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16 December 2018 - 22 December 2018

icon Scorpio Success in the aspects of social life and love life is high this week. It seems to be a nice period for some luxurious expenses, getting a loan and all those sorts of things, but you still have to keep an eye on your expenses. Make sure that your expenses does not go over your income.

09 December 2018 - 15 December 2018

icon Scorpio Single? Expect small coincidences to cross your love life this week and see what happens. You are more disciplined than before but you still flirt around. There's nothing wrong with that as long as you know how to take care of yourself. Social connections will play a big part in your income. Someone will inspire you to launch a new sideline. You can reach a lot of things as a team. The cosmos will bless you with a perfect balance of passion and prudence. Because of this, you can easily avoid some bumps on the road.

02 December 2018 - 08 December 2018

icon Scorpio You're decided to let go of some old patterns which puts you on a warpath this week. It may involve work or an ex-partner. You will soon be able to move on again. You notice this in all kinds of areas, like your personal development, communication and everything that involves family. You turn your focus to the most important plus-one in your life which is yourself. During this week you feel less social and much more selective about the company you keep. This is also the time to explore new ventures and evaluate your long-term financial plans.

25 November 2018 - 01 December 2018

icon Scorpio Change will be the highlight of this week. Everyone will be forced to change and you can expect heated conversations and/or passionate nights between the sheets. Everything will become very intense. Get your game face on but the key is to keep both feet grounded so you could get through this week unharmed. Strategic socializing can expand your network and help you climb the corporate ladder. It's not only what you know that counts these days but also who you know.

18 November 2018 - 24 November 2018

icon Scorpio You are specially skilled with anything that has to be done with your hands like painting, cooking, baking, etc. Don't hesitate to monetize your special skills because financial problems are starting to weigh heavy on your shoulders. Offer a helping hand but don't let this problem take over your life. Tension could arise during a conversation at home at the dinner table. Your partner or you will react in an avoiding manner which doesn't solve the situation. Keep the negative emotions aside so you can see things realistically and practically.

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