has an atmosphere.

Pluto’s distance from the sun keeps varying from 4.4 billion kilometers to 7.4 kilometers in course of its movement because of its elliptical orbit. When it draws closer to the sun, the atmosphere on it melts and evaporates from its surface. But it starts freezing as the planet moves farther away from the sun until its surface is completely covered with a sheet of ice.

This change in atmospherics of the planet may have astrological implications on the lives of its subjects on the earth

Pluto is the ruler of the Scorpio and its natives. But it does not mean that Pluto’s subjects are criminals and dons. Astrology interprets the nature of the people through implied or deductive logic. Going by this argument, Scorpios are very strong and powerful people.

They are very passionate and determined in their attitude and rarely lose focus on their goals which they, often, pursue relentlessly. On the negative side, Scorpios may be jealous and revengeful as well if they feel cheated.



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