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14 January 2018 - 20 January 2018

icon It's a good period to ask for a raise, to find new sources of income and to create a budget. Think about ways on how you can handle things in a more realistic and organized way. If you have any kind of appointment, it's very important to reach there on time. It's not easy for other people to keep up with your pace. You were counting on the support of someone but unfortunately you won't get it. He/she might even object to your plans. It's useless to become irritated. Rely on your energy for the goals you want to reach. It's going to be a fabulous weekend. Something happens and that will make it unforgettable. Everything you want will become reality.

07 January 2018 - 13 January 2018

icon Getting your heart's desire won't be easy this week, Sagi. If tension is surrounding your relationship, don't be tempted into discussions as to which approach is best suited for the situation. Let action speak! Bear in mind that it's more important to get it done than to discuss who is right. You may need to postpone an interesting project or a hobby at the start of the week to give way to a new and challenging project. The key is to get rid of the old-fashioned way and exhausting manner and choose a fresh and successful approach. Don't fret because things will get better as the week draws to an end. Passion-filled moments are waiting for those in a relationship while singles will find a new adventure not necessarily with a potential lover but with a friend or relative.

31 December 2017 - 06 January 2018

icon This week proves that no one is an island. You have a deeper need to connect with a special someone and it clearly shows in your face. Be mindful that this could be with someone you saw in your dreams and not in your daily life. When it comes to work, don't act too hastily this week. There's a certain level of misinformation in the air that could mess things up if you are not careful. Verify details and do your own research before you decide on anything. There are a lot of good people around you, too. Be open to the good intention of others and respond in a grateful and friendly way. This season is not an ideal moment to start a diet, but it is wise to pay attention to your weight with all the temptations around you.

24 December 2017 - 30 December 2017

icon You are a strong and effective leader, Sagi, and everyone looks up to you. However, you have the tendency to go too far. This could frustrate some people and they could snap on you. Don't push yourself and the people around you. More honey, less vinegar. That way it will be easier to get what you want. The stars are inviting you to loosen up and mix things up a bit this holiday season. The cosmos favours adventures and experimentation. Thinking of what to give your loved ones this Christmas? You're the master of art. With a small budget and a soft touch, you will be able to make everyone happy with your festive gifts. It's important to pay extra attention in traffic these days.

17 December 2017 - 23 December 2017

icon Your job can be demanding, Sagi, but don't lose step away from pre-holiday parties. Switch to the positive side of life because that's how you can restore balance within you. If you come to think about it, these events can improve your network further, a time to meet new people. Make sure to conserve your energy and focus on people who inspire you though, especially when your finances are involved. Be vigilant because you could easily be guilt-tripped in giving gifts to everyone in your network. Instead use the time and money saved on self-care. The weekend is perfect for massage or visit to the salon. Choose to be outdoors as much as possible. Make sure you get some fresh air and action.


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