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24 October - 22 November



Sunday, April 30, 2017

icon You have the strong feeling you are on the verge of a new beginning but you still feel insecure about the direction you've picked. Trust your intuition, Scorpio. Take what works for you and discard that which no longer applies. You have had to fight to be where you are now. Don't think for too long but pick the method that pops up in your head spontaneously. If you want to be close to the people who mean the most to you, this is a great day for a fun activities with your family or a romantic interest. Listen to your inner voice

Saturday, April 29, 2017

icon Share your plans with your partner or he/she will start to worry and you might unwillingly hurt him/her. Focus on your goals and make them come true. Put notes on the fridge so you are reminded of them daily. If you really want to discuss that sensitive subject, you should do it very carefully. A direct approach will only create more distance between you and that person. Be careful!

Friday, April 28, 2017

icon Today you only have one major opponent and that opponent is you. You have the tendency to be so bossy that you risk turning friends into enemies. It is one thing to be persuasive, but quite another to push people to do things that they really don't want to do. If you feel that you're almost there, go outside regularly to catch some fresh air. Talk to a teacher or mentor about finding a creative way to set your plans into motion. This might be something that you want to explore with your partner or your children. Take a break!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

icon Even though you look and act tough on the outside, you really are a softie on the inside, Scorpio. You have put up a wall around you but now you've taken things too far. Let some loved ones come a bit closer to you. This is a good day to do something extra with your money, for example invest in real estate or something. Do read the fine print before you sign anything though. There could be a catch. Don't be shy to use your knowledge when the situation demands it. Be proud of who you are!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

icon For the main part, light and colours will determine your mood today, Scorpio. You woke up feeling light and energized. You seem to be able to conquer anything that comes your way. However, while chasing your dreams you have to admit that you've pushed several people aside and you now experience the negative consequences of this action. Hire a support staff and delegate the job. You can't do virtually all the work yourself. Although you'll enjoy speeding along, you need to have a social life. Cherish your friends!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

icon It's important that you keep your sense of humour because that makes things just that little bit more pleasurable. Things could seem awful now but once you've put your mind on it you will see that it wasn't that bad after all. A lot of people don't appreciate it when you pretend to be a detective and they will try to sabotage you. It will already be a big accomplishment when you uncover just a tip of the truth Keep on smiling!

Monday, April 24, 2017

icon A whirlwind is blowing through your mind and you can't make a decision. Stay focused! You'll find the right answer when you stop and breathe. Get used to living on a budget. If you'd like to start your own business, be prepared to scrimp and save in the early stages, Scorpio. It will take time to build a loyal clientele. Fortunately, you're very patient and hardworking. These qualities guarantee your success. This is a good day to do something romantic. Try something new. You'll both benefit from this change. Organize your thoughts!

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