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22 April 2018 - 28 April 2018

icon It's important to pay attention to spiritual insights and wisdom this week, Virgo. If you've been putting off a decision for quite some time now, this season is perfect to make up your mind. Relax your grip on controlling things to your liking and find that positive results flow easily from sources you didn't expect it from. Cupid could point his arrows on you on Wednesday and Thursday which makes you vulnerable to feeling romantic connections with the people you work with. Dress up nicely during these days and wear your best smile. If a misunderstanding is causing tension within relationships, take heart and talk about how you feel. Don't be afraid to show how much you care. The weekend is meant for self-care. Eat well and exercise more. Drink lots of water and go to bed early.

15 April 2018 - 21 April 2018

icon Things won't go smoothly in the workplace this week. There are some temporarily issues that shouldn't be allowed to turn into real problems so extinguish every fire as soon as possible. Use your creativity and sound judgement, Virgo. If you're in a leadership role, clear the ashes immediately as well. Give a pep talk that encourages everyone to put their best foot forward and not be affected by setbacks. Come up with a reward system that inspires everybody to do their best. You are having a travel itch. Prepare well because you don't want any financial surprises once you are travelling. Check everything thoroughly and prevent disappointments. Keep a good eye on your energy levels. Start an exercise regimen that doesn't bore you so you can sustain it.

08 April 2018 - 14 April 2018

icon This week's energy encourages you to be more optimistic and have faith on yourself, Virgo. You know what you want to achieve in life but you are limited by the negative thought that you'll never get it. If you succeed in letting that go, you will reach a successful and fresh flow. If you're in a relationship. visualize what you want to reach together in the future and sow the seeds every day. If you water them from time to time by adding love and trust to it, you will create harmony. Singles are extra intuitive and compassionate this week. You are very understanding of the plight of others and might decide to join volunteer work because of this. Keep your eyes open because it could be where you find a like-minded soul who's also looking for someone to share his/her life with. Hygiene is an important factor this week. You are receptive to virus or bacteria. You can avoid this by taking very good care of your body. Drink at least eight glasses of water each day and add more fruits and veggies on your plate.

01 April 2018 - 07 April 2018

icon This week teaches you that not everything is always structured to fit your bidding. That means that you have to learn to be a bit flexible to be able to get through this week, Virgo. Monday to Tuesday challenge you to go back to the basics and drill down into the details of a current project to see if it still is in conjunction with the current change of events. Don't be stubborn and make the necessary adjustments immediately. This will save you a lot of trouble making damage control in the future. The rest of the week offers less pressure and tension. You have the leisure of choosing tasks that appeal to you and leave the rest for next week. Financial issues could cause uncomfortable moments between you a loved one. Be as objective as possible during a confrontation. Defend your own interests. Accept every invitation and make yourself look beautiful this weekend.

25 March 2018 - 31 March 2018

icon Your analytical skills could abandon you for a moment or two this week, Virgo. Your thoughts can confuse you because you can't connect to the right conclusions. Don't worry because clarity will return just when you need it the most so postpone important discussions for a while. You think you know what you want in love and you still change your mind. Clear out some clutter in the meantime and get rid of a baggage from the past. That will create peace of mind. Exercise will help let go of things. Meditating will help even though it demands some perseverance. Try it anyways and let go. Things will only get better.


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