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22 October 2017 - 28 October 2017

icon If your relationship has been a bit shaky lately, this week gives you a chance to see the problem from a unique perspective. It's as if a light goes on in your mind. This happens because you decide to put your ego aside and open your eyes for the wishes of your partner. At work, the solution for a problem can be found by thinking deeply about it and to make things clear. Focus on your strong points and don't get distracted from your ultimate goal. Don't pressure yourself to take on extra work. Bear in mind that you don't have to prove yourself to anyone. You need to relax a little more so you can let future changes in your life happen in a quiet and relaxed way.

15 October 2017 - 21 October 2017

icon There is no use in running, Libra. Face the confrontation, but keep counting to ten before you say what's on your mind. It's not anyway helpful to let the first thing that pops on your mind be what the other person walks away with. With your charms and tact you will solve it harmoniously and you will start over again. At work, your challenge is to convince someone of a new idea. The conflict is because of the fact that the other person is not ready to deviate from the norm unlike you. Use your charm and confidence but if all efforts doesn't work, give it a rest. It's possible that the other person just needs time to process what you have to offer. Your relationship is in the spotlights this week. It's important for you to consider how you might improve it. The key is to be more compassionate instead of critical.

08 October 2017 - 14 October 2017

icon You are very sociable and you crave the company of people who just "get" you. Your wish is the stars' command this week, Libra. All the better because you'll have people who balance you out by having complementary skills. Teaming up for love, work or a creative project is what makes this week exciting. Things aren't looking too good in the money field. You are very generous by nature but you will have to be careful with that this week. Keep your wallet closed and let someone else pay for a change. Others take your generosity for granted. Also, read statements and contracts carefully. If possible, avoid signing anything until next week. Is there something you have to say and quite hesitant because you might say something quite unappropriate for the situation? Truth is that, it will do more harm than good to ignore these feelings rather than getting them out.

01 October 2017 - 07 October 2017

icon You are even more eager to learn than usual this week. You have an inquiring mind and you are very critical. Take a giant step toward your dreams, Libra. Consider taking on a course of study because the more you learn, the more valuable you are in the market. Don't just look at the looks of the other person. As the week draws to a close, the planetary arrangement could make you question how much you're giving and getting back in return. If you're not happy about it, it might be time to set some limitations. You are a very thoughtful and friendly sign but all that outward attention make you forget about yourself.

24 September 2017 - 30 September 2017

icon Working together at new opportunities is very essential this week, Libra. If you bundle your strengths and act together as a team, you will gain more than you anticipated. However, this period is not so positive when it comes to finances due to falling income and rising expenses. Personal relations could be a bit challenging as well and it is difficult sometimes because you have to show your own opinion more often. You don't want to hurt anyone and you don't want to be hurt either. Try to find the balance.

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