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14 January 2018 - 20 January 2018

icon When it comes to love you need to follow your intuition, Aquarius. Let go of something instead of letting it take control over what you feel and think. In regard to your work or studies, you are in a very creative mood this week. Play your cards well and believe in yourself because surely you will be able to move mountains. This week's positive mood makes it able for you to set a good example. There might be some good news about a job as well. You often find pleasure in helping others, but you might just need to make an exemption this week. It's the perfect time to start eating healthier. You'll feel the benefits of a healthier lifestyle in no time. If you want it to work out, it will work out just like anything you set your mind on. When you have children, you'll keep a closer eye on them. The ease with which you deal with people will prove to be useful especially if you speak a foreign language as well.

07 January 2018 - 13 January 2018

icon Your actions this week should be mainly based on love and compassion, Aquarius. Always ask yourself if what you want to do is going to be good for you and others. If the reply to those questions is yes, you should execute the plan. If not, you should make better plans. You might not be happy about the choices you've made but every decision is better than no decision at all. It's important that you keep moving even if you don't know in which direction you are headed. Don't worry because the stars will bring you further on the path you've recently chosen. There are no securities in life, of course, so things can happen out of nowhere. It's the doubts and questions we ask ourselves that will bring us strong and resilient. Don't think in black and white but open up to all the shades in between. It's good if you add variety to your fitness regime. This will stimulate you to push your boundaries and work your best for a healthier, fitter lifestyle.

31 December 2017 - 06 January 2018

icon This week offers stability after some turbulence in your life, Aquarius. Whatever the situation was the past days, this week proves that good fortune comes your way from unforeseen sources. You now appreciate life better. Family ties play an important role in your income. If you've been too generous lately, it's about time to taper that. You can also use your relatives to expand your network. If you play your cards well, prospects are promising and will last for a long time. New Year could be a little formal than usual if you're having guests. You will be able to chill far easier on the 2nd. Take advantage of this moment to recharge for energy because work is already around the corner.

24 December 2017 - 30 December 2017

icon This season is about food, drinking and fun, but it's also a time in which you can look at all the things that went well or that didn't go well over the past year. Think about what you want to change for 2018 and how you want to do that. Start with imagination, then bring in your creativity. Speaking of eating and drinking. Enjoy this but know your limits to prevent a lot of hangovers and headaches. An unexpected attraction could lighten up your week. If you're already in a relationship, don't withhold your loving feeling. This way, you feel closer than ever.

17 December 2017 - 23 December 2017

icon Even with the holiday season, you will still have a busy week, Aquarius. Hold on because this is beneficial for your career. It may not be very visible yet, but you could see the fruits of your labour as 2018 starts. You sometimes look for the wrong people to force a showdown. That could happen again this week in the form of a toxic person. Realize that it will cost a lot of energy and that you won't gain anything from this. Some people aren't even worth the troubles so limit your aggression to the minimum. Group spirit will intensify as the week goes by. Let the holiday party season cheer you up.


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