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09 December 2018 - 15 December 2018

icon Libra This week is all about letting go. If someone did you wrong and accepted to his/her mistake, go ahead and grant your forgiveness. Your administration skills will be challenged this week. You need to keep your wits together and don't promise more than you can deliver. Your energy is sky high and because of that it's important to take enough rest and time to relax. It will be difficult to keep it all together, so you need to go easy on yourself on tasks and assignments. It would be good to adjust your rhythm and erase some things from your agenda.

02 December 2018 - 08 December 2018

icon Libra A small financial drama awaits you this week. It has to do with work which has brought a lot of change, excitement and instability to your life lately. What crosses your path this week is actually a lot better though; a blessing in disguise. Do allot adequate time for your loved ones this week. You can recharge by being around people who supports you regardless of the situation. Being at home more often will make you realize that change is overdue regarding your family and personal life. Come up with an innovative solution. It's time to dig deep and think outside the box.

25 November 2018 - 01 December 2018

icon Libra So many things are changing around you. This could make you feel as if the ground you're walking on is disappearing from underneath your feet. It isn't comfortable but it does feel good. Just go with the flow, flexible and spontaneous. The upcoming period will be filled with romance and creativity. You are inspired to come up with some innovative ways to stay connected with your loved ones. Continue to navigate the potential of being long-term partners. If you're in a relationship, make sure you spend a lot of time with your special someone.

18 November 2018 - 24 November 2018

icon Libra You risk saying or doing something that won't be appreciated by someone this week. As long as you said your piece or did what you have to do with tact and clean intentions, you did nothing wrong. You're surrounded with a supportive group of people who wants to give you advice. You feel pressured but all they want to do is help. Soon even without you realizing it, you will come across the answers. Spending time with your family is a nice distraction from all the dramas in life. Plan some outdoors activities with your children or partner.

11 November 2018 - 17 November 2018

icon Libra You're looking forward to a positive week even when things are not looking so good at first. You will face a number of obstacles and some people will try to wind you up. Hold on to hope, whatever the situation may be. Look around you and you'll see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just believe in your own strength and continue working on a solution. As long as you are driven, motivated and focused success will be there for you. That's when a girl becomes a woman and a boy becomes a man.

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