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23 June 2019 - 29 June 2019

icon Sagittarius If you come across a proposal which requires a huge amount of money, take enough time. Don't let anyone rush you, Sagi. This week could be a bit spoiling, but it can also set a trap. Do your own research and ask the advice of someone who has knowledge about the subject. From Friday on things are looking great if you want to do some shopping and hanging out with friends. Carelessness and excesses are lurking around the corner though. Your body's resistance isn't that great, Sagi. Take control and go for minimum level of moderation only. The weekend is great for attending to some chores around the house and the yard.

16 June 2019 - 22 June 2019

icon Sagittarius Be proud of yourself, Sagi because you can come up with a solution for a difficult situation that involves money, health and love. Be ready for some action though. If you're gonna speak up, make sure you have something powerful and heartfelt to say, especially if in a tense political climate. In general this could be a busy week. It'll be entirely possible that your brain will need a break during this mentally taxing time. It's also important to clear the air or distance yourself from events or people who are draining your emotions. Switch to a healthier food choice and be more physically active.

09 June 2019 - 15 June 2019

icon Sagittarius Tension in the area of relationships can happen this week. On the bright side, this moment gives you the chance to clear the air and unload heavy emotions. You can lighten up the mood by using your sense of humor. These make you reach a common ground to work on. A sensual alignment can warm up the action behind closed doors. Single Sagis can meet a sparking prospect though a mutual friend. The last days of the week will be important for your financial situation. Number 2 could be of great importance for you this week. It could be beneficial to give something or someone a second chance.

02 June 2019 - 08 June 2019

icon Sagittarius You are on an ambitious quest this week, Sagi. While others are silently developing their plans, you're ready with your pitches and power launches. The most beautiful days for love will start on Thursday. Everything seems to be okay financially as well. You will put your knowledge to practical use because that is very empowering. Carefully consider what you say and do though. You might get a little aggressive with certain people in your life, especially those who hold an old-fashioned perspective. You score a meager 5 concerning your health. You need to listen to your body more often.

26 May 2019 - 01 June 2019

icon Sagittarius Just when you think you're finally where you want to be, something else pops up. That's just how life goes, Sagi. Fortunately, you are a flexible soul and is not easily discouraged. If you are persistent, you will reach your goals even if others think it's impossible. If your bank account says no, listen and make a pass on it. If you're a parent, domestic duties take priority over the weekend. Spending more time with your children during these days makes up for those days that you were absent-minded because of work. If you're single, you might want to enjoy the last few days of being single. Pamper yourself with a salon treatment of massage, watch your favorite movie or lose yourself in a good book.


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