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18 August 2019 - 24 August 2019

icon Cancer This week, you will feel very self-conscious and worried about how think and what they say about you. You would like for them to see you positively and say good things about you but you cannot control how they think and act, Cancer. They have their own minds. What you can do is to not focus on other people and just focus on your personality development. what's important is your well being and happiness and not what other people say about you. Do not let what they say affect you, Cancer. Do not let your insecurities eat you up. If you work hard enough, you will be able to get rid of everything this week. You will get peace and harmony.

11 August 2019 - 17 August 2019

icon Cancer This will be a busy week for you, Cancer. You will be encountering a lot of meetings, appointments and presentations in your work. It's a good thing though because it might improve your work performance and might give you a bigger chance to be promoted or get a raise. At home, everyone seems to be doing nothing so you always get to see them lying on the couch or walking in the kitchen area. This makes you dizzy and irritable. Just let it go, Cancer. Also, there is a chance that an unexpected visitor comes by at your place, which will make your hands full but it will be super fun. Welcome this person with open arms.

04 August 2019 - 10 August 2019

icon Cancer You have familial issues and troubles as of the moment and this could throw you off balance. Relatives will annoy you at the middle part of the week. Don't dwell too much about it. Let it pass because they will eventually give up. In love, your feeling are being taken for granted by the person you adore and love so much and this will make you feel very upset. In times like this, go to someone older and wiser. Someone who has a lot experience regarding your issues. He or she will be able to help you. This is not really bad week, Cancer. Just don't let other people ruin it for you. Focus on what matters most. Your work, your family and yourself.

28 July 2019 - 03 August 2019

icon Cancer In a relationship? There will be an unexpected twist so tell your partner to be ready for it. It can be good or bad, you never know. You feel as if everything that you want to do in life is possible this week. Take advantage of that and do everything that you can because you will be able to accomplish anything. You have started the week with a positive mindset, Cancer. That is good. Although this seems like a good week for you, tensions and stress can still arise. All you have to do is to manage it well, relax every now and then and spend more time with the people who are important to you.

21 July 2019 - 27 July 2019

icon Cancer This is a very busy work week for you, Cancer. A lot of things in your workplace demand your attention and precision. At home, all you want is to have your own peaceful space. If possible, try not to spend too much time on your social media accounts this week. This will lessen the stress for you. In a relationship? Your partner will be very supportive and he or she will be very patient while you are busy with life. You will appreciate your partner more and this will make you want to experiment more when it comes to sex. Feel free to do so. Your partner is definitely up for that.

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