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17 February 2019 - 23 February 2019

icon Scorpio In relationships, being overly critical isn't wise, whereas having a more open minded outlook will certainly could. Don't sulk if your loved one was criticizing you, Scorpio, because he/she just wanted to give you advice. See the positive in it and you might even be able to smile about it. You might want to tell him/her how you feel though so he/she can adjust. Chose to mingle with rich and wealthy people if you have the opportunity. Pretend that you are one of them and enter a circuit that will inspire you and help you with your material wishes. Sometime, it isn't what you know but who you know that matters. If you're single, you must first open your heart to give and receive.

10 February 2019 - 16 February 2019

icon Scorpio You're secretly admiring a person from a distance and it sometimes hurts that your efforts are unnoticed. The trick is to leave that person you have an eye on in peace for a while; play hard to get. Don't ask him/her out just yet because you are going too fast. Take your time. If he/she's a bit interested, the more he/she's denied of what he/she wants (even a little), the higher the tendency to want it all the more. If that still doesn't work then you get your answer: move on, Scorpio. If you have to make a decision, take more measured risks instead of completely turning your life upside-down. The stars will bless you with extra planning time, so don't force anything to happen instead use this gift wisely. You could have quite a temper due to a sudden event this weekend but if you put things in perspective you will strengthen your self-control and your nerves.

03 February 2019 - 09 February 2019

icon Scorpio You feel as a true leader this week. You are very charming and very efficient in what you do. This completely suits you, Scorpio, but prepare yourself because a challenge could come your way. It may have something to do with the relationship of the people around you. It's time you do something about it, but make sure that your motives are really helping the situation. Unfortunately, you can't handle criticisms from people outside your team. Cheer up! They just need something to complain about. This week is perfect to talk about that issue that's been casting a shadow on your relationship. You need to make the first move to prevent that gap from getting wider and wider.

27 January 2019 - 02 February 2019

icon Scorpio Money is just flowing away like water and this worries you. Adjust your expectation and trust that your ability to work hard will get you through this. Make sure you're getting everything that you're entitled to though. Ask for a raise if you feel that you're overworked and underpaid. Don't just pay attention to your own health but keep a close eye on the health of your loved ones too. They could do some crazy things so it's important that you can warn them in advance. It would be beneficial to invite them to join you in a walk in the park or hit the gym. A nice, cosy vegetarian restaurant is also a nice place to invite them for lunch.

20 January 2019 - 26 January 2019

icon Scorpio You will have sudden encounters that boost your self-image this week. Dress in purple, brown and silver so you will look confident and leave a powerful impression. You could consider breaking with the authority that you don't like. You may need to weigh how this will affect the dynamics of a team project or partnership and proceed with due diligence. You have the tendency to take on too much work which makes you miss out on important events in your personal life. Do something about it this week. Only invest energy in things that matter to you by leaving some tasks to others. This will give you more time for yourself and for your loved ones.

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