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The Houses in Astrology

Houses in astrology refer to the division of the horoscope in the traditional horoscopic astrology. There are usually twelve houses which have varying positions in the horoscope highly dependent on the location and time rather than the date. The Hindus call this astrological tradition as Bhavas. According to astrologers, the different houses are representation of the different dimensions and spheres of life and existence. These spheres are manifested and defined according to the personal life experiences and physical surroundings.

The placement of the zodiac signs in the different houses mainly determines the goals, activities and area of life where it influences the impulse, drive or focus of a person. According to astrological systems used, houses follow a certain system which depends on the rotational movement of the Earth as it revolves around its axis. Nevertheless, there are much wider and diverse approaches used to calculate house divisions. Many astrologers are divided as to which of these methods yield the most accurate results. There are various factors used to calculate the astrological houses including location, exact time and date.

There are the first twelve sets of houses in astrology as created by the Babylonians.

This method is quite significant and highly accepted because majority of astrologers still use it in the present days.

1st House - Aries

The first house is Aries which means life or the house of self. Represented by The Ram, it belongs to the Cardinal quality of astrology. This quality therefore makes Aries-born people good leaders who want to get things done and going. Personality is the life area of Aries. It is associated with ego, physical appearance and traits, first impression, initiatives and beginnings.

2nd House - Taurus

Taurus is the second house which means the house of value. Represented by The Bull, this zodiac sign belongs to the Fixed quality which makes Taurean people stubborn and hard-headed. They have dogged determination, stability and loyalty as their best traits. The life area of this astrological sign and the second house of astrology is money. It is associated to valuable material and immaterial things. Belongings and self-growth are likewise part of this house.

3rd House - Gemini

Gemini is the third house which is the house of communications. The symbol of Gemini is The Twins and it belongs to the Mutable quality of astrology which represents dexterity, adaptability and versatility. They are good communicators making communication their life area. They are also restless and fickle-minded.  It deals with happiness, intelligence, siblings, higher education, neighbourhood and short travel.

4th House - Cancer

As the fourth house of the zodiac, Cancer is symbolised by The Crab. It belongs to the Cardinal quality. People under this sign are emotional, strong-willed and tenacious but they are also extremely moody and sensitive. The life area of this sign is home. It deals with heritage, roots, early foundation, household caretaker and cycle of matters.

5th House - Leo

Leo is the fifth house which is of pleasure. The Lion is the representation of the fifth house of astrology. It belongs to the Fixed quality which makes them very opinionated. They are idealistic, organized and creative but they also have the tendency to be bossy and dominating. It focuses on leisure, enjoyment, recreation, entertainment, games and gambling. Children are the life area of this zodiac sign.

6th House - Virgo

This zodiac is the sixth ruling house of astrology. It is represented by The Virgin and belongs to the mutable quality. Virgo-born people are balanced and fair. They are also detailed, practical and have the willingness to serve yet they could be picky and repressed. The life area of Virgo is work.

7th House - Libra

Libra is the seventh and house of partnerships. Symbolised by The Scales, Libra-born people are under the Cardinal quality. This makes them sociable and great companions. The negative side of this sign is the tendency to be lazy and apathetic. Relationship is the life area of this sign. Its main focus is on marriage, close or confidante-like relations, diplomatic relationships, treaties and agreements.

8th House - Scorpio

Scorpio is the house of reincarnation. The Scorpion is the symbol of the eight house of astrology with a Fixed quality which makes Scorpio-born people driven, passionate and intense. They are however extremely secretive and complex. The life area of this sign is sex. It is associated with death and rebirth, deeply committed and sexual relations, the occult and psychics and self-transformation.

9th House - Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the house of philosophy which deals with culture, foreign travels, religion, law and ethics. Symbolised by The Archer, this zodiac sign is the ninth astrological house. Belonging to the Mutable quality, this sign represents people who are great communicators and enthusiastic listeners. Sagittarians are also impulsive and could make rush decisions. Trips are the life area of this zodiac.

10th House - Capricorn

Capricorn is known as the house of social status which deals with careers and ambitions and societal status. The Goat represents the tenth astrological house. It has Cardinal quality which manifests the leadership traits of Capricorn-born people. They are also egotistical and domineering. The life area of this zodiac is career.

11th House - Aquarius

The 11th house of astrology is under Fixed quality and symbolised by The Water Bearer. Aquarius is the house of friendships which is associated with groups, organizations, friends and acquaintances. Aquarians could be temperamental, hard-headed and impatient but they are also visionaries, people-oriented and intelligent. Friends are the life area of this zodiac.

12th House

The Fish represents this 12th house of astrology with Mutable quality. People under this sign are creative, charitable and compassionate. Nevertheless, they have the tendency to procrastinate and be lethargic. Secrets are the life area of this zodiac. Pisces is the house of self-undoing which deals with mysticism, secrets, elusive matters, privacy and retreat.

The houses of astrology have been known and used in the world of astrology to integrate the cosmic phenomena with human existence and activities. In the psychic world, this realm is used for divination or telling the future especially in cases of daily horoscope. It helps to know which astrological house you belong for self-improvement.



In astrology, the signs can be categorized based on seasons. There are three qualities, and each quality is associated with a different character trait.

Threre are four cardinal signs, they are: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.
These signs are all active signs

There are four fixed signs, they are: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.
These signs are all persistent signs

There are four mutable signs, they are: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.
These signs are all adaptable signs.

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