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A psychic is a seer, a soothsayer, a diviner, a spiritually realised person who can delve deep into your psyche, mind or soul and bring out truths about you that you yourself may not be aware of. Showing a mirror to you of what you actually are is just one of the psychic's multiple functions. Searching for a Psychic may sound easy at first but often it's hard to find a Real and Genuine Psychic, blessed with several spiritual, divine powers such as clairvoyance, third eye, sixth sense, intuition and so on. Read more on How to get a Phone Reading.

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Love Psychic EMERALD

Psychic Zelda
WOW! What can I say. I had the most amazing reading with Emerald!!! Emerald has such a magic voice. I was just feeling a bit lost, luckily I miraculously found Emerald. The reading was so pleasent comfortable. I felt so happy, confident on top of the world after the reading. I can't recommend enough the supremely talented Emerald...a Big Thank you to you!
~Judy, QLD

Emerald is an amazing love psychic. Her reading are direct honest and caring with accurate sequences of events and timing.
~ Sz, 22/02/2014

Tarot Psychic LUNA

Luna was fantastic and so thank you - I was really pleased with her reading. She is a true psychic. Thanks again guys. :)
~ Raquel, 20/11/2012

Thank you Luna for a very positive reading. I am still very happy today after the nice words I've received.
~Alvin, 20/09/2012

Clairvoyant SOPHIE

Psychic SophieSophie is an awesome reader! Her readings are compassionate, caring, direct and very honest. She has been extremely accurate with dates and events have unfolded as predicted. It has been my good fortune to have found a reader like Sophie, so give her a call she's worth every minute.
~ Lily Anne, 20/03/2013

Clairvoyant MOON

Psychic MoonMoon is a very gifted reader who I have found offers clear insights and guidance in a very kind and caring way. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for some clarity on an issue.

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Psychic Medium Email Reading – How the Mediums Go into a Trance

The state of trance is very important in the success of psychic medium email reading. If the online psychic medium successfully gets in a trance, the reading will be successful also. To be able to go into the state of trance, there are procedures that the psychic mediums are following.
The first step is the eye fixation.
It is in this process where they focus on something so that they can concentrate on their mission to go into trance. While focusing on something, the mediums should control their breathing as well. And, they should try to clear their minds. They cannot fully go into trance if there is something that is bothering them.
The psychic medium needs to fully relax his or her body before going into a trance.
Accordingly, in a psychic medium email reading, it is impossible for the medium to go into trance if his or her body is not completely relaxed. Sometimes, to relax their bodies, the mediums are thinking backwards to remind themselves of the time that they are very calm and peaceful. That way, they will be able to completely relax their body. They can also use the process of visualization to relax their bodies. Visualization involves the creation of images on your head so that they can fully relax their body.
There are others forms of relaxation methods that the psychic mediums use so that they can fully relax their body.
Mostly, they use their imagination so that their mind and body will be relaxed. While going into the state of trance in a psychic medium email reading, the psychic mediums must also focus on their physical and emotional responses. The physical response of the psychic medium will help him or her find an inner concentration. For example, they can imagine that they are surrounded by warm and positive energies.
With regards to their emotions, the psychic mediums must know how to control and disregard their emotion. They understand that if they are overruled by their anger or by their grief, they will not be able to achieve something on the online psychic reading. However, there are some psychic mediums who use their emotion to concentrate and get into trance immediately. In other words, it all depends according to how they control and use their emotions. There are mediums who cannot separate their emotion from their concentration while there are mediums too who use their emotions as their bridge to get into the state of trance. ~ 11/08/2014

Medium Psychic

The title of the article contains two important words, medium and psychic and both need to be explained.

Let us take the word 'psychic' first. A psychic is an expert who deals with the psyche, ie, the soul, mind, spirits and thoughts, emotions, feelings and sentiments that originate from psyche. The psyche of a person plays a vital, fundamental role in determining his/her nature and future. But the psychics are not academic experts of the human psyche in the sense the psychologists and psychiatrists are.

They are blessed with certain powers that come from their innate spiritual resources. In fact, most psychics are blessed with these powers from their birth. While some psychics inherit their extraordinary powers from their parents or grandparents, especially, mothers and grandmothers, others bring them along from their past birth as a process of their spiritual evolution.

Some of the amazing powers that the psychics are blessed with are strong intuition, insight, third eye, sixth sense, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, empathy, telepathy, psychokinesis, psychometry etc. Another power that some, not all, psychics possess is to go into trance and communicate with the spirits in general, spirits of the dead, spirit guides, angels and other spiritual and divine entities. A trance is a sleeplike state where the psychics lose awareness of their ego, body as well as their surroundings. As they acquire this state, their spirit or soul gets a bit liberated from its attachment with the body and can thus communicate with the spirits. This process is, however, a bit time consuming and tiring as well. Legendary psychic Edgar Cayce was master of the art of going into trance. He spent most part of his life in this sleep-like state and came to be called the Sleeping Prophet. This kind of trance adversely affected Edgar's health.

The psychics have, over the time, evolved a shorter, simpler and more convenient method of communicating with the spirits. This is called mental trance. It eliminates the need to go into sleep like trance, which the psychics of the earlier times used to go into. Psychics who go into mental trance remain aware of themselves as well as their surroundings. They take questions from their clients, direct them to the spirits or spirit guides and bring back their answers.

The psychics who can communicate with the spirits are called psychic mediums/medium psychics or channels.

News and information about psychics, especially in the Internet is overwhelming. To help take in and weigh all the information, reviews come in handy.

Psychic reviews are a good source of filtered information. Most reviews are written by individuals who tried the products or services for themselves. Most reviews are objective and tackle all sides of the situation. But it is still strongly advised to be keen and alert in believing these reviews as there are unreliable ones.

There are many types of psychics and under each type are different methods in providing psychic readings.

Psychic reviews can help seekers know the best type of psychic for their needs with the help of the reviewer's own experiences and analysis. Getting the reaction of different seekers about a certain psychic or psychic reading can help give insight on what is more effective. Psychic reviews can also help seekers get an idea on the best psychics and avoid possible deception. Hearing stories about a certain psychic can give ideas on how he works and what his specialties are.

Seekers can much easier decide the best psychic and psychic reading for their needs when they are able to relate to the feedback that they read. Searching information on the Internet usually starts from finding the most relevant for one's need. Psychic reviews come from different individuals with their own stories to tell in which seekers for sure can find almost the same as his. Psychic reviews are like family advices. Psychic reviews are meant to help those who need answers to their questions. The world of psychics is very complicated and intimidating especially for first-timers. These reviews try to break the barrier between the psychics and those who seek but a little scared of the unknown. Reviews can help seekers learn the things they need to know.

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