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14 January 2018 - 20 January 2018

icon This is going to be a week with a star in all areas of your life, Virgo. You are very enthusiastic about everything you do and people or situations won't be able to get on your nerves. Open up to the advice of others. Come up with some new ideas and take a fresh look at things. The only downside this week is that things might go a little slow according to you, but that shouldn't become a problem. You still have a long way to go in that certain matter but you shouldn't think about that too often. Just tackle this step by step and things can't go wrong. Don't exhaust yourself. Don't just assume that your partner is more interested in his work and hobbies than in you. You have a view on life that is too negative. Do something about that. Change your mindset and embrace optimism. Chin up and smile!

07 January 2018 - 13 January 2018

icon Feel good and look good this week, Virgo. Realize that your charms can work miracles and you can wrap everyone around your little finger. Make sure to check yourself every now and then to be sure that you're not going overboard. Bear in mind that looking too confident also has an opposite effect. At work, the project that you've invested so much time and effort on is finally paying off. People who were reluctant to accept your ideas before are now giving you recognition and appreciation. It's important that you free up your mind and get rid of worries this weekend. Stress will bottle up in your body if you don't deal with it positively. You can change that with practicing yoga or meditating. A work-related romance could spark this week. Do your very best to concentrate on the project that you're working on. You can pay attention to romance this weekend.

31 December 2017 - 06 January 2018

icon Do you feel forced into doing something before you are ready for it? Don't be fooled, Virgo. Take your time if you have to. Doing things prematurely will only mess things up. A lot of activities will be brought to your attention at work. Make sure not to work yourself up to the point of exhaustion. The weekend encourages giving and forgiveness. Give away what you don't need and do some charity. If tension has surrounded your relationship with others, it's high time to reach a compromise and bury the hatchet. You appreciate good food but don't exaggerate or you'll feel sick. Half a portion can be equally delicious.

24 December 2017 - 30 December 2017

icon There's an enough supply of inspiration on the path of love this week but what are you doing with it, Virgo? If you're in a relationship, don't compare your partner with your ex or with somebody else. Single? Are you letting the other person take the initiative or will you make the first move? If you take that step, it could cause a sparkling connection. Don't think you got rid of a financial problem if you let someone else help you out. You still have to stay in control and keep an overview. Wouldn't it be better if you would take control? You could catch a cold so avoid draughty places. Take the necessary measurements to prevent this discomfort.

17 December 2017 - 23 December 2017

icon There's so much in the skies that distracts you this week, Virgo. Unfortunately, it is impossible to swim to all sides even if you would prefer to do nothing less. Heed the message of the stars and try to find the right balance. Take a deep breath and think about your direction. Listen to your heart and choose the route that will have the most effect in life. The key is never to doubt yourself. If you have been planning something for a long time now, Mercury is smiling at you this week, so if you make a quick decision now you can score with your work. This is also because you have strong pillars of support around you. This is also a beautiful week for a connecting conversation with the people you love. This deepens your bond and helps understand each other more. If you're single, the romantic mood in the air could cause sparks to fly with a friend of a colleague.


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