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12 August 2018 - 18 August 2018

icon You have a gentle and charming personality, Taurus. Try to be in control of your emotions because a conflict is heading your way this week. Be confident because it's not your fault; it just inevitable. If you really want to win it you also need to be ready for some serious consequences. There's an irritating vibe in your this week and that's not healthy. The most beneficial thing to do is to keep your mouth shut. If you feel anger boiling inside of you, will yourself to walk away. Confrontation will just make things worst.

05 August 2018 - 11 August 2018

icon You are destined to be around a lot of people lately, as they love being around you because of your fresh and bubbly personality. You seem to fall in love so easily, Taurus. Your wit and charm will be a magnet to the opposite sex and you'll find yourself enjoying the spotlights. Your optimism collides with your complacency and you'll scare away someone who can mean a lot for you financially. You're the type of person who will never surrender in an endeavor. You're very patient and makes sure that you finish a task with flying colors. Once you establish your routine you will feel the extra energy and enthusiasm to get through your day.

29 July 2018 - 04 August 2018

icon You're generally a likable person, but some people just don't know when they're already crossing their boundaries. Be assertive and say no. Don't worry too much about people not liking you. You can't please everybody all the time. You have the tendency to stop doing something that is in your routine or that you choose to look for something that brings you more satisfaction. Embrace the challenges that come your way. It's nature's way of allowing you to improve yourself.

22 July 2018 - 28 July 2018

icon You will outgrow some things that really appealed to you in the past. The high value you put on stability and simplicity has allowed you to be reluctant to take unnecessary risks. Things will be different this week. You'll find yourself investing more energy in exploring new ventures. Discover the new you and embrace change. If it is possible, postpone a difficult conversation until the end of the week. It's best to allow the tension to dissipate first.

15 July 2018 - 21 July 2018

icon You will do a lot of thinking this week, Taurus. You have come far but it might be better to just walk away from it. Find satisfaction in a different path, Taurus. Ask yourself what you really want in life without thinking of others too much. Tension could be high this week. Refrain from winding yourself up negatively because that could adversely affect your health. Keep your expectations of yourself and of others in check every now and then. It'll save you from getting disappointed and will bring a more optimistic view on things.

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