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12 November 2017 - 18 November 2017

icon Your power of attraction and persuasion is high this week, Cap. That works best if you are making a presentation and a business proposal. If you have your eye on someone, it is likely that this person have an eye on you as well. Moments of doubt and insecurity could hit you this week. You don't lack anything but you still do. Count your blessings instead and build more trust with the people around you. That will make you feel much better. This weekend is all about you. It's time to catch up on reading a book or watching your favorite TV series. You can also start working on that creative project you've been thinking about. If you're in a relationship, you need to ignite more sparks in your union. Working on a shared project will do the trick.

05 November 2017 - 11 November 2017

icon Your work ethics is admirable, Cap. A lot of action is expected this week and you are in the center of them all. You dive into your work as never before and you solved problems that were simmering for a long time. You will crack some tough nuts, too. However, you risk outrunning yourself. Take some time to have a well-deserved break to sort out the chaos these activities have created in your mind. It's good to have a healthy bank account but you need to stay physically healthy as well. The astral energy of this week encourages you to take care of yourself. Get enough rest and eat right. In love, you have the tendency to feel pretty insecure. Have faith in yourself and your partner. If you're single, bear in mind that a confident attitude is half of your charm. Go out more often. You could try one of those unusual places over one of the weekends. Love is found in the strangest of places.

29 October 2017 - 04 November 2017

icon Your sense of groundedness is enhanced this week, Cap. Because of this, you're acting so tough that others can't keep up with you. Slow down a bit and let others catch up. If you continue on like this, you will be exhausted before the workweek ends. A weekend full of excitement with some collisions in the area of relationships is expected. That affects your physical condition. Keep thinking positive and give yourself enough time to heal. You aren't usually impulsive. If possible, go somewhere where you can experience a change of scenery. This is exactly what you need when you feel restless.

22 October 2017 - 28 October 2017

icon Say yes to the opportunities of love that are being offered to you and no to everything that your intuition warns you for, Cap. You may have sold yourself short on some level before so this time stay true to your beliefs. Straightforward is the best approach for love. If you sit down quietly, nothing will change in your career. It's time for action to test your luck. You will of course face a challenge or two, but no one is exempted from disappointment. Even the most accomplish ones have had to face this. Someone would also play a trick on you but that won't happen if you show that you are assertive.

15 October 2017 - 21 October 2017

icon This week leads you to fresh options that you may never have considered before. Embrace them with great enthusiasm, Cap, because this could be very exciting. This is the right time to showcase your talents. Involving other people might work well for you, too. In regard to romance, you could confuse lust with love this week and the other way around, but that doesn't matter. Just dive into the arms of that irresistible person because you know how far you are willing to go. Don't let anyone drag you somewhere if you don't want to go.

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