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22 April 2018 - 28 April 2018

icon This week is all about exploring your options. Don't settle for the first thing that comes your way, Sagi, but shop around. The more care you take, the more likely that you'll end up with the best solution. The position of the stars also indicate that you have the ability to attract money this week. It won't just come falling from the sky, though. You have to work for it. You have a lot of skills on your belt and if you play your cards well, you can convert them to cash. Be careful of signing a contract that involves spending money. Only do so after you have reviewed all the ins and outs of things and can confidently say that, "This is a sure deal." Steamy behind-the-scenes romance are part of the menu this weekend regardless if you're single or in a relationship.

15 April 2018 - 21 April 2018

icon You will learn that not everything is a competition this week, Sagi. If tension is happening between couples, don't be tempted into discussions with your partner about the approach of a problem. Keep in mind that it's more important to get it done than to fight over who is right. This applies at the workplace as well. Recognize that the people around you are equally skilled as you and they can be involved in whatever you are working on. If you're feeling stuck, get rid of the old-fashioned way and exhausting manner and choose a fresh and successful approach. Your resolutions are great but it's an art to stick to them and not to return to your bad habits of which you know that they have a negative effect on you. This weekend promises to be filled with fun memories with the people you love the most. If a gathering is scheduled, you will learn about your roots and appreciate being part of the family.

08 April 2018 - 14 April 2018

icon Confusion is just around the corner this week and is messing up your feelings, Sagi. It's not wise to be a smarty-pants. Care is the name of the game this week, so if you don't have all the details, don't open your mouth and assume that you know everything. Also, it's never prudent to act too intelligent. Realize that personal issues connect you to the people around you, so don't isolate yourself. You are blessed with people who are willing to lend a helping hand. All you have to do is ask. To help bring more optimism and trust in humanity, be more physically active. Do some brisk walking, dancing, weight lifting, swimming, anything. Make progress every single day. Get outside during the weekend. The sun is good for your skin and the fresh air will help put your mind and heart in agreement with each other.

01 April 2018 - 07 April 2018

icon You are the happiest if you get to work on something that you like. Well, life doesn't always work as we want it to, Sagi, so be ready to fold up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Be thankful for what you have because you have more beautiful things in life than other people. You are where you belong right now and greater things are about to happen, so be patient. Your work is important but you need to catch your breath from time to time because too much fanaticism will only backfire. If you're in a relationship, don't let jealousy get in control because the relationship you are looking at isn't as ideal as it seems to be. Taper your expectations because neither you nor your partner is perfect. Single? You might have a nice date yourself but don't walk with your head high up in the clouds too easily. An incident could seriously ruin your mood this coming weekend. A hugging moment with a glass of wine in a bar will help you to get out of this dip. An exciting flirt with someone attractive is an extra treat and will make you forget about your melancholic mood altogether.

25 March 2018 - 31 March 2018

icon You're looking forward to a productive week, Sagi. Let the principles of harmony, rhythm and balance guide you in your tasks as these are the same qualities you want to achieve in your life. Unfortunately, there are times when a weird vibe in the air seems to distracts you despite your desire to be very efficient. It's okay to give a dreamy twist on things every now and then. This will fill you up with a playful, curious and creative perspective. Your doubt about love is rooted in the past which has not been resolved yet. Realize that if you share your vulnerability with someone you trust, an old wound could heal. It's normal to be scared but you have to be out there willing to take another chance at love.


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