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08 December 2019 - 14 December 2019

icon Sagittarius Stay close to your own feelings and don't let anything rush you. It's better to avoid adventures if you lose your sense of direction in the shadow zone between love and sex. You need financial stability and you have the impression that people don't understand you. It's a tough dilemma, which tempts you to expand your boundaries. That could have some serious consequences. It could be necessary to drastically change your way of life or your eating habits. First take some time to study which initiative is the most favorable one for you.

01 December 2019 - 07 December 2019

icon Sagittarius Expect the unexpected! The planets have a stormy week ready for you. Keep your head cool and stay alert. In love it will become very hard to keep the wheel straight. Do try though! At work you can't act on your impulses. Think first before you say things you should have just swallowed down especially if you wish to get a raise soon. If life is becoming a bit too much for you it's recommendable to plan enough time for yourself and to seclude you from the big bad world out there.

24 November 2019 - 30 November 2019

icon Sagittarius Find some distraction in the family or make sure that they don't get the impression you are neglecting them. You are a bit casual when it comes to intimate relationships. Cherish them. You have to sigh a lot when you look at your work circumstances. It's not too bad but it could be better. That's why you will take some measurements this week to improve this. It's a great time to sort out your thoughts and to look at what you want to change. Your physical condition could use a boost. If you start right away you will succeed.

17 November 2019 - 23 November 2019

icon Sagittarius This week, you must keep in mind that emotional intimacy is as equally important as physical intimacy. It is also the best feeling in the world to be emotionally and mentally connected to your partner. Are you single? Someone from past could surface again and might want to do some reconnecting and catching up with you. No one will force you to rekindle your relationship with this person, it is totally up to you. Starting from the 19th, your financial position will improve and it might last for a while. You have a lot of offers and good opportunities at the moment, don't pass out on any of it.

10 November 2019 - 16 November 2019

icon Sagittarius For you, there is no room for insecurity and doubts, Sagi. You have always been the confident and optimistic one in the family and in your circle of friends. It is best if you spread the happiness and your positivity to everyone around you. Although you feel internally happy with your life, you also feel a little stuck and you don't seem to know how to move on or proceed. Do you feel like you need a new job or career? Think about it thoroughly, Sagi. It is best to stay healthy and physically fit and start moving more often. Focus on your health, Sagi, and don't let yourself get sick.


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