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The four psychic elements of astrology: Fire, Water, Air and Earth are based on temperment, as seen in a person's primary response to situation, relationships and most things in general. Each sign is matched with one of the elements according to whether the primary response associated with that sign is bassically: to act (physical/Earth), to gain something (purposeful/Fire), to analyze (intellectual/Air), or to feel (emotional/Water).


Qualities: Active, masculine, spontanious, quick, initiating, initializing, vitalizing and energetic.

Fire is an element with two purposes:

  1. It is an expression of spiritual psychic energy and the determination of the spirit.
  2. It purifies, burns and destroys the old so that the new may emerge. It is a the element of transmutation and regeneration.

To pass through fire is symbolic of transcending the human condition.
The direction or cardinal point of fire is south.

elements in astrology2. WATER

Qualities: Passive, feminine, receptive, sustaining, subconscious, creative and generative.

Water symbolizes the infinate realm of possibilities, which precede all form and creation.
It is limitless and immortal.
The direction or cardinal point of water is west

3. AIR

Qualities: Active, masculine, intellectual, ethereal, abstract and communicative.

Air is related to the creative breath of life, therefore, speech as well as scent and smell.
Air is a volatile element which is considered the offspring of the parental elements of fire and water.
It is the reconciler between the rival elements of fire (male) and water(female).
Air also aludes to the human intellect and thought processes, which are quick, changeable, and abstract.
The direction or cardinal point is east.


Qualities: Passive, feminine, solid, materialization, physical, stable, slow-moving and grounded.

Earth represents the physical, materialized universe in which we live.
Earth is the daughter of fire and water, just as air is the son.
This element encompasses all activities of productivity, fertility, growth and regeneration.
Earth is the fourth element and the result of the combined actions of the other three.
The direction or cardinal point of earth is north.

Zodiac Signs under Each Element

There are four elements in Astrology and the twelve zodiac signs are divided under them. All of the four elements have their own characteristics than can affect the personality of a person. It is best to know what each element is about and how it affects the respective zodiac sign under it.

For the Fire element, the zodiac signs under it are Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo. Like fire, this element can be both beneficial and dangerous. The fire element can bring the right amount of passion to signs under it but if not handled properly can do more harm than good. In general, signs under the fire element do anything to reach their goal without so much thought of those along their path. They are very impulsive. They act before they think. These may sound like negative traits but these make signs under the fire element achievers.

Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio are the signs under the Water element. Signs under the Water element are said to be the most emotional of all. Water is both refreshing and mysterious depending on the depth and whether it is contained or not. Water is everywhere, it even comprise majority of the human body. This characteristic of water makes a person good in handling other individuals. Signs under the Water element are very caring and thoughtful to the needs of others. They think of how others feel and think. But this trait makes those under the Water element very sensitive. They easily get hurt when others do not see how much they care. They do not seek anything in return but acknowledgement.

Under the Earth element are Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo. Earth is a very stable element. It is solid and strong. Signs under the Earth element are said to be the most dependable ones. They are real people like how you can see and touch Earth. The only downside of being under the Earth element is the fear of change. Signs under the Earth element believe in “why fix what is not broken?” They rather be stable than risk doing something to shake things up. Of all signs, they are also the most materialistic. They value material possession and their status. They also rather look good on the outside which also show in the way they look at others. As long as the surface looks good, there is no need to dig deeper.

The fourth element is Air, which is comprised of Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra. No one can touch and see Air but it is very essential to all the other Elements and living things. Signs under the Air element are free-thinkers. They cannot be contained and if they do, they will just try to find their way out or they will become bored. They use their mental ability to bring themselves higher as they love solving problems and making theories. Sometimes, those under the Air element exclude themselves from reality. They are very intelligent individuals though sometimes what they lack is the emotional skills to relate to others.


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