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25 June 2017 - 01 July 2017

icon Emotions could take control of you this week, Sagi. The cosmos stirs up memories of relationships from your past. An emotion such as a resentment or fear is likely to surface once more catching your attention. Tame your insecurity, Sagi, and your urge to give priority to the negative side of a situation. Look at it with the agility that is your own. You get the chance to take care of some postponed paperwork, to pay bills and to store everything neatly. Then you'll have an overview and you know what is coming at you. Exchange busy moments with relaxing periods and carefully consider your possibilities. Make enough room for pleasure this weekend. Being outdoors and new contacts that will broaden your horizon. If you're relationship has just begun, make more time for sensuality. Work those courtship rituals instead of racing into the bedroom.

18 June 2017 - 24 June 2017

icon This could become a very intense week in the arena of love. You write Erotica with a capital E. This could trigger a blood of desire. Just pay attention to that inner voice, Sagi. If you feel like someone is paying extra attention to you, and you like that, just go! A simmering attraction is the first step to a full-on love affair. You could be confronted with some events from the past that return to you like a boomerang. Time to rub shoulders with a few influencers, Sagi. It's all about who you know this week, and an important friend might just open some opportunities for you. If you're searching for a new gig or job, reach out for an introduction. Decision-makers are more receptive under these career-focused atmosphere.

11 June 2017 - 17 June 2017

icon Your secret weapon is your wit and charm, Sagi. Get out and mingle with the movers and shakers in the industry. Devoting a couple of hours meeting the right people could pay off. You have the tendency to flirt a lot, too. You will give (wo)men the impression you are easy to seduce. That promises to be an exciting encounter but is he/she really who he/she says he/she is? Your need to be independent can be fed by accepting a proposal that doesn't sound tempting at first. If you ask more questions and look further, you will see a great opportunity. You feel very restless. If you know how to control that and you oblige yourself to relax you won't end up on the couch of a psychologist. The weekend is ideal for reuniting with old friends.

04 June 2017 - 10 June 2017

icon He/she who dares to slow you down is taking a risk because you immediately choose someone else. Jealousy is popping up around you. Who thinks you are smiling too sexy to that other person? Keep an eye on your budget and don't spend more than you can afford at the moment. Then you will save for a warm and generous period in which you can count on those savings. There are limits when it comes to rewards, Sagi, but you have to discover them first. You want to give it all you've got this week but the question that remains is if you will succeed in this or not.

28 May 2017 - 03 June 2017

icon You are very loyal but because of that you risk that people take advantage of you. Clearly tell your loved one what your boundaries are. You can do that in a friendly manner. Focus on your artistic capacities. The cosmos will help you strategize many of the issues you're working with at home or around career in general. Your perseverance and having fun are indispensable. These qualities help you a lot to avoid getting stressed out. Whistle or sing and enjoy the action, Sagi. You have to process something and you take your time for it. You can give into your feeling of laziness this weekend. This will strengthen your immune system and will improve our good mood.


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