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12 November 2017 - 18 November 2017

icon Love is playing the main part of the week right now, Sagi. Just enjoy that great feeling of those butterflies in your tummy. Don't think it's going to be like this forever because it won't but right now this just feels great. Bumps in the road are expected to happen this week. The key is not to give up on your vision. Take short breaks to recharge your spirit but go back to mapping out your plans. Ticking off the items on your to-do list will boost your confidence. If you feel like there's still a lot of tasks left, handle it like a boss and delegate or outsource. You have to make a choice and that isn't easy. Stick to what you feel is right and you'll be okay. Have been holding in frustration towards someone? It'll cause more bad than good if you keep conflict brewing. It's time for diplomacy and peace.

05 November 2017 - 11 November 2017

icon Week brings in a fresh air filled with confidence and hope. If you've surrendered to worrying last week, now is the time to get rid of all those negative thoughts and to go with the flow. Sometimes life just goes that way and you should just accept the fact you can't change things. Fortunately, you feel both mentally and physically fit this week. On top of that, more people are receptive to your ideas. You also find support with your partner who will receive you with open arms. Social events not necessarily related to business or career will bring new contacts, which is beneficial if you're looking for expansion or promotion. If you're single, give more attention to your instincts. You know when things are beneficial for you and you know when they're not. Always trust yourself and listen to your inner voice.

29 October 2017 - 04 November 2017

icon Your charms make you irresistible, Sagi. You find something nice in every person you meet. And if you do end up in a fight with someone you will make sure peace returns. This works to your advantage this week because your thought process will slow down as the days go by. The problem is that you are working on a deadline. Try to stay focused and team up with someone who could help you during these times. You have a hard time making decisions and you doubt a lot. You don't always stick to your word either. Being on time, sticking to your agreements and being straightforward will create positive results. You will also feel more energized if you exercise more often and work on those muscles.

22 October 2017 - 28 October 2017

icon Tackling relationship problems rationally is not the best strategy, Sagi. If you reason your way out of an argument, you will end up screaming at each other. Single? You have a special connection with someone and it's the nuances that makes this "relationship" exciting, but at the same time create the harmony you both need. Look out for an unscrupulous person who wants to sabotage you. If you give in to this trap, the produce that you're expecting this week will turn to confusion and misunderstanding. Be a role model and keep your balance. Act accordingly because people look up to you. The weekend encourages your playful side. Indulge in movies that lighten your spirit and get some exercise. Moving your body in an aerobic exercise will bring your spirits up.

15 October 2017 - 21 October 2017

icon You have a great taste and an artistic talent, Sagi, and you could do more with. On top of that, your mind is working in harmony with your heart this week. Don't underestimate your capacities. Others will praise you and that encourages you to aim higher. Come up with a well thought out plan of action and your ideas will win the approval from the higher-ups. Some sweating is a possible solution to get rid of that cold. Working in the garden or other physical activities this weekend will take care of the virus. Financially, the planetary energy may make your situation out of your reach. Changing your career or going after a new position crosses your mind, however waiting for this season to end is a better option at this time.


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