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Free Weekly Horoscope for Cancer Horoscope Cancer Cancer


20 May 2018 - 26 May 2018

icon It's important that you finish what you start working on this week, Cancer. Problems could head your way if you stop doing something just because your partner or somebody else wants you to stop or if you just let things be. Pay attention and focus. This is the best way to impress people who are in position. Don't worry because reward for your hard work should come in due time. Do the work first then reap the prize. Just don't make life all about work, okay? If you are not careful, your career or studies will rob you from a pleasant personal life. Money issues will come to the foreground more often starting from Thursday on. Make sure you spend your money wisely. You can still find ways to have fun and relax without spending too much.

13 May 2018 - 19 May 2018

icon Things are looking good in all fields this week, Cancer. Others make it easier for you to work and you'll receive a positive attitude on your proposal. You could also get involved in an artistic project this week. This is your chance to show the world how your wonderful brain works. Get your dreams out of the closet and dust them off. Believe in the future and you'll see that things will work out for you. Don't stop doing what you are doing. You could build a creative empire if you use this vibe in the right way. Try to avoid every distraction and keep your eyes on the goal or you'll lose your strength. Make sure to finish what you start so you will have something to be very proud of. Everything gets better in love as well. The romantic vibe feels good whether you'll in a relationship or not.

06 May 2018 - 12 May 2018

icon You're looking at a productive period, Cancer. Will your skills, knowledge and good relationship with others, whatever you set your hands on will be a success. Expect from setbacks along the way though. Some personal and career-related drama could happen. The good news is that you have the support of the people you love. Teamwork will be very effective. If you're going out on a first date, it will be a wonderfully exciting evening for both parties. There's a strong chance for a second date. Things will become cosy and busy this weekend. There will be a lot of catching up and a lot of laughter.

29 April 2018 - 05 May 2018

icon You are dreaming of adventures and the office life isn't giving you a lot of satisfaction. You have to take the initiative to prevent getting completely bored. Use your imagination, Cancer. Take a good look at every detail in your life and identify areas that need a boost on. If you want to get that promotion, realize that the quality of your work doesn't have anything to do with it. You have to come up with a way be noticed by people who are in position. Use your network to land you a recommendation. Then don't hesitate to ask for what you're worth. In love, playing hard to get isn't fair to that person who has given you much time and effort to be noticed. You don't have to say yes but ignoring him/her isn't justifiable either. Those in a relationship need to be more tolerant of their partner's mistakes. Bear in mind that no one is perfect. Cut him/her some slack.

22 April 2018 - 28 April 2018

icon Expect a busy week, Cancer. Fortunately, there are many areas in which you can shine and will win over the hearts of others. You should be proud of what you have accomplished but remain modest all the time. Apart from that, although your enthusiasm is contagious, not everyone is able to keep up. It is wise to look back over your shoulder once in a while, especially if you're in a leadership position. Unfortunately, drama could arise in your personal life. You like to prove you are right but that's not wise at all. If you give in, you can still get what you want somehow because the other party will admire your non-argumentative attitude which will suddenly make him/her understand your standpoint. A mellow weekend awaits you.

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