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Free Weekly Horoscopes

Wouldn't it be nice to know things ahead of you even if it is just a span of seven days or a week? It would be amazing if you only have the capabilities and special skill to do it.

You don’t really need to have those psychic powers if you want to know what will happen to you for the entire week. Here at we already have your Free Weekly Horoscope written for you by our genuine and gifted Astrologer.

Click your Star Sign to find out your Free Weekly Horoscope!

Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius

21 Jan - 19 Feb
The Sun in Aquarius represents Originality and humanitarianism.
Weekly Horoscope for Leo

24 July - 23 Aug
Spirit entering the realm of the individual person; ego development, setting yourself apart from the rest of the world, becoming your own person.
Weekly Horoscope for Pisces
20 Feb - 20 March
The Sun in Pisces represents Compassion, imagination and sacrifice.
Weekly Horoscope for Virgo
24 August - 23 Sept
Embodiment of the individual in the world; problems of adjustment dealing with the world and others.
Weekly Horoscope for Aries
21 March - 20 April
Unbridled expression of your inner nature; activity that is self-motivated, unaffected by others.
Weekly Horoscope for Libra
24 Sept - 23 Oct
Spirit as individual entering into relationship with others; partnership, one-to-one relationships, meeting others as an equal, interdependency.
Weekly Horoscope for Taurus
21 April - 21 May
Grounding, bringing down to earth; constancy, steadiness, fixedness; spirit becoming embodied, entering matter, taking on a form.
Weekly Horoscope for Scorpio
24 Oct - 22 Nov
Transformation, change, ego-death, rebirth, transcendence; intense emotional involvement with the process of personal growth.
Weekly Horoscope for Gemini
22 May - 21 June
Curiosity, cleverness, skill, communication; making connections with surroundings, trying to "figure things out".
Weekly Horoscope for Sagittarius
23 Nov - 21 Dec
Spirit moving beyond the realm of the individual into the world at large; becoming a member of a wider society.
Weekly Horoscope for Cancer
22 June - 23 July
Nurturing, support, belonging, emotional bonds; your roots, source, ground of your being; the unconscious, feelings, emotion.
Weekly Horoscope for Capricorn
22 Dec - 20 Jan
Spirit's attempt to bring about the perfect society, to create heaven on earth; making practical, efficient connections with others on the physical plane.

It is normal for you to scan newspapers and magazines every day since it is already a part of every people’s life and system. In order for you to gather the most updated and current news of course you need to rely on media system like daily papers and television news broadcasts. But you can’t expect yourself to wait an hour looking at the television while you have an appointment with your boss and clients. It would be easier to bring newspapers while you wait for the bus and read it while commuting. This would be a lot easier.

Aside from news and such, you can’t avoid but to glance the horoscope column printed over it. Even if you don’t believe it or do believe on it, it is unavoidable to at least read it and hope that the things written there might not happen or may come true depending on the reading of course. As you see horoscopes may serves as your lucky charm and a warning sign at the same time.
Everyday there are different horoscope readings assigned for a specific zodiac sign. There are twelve zodiac sign in total and of course, each reading may vary according to the movements of the celestial bodies such as the star, sun and the moon.

There are newspaper and online astrologist who interprets the movements of the day. They are also referred to as the psychic astrologer. There are psychic astrologers who can predict what will happen to that zodiac sign bearer a week in advance. That is the reason why there are weekly horoscopes printed in your weekly magazines or reading materials.

Seven days before, there would be weekly horoscopes available for everyone to read and to consider. Aside from reading materials, these are also present when you browse it over the Internet. And do you know what? It is provided for free so you don’t have to pay a single cent.

What makes free weekly horoscopes more advantageous than the daily horoscopes? Of course, it is the fact that it would provide you the important forecasts for the next week and that means it covers the things that you should do, you need to avoid for that week.

Since Astrologers vary in their experience, it is necessary for everyone to choose wisely and properly. You need to do further research and search for those who provide the most honest and free weekly horoscopes.

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