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Astrology Birth Chart

Birth Chart or natal chart is a document that graphically displays the positions of planets and the astrological houses at the time, date and place of your birth and their influence on your life. A horoscope also purports to describe the same things. But there is a little difference between a birth chart and a horoscope. While your horoscope may provide a broad outline description of the position of your planets and astrological houses, your birth chart makes a Leep analysis of the various elements of your nature and predicts your future with the help of scores of graphs, drawings and charts. As a natural corollary, while it may not be really difficult for you to understand your horoscope, which only gives glimpses of the truth, you cannot make head or tail of your birth chart without the assistance of your astrologer. Astrology Natal or Birth Chart

Your birth chart shows a wheel, which describes the various stages or cycles of your life with the help of symbols or glyphs. These symbols stand for astrological signs, with ruling planets and other factors indicative of the forces interacting with your life at a given time. The wheel also reveals the planets associated with the signs.

A ruling planet whose energies act powerfully at a given time is said to be ascendant in that sign. The juxtaposition of these planets is so arranged that the planet placed opposite to an ascending planet is said to be weak and therefore in a descendant stage. Besides these two ascendant and descendant planets, there may be other powerful planets too, which interact with these two planets and leave their mark on the chart.

Then there are the geometrical relationships between the planets, which affect the energies of each other. Some planets may have an unsympathetic position in respect of the subject in question and may exert a negative influence on the life and circumstances of the person. Sometimes the influence of one planet may be fully or partially cancelled out by that of another. Psychic Astrologer Hope can graphically display all these factors on the birth chart. For example, you are an Aries, and you are in the First astrological house. Now, directly across the First House is the Seventh House at three o’clock position. This position indicates how you relate yourself to others. Similarly the high noon position at the beginning of the Tenth House may indicate your social or public image. The six o’clock position is related to the Forth House. It describes your childhood, home and family life.

A natal chart details your inherent and acquired strengths and weaknesses. For example, while your ruling planet is in a certain House at a given point of time, another planet may be transiting through the same House leaving the flavor of his influence on your nature and future. The house of zodiac continues to revolve one degree every four minutes with the positions of the planets ascending and descending and each variation in the movement can make a vital difference to the affairs of your life.

These issues are too complex for an ordinary person to understand and they are rendered more complicated when an effort is made to substantiate or illustrate them with the help of drawings, graphs or charts using strange astrological mumbo jumbo, which incidentally is essential to state the position accurately.


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