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13 August 2017 - 19 August 2017

icon This week gives you the pause you need to reflect on your higher purpose in life, Gemini. It's your calling to touch people in a deep and meaningful way. That said, you are driven and you can use that energy to bring an annoying situation to a good end. In some situations though, a "no" for an answer is far better than making them feel good about escaping their duties. Your unwillingness could be a powerful wake up call to someone who can't stand on their own feet. You are in a very thorough mood. Don't hesitate and make the first move. Though Saturn, the Planet of Discipline and Responsibility hates to gamble, a calculated risk is right up your alley. Go ahead and invest in your growth! That will feel like a relief. Anger and fear put a strain on the glands so it's advisable not to get worked up, not even in traffic. Stay in control.

06 August 2017 - 12 August 2017

icon Luck is by your side when it comes to relationships and love this week, Gemini. With ambitious Mars in your way, you are unstoppable. You're in high demand and because of this, a leadership opportunity is yours. Be happy about it because these kinds of things don't happen to you every week. The stars are shining for you. If you buy a lottery ticket you might get lucky. Or you might get the job you were hoping for. Whatever it is going to be you will receive a windfall. You will have to pace yourself though as the week goes by. Your overactive mind could be producing unrealistic expectations. This time, you should dial back on the risk-taking and focus on the practicalities. You will be needing extra sleep and self-care. Pay some attention to your weight. It's okay to exercise a bit more.

30 July 2017 - 05 August 2017

icon You may find yourself playing a more proactive role in your love life this week, Gemini. Your partner has returned to you or you might have found a new partner. If you just started dating, the relationship is still fragile but with enough empathy things will work out just fine. Don't exaggerate and get carried away because that will cause emotional imbalance. If you've been together for a while now and the spark has died out, ask yourself: What would light your fire? Answer: Be anything but conventional. Money has flown out of your wallet last week but there was a good reason. Now you have to hit the brakes and only spend what is necessary.

23 July 2017 - 29 July 2017

icon Resist the temptation to act impulsively this week, Gemini. Perceptions are unclear now, and you may be driven by unconscious desires and anxieties, which are not proper and timely. Single? Someone crosses your path more often and you don't mind that at all but he/she seems to ignores you when you show interest. Trust that he/she is more interested than you think. Maybe, he/she's just shy. Give him/her time. Colleagues are panicking because an annoying problem starts to get out of hand. If you put your mind to it, you will soon find a solution and that will be rewarded. You can be kind of hard for yourself because discipline is important to you. Letting go of things this weekend will give you a relaxed feeling.

16 July 2017 - 22 July 2017

icon This week's lesson is to stabilize your foundation. While you're never at a loss for brilliant ideas, you are prone to distraction, Gemini. Fortunately, come Wednesday, mindful Mercury inspires you to get ready to transmute all your insights into a tangible actions. You will, however realize that unfinished projects have piled up around you. If you're going to invest all your time and effort on them, surely, you'll get some returns. Take some distance from your emotions, especially during the weekend. Put them on the table and look at them with the intention to let go of certain things. You will be forced to make some necessary adjustments in your finances. If you do this in a rigorous way and cut back on your expenses, you will soon see improvements soon. If you're in a relationship, take money off the list of taboo topics with your partner. Conversations about cash could prompt resourcefulness and creativity in search for sidelines worth pursuing.


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