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18 March 2018 - 24 March 2018

icon You're looking at a challenging but productive week, Aquarius. You will encounter domineering personalities who will likely want the center stage for themselves. Don't compete with them. Give way because you'll be happier working alone. This will give you the moment you need to obtain useful facts and get to the heart of a problem. Is your relationship on the rocks lately? Realize that worries about love will come the moment you try to clear your mind. However, you can't brush these worries away with a rational analysis. The sun will start shining again as soon as you use your heart to face your worries. You suddenly want to become a health and fitness freak this weekend. Come up with an exercise schedule and stick to that. Being disciplined will save you from possible health complications.

11 March 2018 - 17 March 2018

icon You need adventure to regain your balance, Aquarius. Realize that acting rationally is not always the right choice. You'll learn how to swim better by jumping in the deep end. Don't avoid the challenge. That will bring you the adrenaline that you need to score. The stars are not giving the signal that there is anything wrong with your health but you should have things checked if you don't trust it. You are looking for a new route in love and you can't seem to find it. That's frustrating but you shouldn't give up. You will only find it when you look at places you've never thought of before. When you are already in a relationship, cherish it and be creative during your time together. You can already look forward to making some plans for the far future.

04 March 2018 - 10 March 2018

icon This week is when you are more in tune with yourself, Aquarius. There is a positive vibe in the air which supports you in your endeavours. Due to your hard work the past weeks, people who initially disagreed with you will be brought to their senses and you will be acknowledged for a job well done. If you feel like you're stuck in a project, you are inspired to give it one final push this week. Your fighter instinct tells you not to give up until the last resort is exhausted. If there's anyone who can do this, it's you. Your love life also accentuates your feeling of strength and confidence. You can now stop worrying if you're good enough for your partner. If you're single, you are proud to be one and confident that you can find the love of your life soon. Exercise to be fit, not skinny. Healthy is the new sexy!

25 February 2018 - 03 March 2018

icon You can now look forward to a happy and hopeful period, Aquarius. You have overcome all the obstacles from the last few seasons. All that matters now is to believe in the future and in yourself. Keep in mind that stressing out and worrying isn't going to get you anywhere. At work, it's time to reap the fruits of your labor. If you think that you're not appreciated enough, a twist of faith will seem like the planet won't survive without you. On top of that, you have the power to inspire others to take initiative as well. This weekend is perfect for doing special projects at home. Having everything in order in the material world reflects the love of beauty and order you have inside. Pay more attention to your kidneys this week. Drinking at least eight glasses of water per day is a good start.

18 February 2018 - 24 February 2018

icon You're not the suspicious type but you have all the reason to be like that this week, Aquarius. Be aware that someone is withholding information from you. You don't have to turn it into a drama though. Maybe it's something that isn't relevant to you. The important thing is to be extra careful in signing documents. Make sure that you have read the terms and conditions, and everything is transparent in all aspects. If you are looking for a job, it won't be hard too hard to find one or maybe the job will find you. Don't bottle up your emotions or else you will explode like a bomb. Find a way to vent and to get rid of the tension. A tough decision involving your income has to be made soon and you should be thinking about that at the start of the week. The mood is generally pleasant this week.


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