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23 October 2016 - 29 October 2016

icon You're entering an exciting period this week, Libra. You decide not to let anything knock you off your feet. Just enjoy the right moments and count your blessings. Professional developments are happening fast. You are confident with what you do but you have to listen to good advices as well. If you're looking for a job, opportunities could be revealed this week. Make sure you strike while the iron is still hot and circulate your resume. Your body could use some detox. You enjoyed too much last week and now is the time for ol' fashioned water.

16 October 2016 - 22 October 2016

icon An opportunity will be calling your name this week, but you are too scared that things go wrong. Keep your hands on the steering wheel, Libra. Bury your doubts and believe in yourself. It's time to think bigger than you have and to look for ways to get your message out in the public. Your plans are wonderful and you will be appreciated for it as long as it doesn't stay with just plans. You have to walk the talk. It's best to invest on your health this week. Join a dance class or go to the gym more often. It'll not only help you get fit but will also boost your self-confidence.

09 October 2016 - 15 October 2016

icon Your dream could to come true if you create the right conditions to embrace it. It's not a problem if you say goodbye to some people for this. You also need to be extra careful in your communications. You might meet a person who could take you differently and that will stain your reputation. The planet of good fortune could boost your financial horizons this week. If you are unsatisfied with your job, you will have a chance to do freelance. This could lead you to a new gig which could be a little challenging but exciting, or simply give you confidence in your ability to meet your expenses. The upcoming week might be hurtful for your health. It's advisable to build up your immune system with a balanced diet and a dose of vitamins and minerals.

02 October 2016 - 08 October 2016

icon Lady Fortune is by your side and she's favoring your desire to travel. Do some research on travel packages so you could pack your bags together with a loved one soon. If you're assigned in a new project, make sure you check every detail and leave nothing to coincidence. This will save you the cost of having to start again from scratch. A raise is not impossible if you play your cards well. Are you expecting money soon? Make a plan on how you want to invest it wisely. Come up with a financial plan or open an investment account. Make sure you take enough rest this week. Treat yourself to a back massage as well. Healthwise, pay attention to having a good posture and especially your back.

25 September 2016 - 01 October 2016

icon You no longer need to adjust to others like you've already been doing. It's time to be direct and assertive, say what you want and do what you want to do. This way you can also receive love on your conditions. You don't have to look for it because it will find you. Financially, things have been unstable lately and that has made you tighten your belt a bit. Just hold on a little longer and money will come your way, Libra. When it comes to your professional growth, don't limit yourself in your wishes and desires. The more you believe, the bigger the chance that things come true.

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