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Love Horoscope Compatibility

Love CoupleThe desire for love is a dominant feeling that occupies the mind of a person.

A horoscope especially devoted to your love life comes in very handy to resolve the ever-nagging doubts about the success or failure of love affairs that distract and even depress the mind.

A Love Horoscope can guide you in your search for your right partner.

It studies your zodiac signs, the ruling planet of your sign and the House related to it. It also tells you which zodiac sign passes through your House at a given moment and leaves its influence on your nature and personality.

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While your zodiac sign at the time of your birth indicates your inherent traits, the planets that pass your House during their journey along the orbit also contribute their flavor to your external behavior.

A love horoscope can speed up and promote your chances of finding true love and enjoying a long happy life of Love and Happiness. It can save you from a frustrating search for true love or from future tensions, if you get involved with a wrong partner. A love horoscope contains detailed drawings, maps and charts to precisely pin point the right person and also the right moment to approach. A little time and money spent on a love horoscope can save immense frustration, tensions, heartbreaks and litigation at later stage. 

love horoscope compatibilityHow the Love Horoscope Compatibility Works

Knowing your true self or the traits of your nature, therefore, is the first and the most important step. This is because based on your nature, likes and dislikes, you can ascertain the nature of the person you seek to make your partner in love or marriage. The other person may have been born in a zodiac sign whose ruling planet may just be antithetical to yours.  For example, you may have been born as Aries whose ruling planet is Mars and the person you desire to love may be a Gemini, ruled by the mischievous Mercury. A serious compatibility problem may arise here and your relationship may be jeopardized.

You may be a Taurian ruled by Venus and your crush may be a Libra governed by Venus too. Here the chances of compatibility are apparently pretty high as the ruling planet in both cases is Venus, the goddess of Love, romance, sensuality, attraction and beauty. But a Leeper analysis of your horoscopes on the basis of your Houses may reveal that they may be visited by incompatible planets at a given time. This may happen especially when you may be eagerly desirous, but the other side may be reluctant to oblige due to reasons not known to both of you.

A person born under the influence of Venus is expected to be a good partner in love, whether he is a Libra or a Taurian. But the thin writing to note here may be that those born under Venus are tender and sensual lovers and not necessarily intensely sexual people. A love horoscope framed by an expert astrologer alone can throw light on this these invisible thinly printed ‘conditions apply’ lines, in the otherwise boldly written words that rouse great expectations and rosy pictures.

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