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13 August 2017 - 19 August 2017

icon This week, draw back and get centered in your own worth, Cap. Your attractiveness is peaking and everyone notices it. Use your usual charms to get ahead. Focus on the connections that you need to nurture, and on how you can better represent yourself in the public eye. Open up for new opportunities. There are people close to you that can mean a lot for you but you still have to discover them. Networking is fine. Take some action by heading out. Your relationship calls you to reveal your vulnerable side. A healthy relationship requires a show of tenderness. Explore your erotic nature and show more passion in bed.

06 August 2017 - 12 August 2017

icon Jupiter, the Lucky Planet urges you to unleash your gifts on the world this week, Cap. Create a simple plan and start working on it. Don't let fear of failure derail you from pursuing your goals. Unfortunately, luck doesn't extend to your personal life. An outrage about a wrong remark is understandable but it could also add oil to the fire. You need to walk away at the first sign of conflict. Combine business and pleasure from Thursday onwards. Hitting industry events can present to you promising new contacts. Add a sense of playfulness to conversations. Single? This may not result to a partnership for the long haul, but exciting and satisfying just the same.

30 July 2017 - 05 August 2017

icon Step into a leadership role this week, Cap. That's not just about delegating task but you also have to convince everyone to make a unilateral decision for the good of the group. If people don't understand your thinking immediately, don't lose confident. Your vision is strong, and you have the ability to convince others with the combination of your logic and charm. It's just a matter of timing. The weekend has a surprise for you if you don't stay inside and go out. Take a look at what is happening in town, choose something you like and go there. You will make a special and promising connection there. There is nothing specific to worry about this week. Matters will head into the right direction by itself. Spending time in nature will have a positive effect on you.

23 July 2017 - 29 July 2017

icon Take the lead in any important business meetings this week, Cap, as everyone wants to hear what you have to say. Seeds planted this season will blossom over the next six weeks. Your partner makes you all kind of promises. You will have to wait and see. Your common sense is a good counterpart for his/her enthusiasm and you've already heard so many promises. In whatever dealings you have, this is going to be a good week in which your honesty is your best card. If caught in the middle of a conflict between friends, you will have to choose sides. You won't be able to keep a neutral position. If you have doubts about the frequency of your sex life, you can sleep peacefully now. Only two percent has daily sex and seventeen percent has no sex at all. There's nothing to worry about. Like it or not, you could have an emotional eruption by the end of the week as deeply buried feelings demand being heard.

16 July 2017 - 22 July 2017

icon The spotlights scare you, Cap. You are floating on a cloud of attention but you can also fall deep when you loose your grip on reality. You can win by staying relaxed. Let go of things for a bit and the money will find you instead of you hunting for it. If you try so hard, it will slip away from you. This does require some practice. Though job security and a healthy salary are important to you, there's more to life than going through the motions. Don't let your detail-oriented self get overwhelmed by your grand vision, but instead allow yourself to dream and have fun. If you don't let yourself go that much, there could be some physical and spiritual damage. The key is not to live by work alone. Be mindful of what you drink or eat.

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