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18 August 2019 - 24 August 2019

icon Taurus This week, you feel like you will be looking for certain things and it also feels like it is never-ending. Just be patient with it and you will get by. You have made a few decisions in the past few days or have taken a new path in life where you will have to start fresh. Be confident that everything will turn out fine. Sometimes, you cannot control a situation and all you have to do is to surrender to it, believe in yourself and in your capabilities and let it all happen. Always keep in mind that not everything will maintain its beauty. Everything will change and all you can do is roll with it. Be active, Taurus. Exercise and do some activities for your health.

11 August 2019 - 17 August 2019

icon Taurus This week would be about love, romance and happiness. Single? You might just start a new relationship with someone, or you could meet "the one" among your interactions at work or while you're doing something leisurely. Just keep your eyes open. In a relationship? You and your partner kind of missed each other as you both have been busy with work and with life in general. It is just right to spend most of this week with him or her. Go out for dinner, shop or travel abroad. This is an exciting week, Taurus, and you do not even need to put in too much effort. Just let it flow freely.

04 August 2019 - 10 August 2019

icon Taurus You might have to make a few major decisions regarding your love life. Focus on this on the first few days of your week because if not you might have some regrets. You have always dreamed and wished for only the best things for you, your family and your partner. Keep on dreaming and achieving all of your goals, Taurus. You have to go back to seeing the reality as soon as possible though. Face those problems and issues that you have at the moment. Once done, you will be able to live freely and happily. Enjoy the moment and create happy memories.

28 July 2019 - 03 August 2019

icon Taurus This is an exciting and an overwhelming week for you, Taurus. You are a very creative sign and this is the right time to focus on your creativity. Another focus of this week will be about romance and love. Single? There is a possibility that someone will confess to you but it won't end up in a good way. When you dream in your sleep, make sure to take note of it because it might mean something. If possible, keep a journal on your bedside table for it. Try to live a more healthy lifestyle. Ditch the fast food and junk food and opt for a healthier meal like fruits and salads. It is best if you drink fresh juices too.

21 July 2019 - 27 July 2019

icon Taurus At work, you and your co-workers will be talking about money and financial situations. Of course, not everyone agrees on how to spend the budget that was given by the company. Are you directly involved in it? If not, it would be best to stay out of it and let the involved ones think about it. Don't stress yourself over something that isn't your problem. On the other hand, you have very nice friends, Taurus, use this opportunity to expand your network. Keep in touch with your close friends and exert effort into meeting their friends. This move will be beneficial for you.

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