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21 January - 19 February



Wednesday, February 22, 2017

icon The weather could be a deal breaker if you had planned a few things for today. If this leads to delay, make sure you still do it at a later time. It would be a shame when you don't do it at all in the end. Even if you're one of the most sociable signs in the zodiac, you are a loner every now and then. It's because the hyperkinetic Mars, buddies up with soulful Neptune in your house of endings and healing. Press pause to honor your feelings and desires, Aquarius. Listen to a guided meditation that reminds you of everything you have to be grateful for. Everything will be okay again in the end though when you are willing to speak openly and when you chose to have pleasant relationships with the people around you. You will be successful!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

icon Don't forget to relax now and then. If you go to a party, you will steal the show. Everyone knows that you have been there. You could collide with a superior in the workplace. Your visions couldn't be more different. Give your best sales spiel but if it doesn't work, just let go. If you feel lonely, upset or tired, you should think about something fun and beautiful. Also, share problems with someone you love. The sharing alone will already feel like a relief. A friendly act from someone else will restore your faith in humanity. Be careful with your words!

Monday, February 20, 2017

icon This day is all about others. Do something for someone else more often, Aquarius. It will make you feel wonderful knowing that you're a beacon of hope for other people. All things in life have a meaning so it's more useful to let your heart guide you instead of your mind. This is going to be a fine day. Just nice and quiet. Already attached? Slip off for a dinner date and other stress-relieving activities. You don't like rules!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

icon Small chores are waiting for you at home and they need to be done first thing in the morning, or you'll end up not doing them again. If you don't want things to pile up, focus on your daily routine, Aquarius. You don't want to be associated with a person that gossips a lot. You know whom I'm talking about. You're better off without him/her. You have some really great leadership abilities. People will count on you to step up. You are a born leader!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

icon You're inspired to take a better care of yourself this weekend. You're into cold-pressed fruits juices instead of the fancy coffee with whipped cream that you're used to and you inquire about cool pilates classes or gym membership. You are on the right track, Aquarius. At the end of the day you'll be able to enjoy a nice evening with friends or your partner. It's a great day to work in the house and put some decorate as well. Put on some nice music and get to work. Make things cosy!

Friday, February 17, 2017

icon You don't know what to choose today. You have doubts about everything. What you want to wear in the morning, what you are going to eat and with a little bit of bad luck you will even start having doubts about your relationship. Don't do this, Aquarius! Just don't make any important decisions today and nothing bad can happen. A family member who has knowledge about certain matters could provide you with some valuable information. It's even possible that the big purchase you are planning will become a lot cheaper because of him/her. Stop having doubts!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

icon You could be a little too quick to hand over your credit card and sign on for a large expense without doing proper research. This is not the time to drain your bank account dry, Aquarius. Drowning in debt is not the way to go this month, not ever. Everyone feels a bit wilder than usual today and clearly shows it. Go with the flow! Dare to dress to impress and flirt with whomever you want. This day will bring positive results. What a great day!


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