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18 March 2018 - 24 March 2018

icon There is financial progress in the air and it's speeding things up. That is because of all the connections you make outside of your home so don't stay in. It's also a beautiful week to think about love and romance. You benefit more from a sparkling relationship if initiative comes from your both sides. Mistakes could happen within the week but it's clear that neither side wants to intentionally hurt the other. Apologize even if it's not entirely your fault and remind your partner that you love him/her. You have the means to spend a little bit extra but don't exaggerate, especially if you're buying it as a gift because you won't make an impression with the price tag. It's the intention that counts. Honour your day of rest and relax. Lean back in a lazy chair with a nice book or catch up on your favourite television show.

11 March 2018 - 17 March 2018

icon Life has its high peaks and low deeps, and that's exactly what you could go through this week, Virgo. While it does make life more interesting and gives you an adrenaline rush, you get to wonder if you're ever going to end up in the middle. You've been through a major mix-up before and you did not like it. Learn from that mistake and trust that you have the necessary skills and abilities on your tool box to get you through this. But wait, there's more: you also have the loving support of the people you love and care for you. You are a light-hearted and spirited soul, so being around you can be fun. Paint the town red with your friends and loved ones this weekend. Not only that you celebrate your success, but you also celebrate life with the people you care about.

04 March 2018 - 10 March 2018

icon You will finally have some time again for creative ideas this week, Virgo. It doesn't matter what kind of dramas you have to deal with early this week because you can get everything under control again. You are full of energy and everything goes as it is supposed to go. Pace yourself though. Catch your breath every now and then to reflect and spell out your priorities. You are a bit worried about the sudden change of behaviour of a family member and you should be. Start a conversation, but be subtle and whatever you do, don't force anything. It often is enough already to lend him/her a listening ear. Take the weekend off to recalibrate your course. If you let your mind and body recharge, you'll be ready for take-off for another round of action next week.

25 February 2018 - 03 March 2018

icon Expect a busy week, Virgo, but you're not as focused as you should be. Try to keep your mind on your goals and don't get lost in the pink clouds that surround you. This is a period where conversations will lead to the improvement of your career, so give it your best and dress your best, too. Touch base with people you've known from your past and relatives in far places. Keep in mind that it's not always what you know but you who know that matters. Love is also in the spotlights this week. If you already have a partner, you could be confronted with lots of ups and downs in your relationship. Enjoy the 'ups' and don't let your own pride lead you too much during the 'downs'. Relationships demand compromises. Your partner has just as much right to be happy with the end result as you do. Singles who are looking for their soulmate will have to keep their eyes open this week.

18 February 2018 - 24 February 2018

icon It's hard to choose between different desires, especially for someone as passionate as you, Virgo. Before getting yourself lost in a cloud of confusion, finish what you have started. There will be more clarity around Wednesday or Thursday. This is because of a meeting with friends or of something a colleague told you. You are ambitious and want to be persistent. There is no reason to hide your cards, Virgo. Put them on the table. If you are honest and genuine, it will be highly appreciated. Your bowels are working kind of slow lately. It's important for your digestion that you stimulate them. Drink at least glasses of water and add more fruits and vegetables on your diet.


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