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20 May 2018 - 26 May 2018

icon Some things might start to shift concerning love and your financial situation this week, Virgo. If a decision has to be made regarding these two facets of your, doing it on Wednesday will be very effective. Whatever happens, make sure you keep a good overview of your finances. When you need to negotiate, be your most charming self but cut to the chase. Keep things short and sweet. Family-related issues could distract you during the latter part of the week. Try to multi-task and fulfil all your obligations. This weekend is intended to jump-start your love life. Make plans for fun activities that will bring you closer to each other. If you're single, don't sit waiting for the perfect moment but make the moment perfect for love. Forget about being patient and conservative and tell the world that you're ready to mingle. Your spontaneity makes you extra sexy.

13 May 2018 - 19 May 2018

icon Your intuitive self is extra strong this week, Virgo, so be sure you listen. In terms of career, you can work keenly with the structure that is currently in place. Aspects where you had a hard time last week will go quite easily this season with very little effort on your part. Single? You will probably have the tendency to flirt more often or to do something on an impulse. That brings a breath of fresh air into your life. Are you going to clean up this weekend? That's a good idea but don't throw everything out straight away. It's good to sleep over it before you do. Make sure you separate your professional life from your personal life or that will cause you and the people around you stress.

06 May 2018 - 12 May 2018

icon Be grateful for what you have, Virgo. Count your blessings and be focused on the positive side of things. This week is a powerful period where you can get things done to advance your position at work or apply for work. If you play your cards well, that situation where you have encountered delay or disappointment on will finally enjoy progress. Expect some visitors this weekend. Fortunately, you can handle that very well. It's a great season to start exercising. You can exceed yourself if you set a fitness goal. It is possible that an old grudge will resurface within personal relationships. Take a good look at your feelings and find out what the cause is.

29 April 2018 - 05 May 2018

icon This week brings you the feeling as if you are finally waking up from a deep sleep and suddenly you know what you want with your life. You will find that you're more decisive on things that you usually doubt about. If you're in a relationship, make sure that your partner can keep up with your dynamic lifestyle or you risk losing him/her, Virgo. Single? Use that energy and your freedom to start executing that plan you have been thinking about for such a long time. Make a plan of how you want to handle things and be determined. However, be aware that the risk of you becoming too enthusiastic and demanding too much from yourself is there. Recognizing this will make you deal with stress in a healthy way. Positive influences from the cosmos concerning business will ensure a better access to financial support this weekend. That could mean that the time is right to buy something expensive or to start a new investment.

22 April 2018 - 28 April 2018

icon It's important to pay attention to spiritual insights and wisdom this week, Virgo. If you've been putting off a decision for quite some time now, this season is perfect to make up your mind. Relax your grip on controlling things to your liking and find that positive results flow easily from sources you didn't expect it from. Cupid could point his arrows on you on Wednesday and Thursday which makes you vulnerable to feeling romantic connections with the people you work with. Dress up nicely during these days and wear your best smile. If a misunderstanding is causing tension within relationships, take heart and talk about how you feel. Don't be afraid to show how much you care. The weekend is meant for self-care. Eat well and exercise more. Drink lots of water and go to bed early.


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