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16 July 2017 - 22 July 2017

icon Your recklessness knows no limits this week, Scorpio, so you might not have the tightest grip on your money. Control your impulses. Before you realize it, you will more likely indulge in retail therapy. Now that you know this, lean in to your more cautious self, specially if you've got big financial goals for the year. Bear in mind that sacrifices you make in the spending department are for yourself will result to a greater satisfaction before the year ends. This is a great weekend to finish those house chores, which you hate. Force yourself to free up some time for it, so you can finish early have some fun. You do know what you eat but do you know why you eat? This could bring a clarifying insight. Eat less but often.

09 July 2017 - 15 July 2017

icon This week encourages you to find the similarities between you and the important people around you. It's time to forget the differences you may have, Scorpio. A battle for power is never pleasant because in the end it'll get your egoes bruised and could lead to a break-up. Apologize and then revisit the discussion when both heads are cooled down. Fortunately, the turbulence in your financial matters will finally come to an end. You are in an energetic mood that makes you able to do what is necessary right now so don't hesitate to take measures. Your health is fine right now but don't just assume it's going to stay that way if you're into heavy drinking and smoking. Prioritize your own happiness and interests this weekend. Do something edgy with your hair or book a massage package. Let your wild and carefree side out to play.

02 July 2017 - 08 July 2017

icon Steadfastness is the keyword of the week. Practice making demands to prevent an unfortunate compromise this week, Scorpio. You're more than capable of handling everything, but that should not cause some troubles. It's important that you stand your ground and don't let anyone talk you into anything you don't feel like doing. If you've been trying to make an important decision but couldn't, your intuition will be razor-sharp and can bring everything into perspective. Be strategic at work. Make sure the people in position knows that you're the smart one behind a project that brought the company a brilliant recognition. Matters of the heart take center stage on the weekend.

25 June 2017 - 01 July 2017

icon If you're in a stable relationship, you might get a proposal but is that really what you want. Your self-image gets a boost this week and this makes you feel extra attractive. You have a hard time to get yourself going but a dynamic period awaits you in which you can realize a lot of your ideas. You have to keep an eye on your goals and don't nag too much about the details. Find the balance between action and peace and be friendly to whoever crosses your path. They will love to help you out. The interaction will serve you well. It makes you feel a lot stronger. You are in a spending mode this weekend. You have the tendency for impulse buys than careful price comparison, Scorpio, so better think hard before hitting the boutique zone or you favorite online shopping site.

18 June 2017 - 24 June 2017

icon Bathe in love with tact and feeling this week, Scorpio. Mercury, the messenger planet could be sending major mixed signals and exposing hidden agendas. You could feel unsure whom to trust. Make sure you don't overshare important information or fall head over heels in love. Next week you can fully surrender yourself to love again if you take things easy now. It's not an ideal period to dive into some crazy financial adventure because that will end up wrong. Coupled Scorpions need to vow to leave the past in the past if you don't want to jeopardize a promising relationship. Make an unbreakable promise to never bring up anything to do with an ex.

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