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14 January 2018 - 20 January 2018

icon Watch out for signs of being too critical this week, Cancer. Sometimes, you could feel a strong urge to head into the competition with amateurs and professionals. You can be successful and that will boost your confidence but that could cause a rift in your relationship. The stars will increase the chance that you'll get tangled up in a fight that doesn't make any sense so keep as much distance as possible. You'll be able to clearly think things through starting from Thursday. From then on you'll be able to organize your thoughts and put things in order but it's still wise to ask for advice if you can't figure it out by yourself. Remember to keep things realistic. Is there something you're eyeing to buy? Shop around for an option which is more affordable and according to your wishes.

07 January 2018 - 13 January 2018

icon Cupid will be close by this week, Cancer. If you're eyeing someone special, realize that you have more magnetism than you realize, so gather your wits and ask for a date. Your honesty and boldness will make you more attractive. Those in a relationship shall expect sexual tension this week. You want more passion and your partner might not sense it. You don't have to wait for him/her to make the first move; just go for it! Realize that new career opportunities arrive if you are willing to travel and to head out to make connections. Staying at home is not an option because you will miss the opportunity to make your move. Tackle tasks early this week so you have enough time to relax this coming weekend. There's nothing more killjoy than you bailing out on a party because you have some backlogs to catch up on.

31 December 2017 - 06 January 2018

icon It's alright to let yourself disappear in fantasies and illusions in these emotional days, Cancer. You have all the right to refocus on yourself and to what your heart tells you. Logic can wait for a few days. The latter part of the week is a great time for your career. Consider the path that you've taken the past season and identify which strategies have helped you reach your goals. If you play your cards well, you will surely come close to them. If you've been a bit careless about your health, do something about it. Your body is your most valuable asset, so it deserves to be honoured.

24 December 2017 - 30 December 2017

icon This week your confidence blends perfectly with your house of work and romance, Cancer. This enhances your creativity and your ability to take bigger risks. Trust your instinct and when opportunity knocks, don't think twice. Just fold your sleeves and prepare for action. If an ongoing conflict is stopping you from enjoying this holiday season, exercising yourself in metered assertiveness can bring this to an end. Just make sure you bring along a modest intent and a heart ready to compromise. If you're single, socialize more. A mistletoe material is just around the corner. Don't stick to your usual likes and dislikes and prepare yourself for a nice surprise. Work could be a bit toxic toward the end of the year, so you have to play it wisely. Use your charm and reach out to people who can help you out.

17 December 2017 - 23 December 2017

icon Your good relationship with others proves it's benefit this week, Cancer. If you're in need, don't hesitate to accept assistance. Arrogance or cocky behaviour won't get you anywhere. You will receive some romantic opportunities this week, too. If you're single, you could meet someone through work or common friends. The feeling of loneliness could tempt you to rush in, but the effect could be damaging. Take it slow because that's how the other person likes it. Couples have the tendency to bring tension at work home. Try not to. Pace yourself well so you could finish the task early. Then, take a deep breath and psyche yourself to bring it to a calm setting. If you've been holding a grudge for a little too long, this weekend is perfect to talk about it. This season is all about forgiveness and compassion. Closing this year with peace in your heart makes you start a new chapter without having regrets. Your hips could use some more attention this week. Yoga will help loosen up those muscles by giving it a good stretch.

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