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17 December 2017 - 23 December 2017

icon Your good relationship with others proves it's benefit this week, Cancer. If you're in need, don't hesitate to accept assistance. Arrogance or cocky behaviour won't get you anywhere. You will receive some romantic opportunities this week, too. If you're single, you could meet someone through work or common friends. The feeling of loneliness could tempt you to rush in, but the effect could be damaging. Take it slow because that's how the other person likes it. Couples have the tendency to bring tension at work home. Try not to. Pace yourself well so you could finish the task early. Then, take a deep breath and psyche yourself to bring it to a calm setting. If you've been holding a grudge for a little too long, this weekend is perfect to talk about it. This season is all about forgiveness and compassion. Closing this year with peace in your heart makes you start a new chapter without having regrets. Your hips could use some more attention this week. Yoga will help loosen up those muscles by giving it a good stretch.

10 December 2017 - 16 December 2017

icon This week is full of surprises, Cancer. Don't be surprised if you'll be asked to make a commitment. That could be a proposal but also a question of a stranger. Whatever it is, don't jump into the deep end too quickly. Your integrity will be tested, and so is your ability to systematically analyse things. If you've been working on a project for quite sometime now, you will have to make a midterm evaluation to see where things are going. Be flexible with your plans and make sure to get in touch with the reality of the circumstances before you proceed. Realize that things may be workable but may not be as you think they should. The stars in a favourable position for getting in touch with friends and relatives this weekend. Your genuine care will radiate and inspire others deeply.

03 December 2017 - 09 December 2017

icon You don't like postponing things but do it anyways. Why? Is it because you're too distracted? If you go on like this, you'll end up cramped up with all those chores. Try to discipline yourself. Romantically, expect developments from casual to deeper relationships, from friendship to courtship, from first date to setting a wedding date. The suffering of someone close to you can grasp you in such a way that you get physical complaints as well. Compassion is a noble characteristic but try to stay positive for yourself. Mind your wallet this weekend, Cancer. You're a bit prone to impulsive spending. Before you hit the mall, check your budget first. Don't succumb to retail therapy because it'll drain your bank account.

26 November 2017 - 02 December 2017

icon You find the prospects worrisome and you are at a crossroad: which path do you choose? Handle this with care and awareness, Cancer. Do some research and ask other people around so you could see the opposing sides. The best advice: be determined and keep on going. Live in the present as much as possible because worrying about the future could be a self-fulfilling prophecy that won't get you any further. Just assume that everything will work out fine. Treat this weekend as a healing retreat. Stay in bed for as long as you want. Dreams can be prophetic, too, so try to remember as much details as you can. It's also good if you can take up meditation and yoga sessions. Revelations could come from the deeper part of your brain that's not into planning and thinking.

19 November 2017 - 25 November 2017

icon Your creativity and resourcefulness are to be commended this week, Cancer. You want to deal with things in a different way and you will discover a way to do something faster without lowering the quality. Your intuition is working overtime as well. You can use this to make decisions instead of being purely cerebral. When it comes to work, expect some sort of acknowledgement, along with the possibility of a salary increase or a promotion. Celebrate with your family and friends this weekend. They may have some good news of their own, which contributes to the happy atmosphere. This weekend also comes with a sense of adventure in your love life. You are encouraged to be more creative with your partner. This gives a sense of renewed warmth, love and appreciation of each other's presence.

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