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16 July 2017 - 22 July 2017

icon You need to be more aggressive when you want something to happen in your life, Leo. An opportunity to expand your horizons could come out of nowhere this Tuesday and travel may be involved. Regardless of the location, go for it. Embrace rather than resist! While you're tuning in, don't entertain negative talks. Listen and put them into consideration but put your interest first. If you're single, flirty interactions is the norm. You are more popular than you think, Leo. You will become irresistible if you get out of the house more often this week. It's alright to thread on unexplored territory to gain more income and it could bring you what you expect from it. Drift away from the already paved paths. Ease back into a fitness routine. If you want to loose some weight, work in cardio a couple hours a week to get your heart rate up. You should also exercise in the morning because that keeps you energized the entire day.

09 July 2017 - 15 July 2017

icon The roses on your path of life have sharp thorns but you learn how to avoid them, Leo. The right venture executed at the right time, the right way could be profitable for your professional or business image. Opportunities will come and go, and one big idea could turn into a highly profitable undertaking if you're willing to get your hands dirty. If you're in a relationship, avoiding a conflict about money is better than being stubborn in battle. That will only exhaust you and the outcome is probably loss. Your partner will respect you for your self-control. There is something in the air toward the later part of the week that influences your mood in a negative way. Now that you know that you can use optimism to fight it. You could use a good R&R this weekend. Refill your tanks with a revitalizing visit at the spa. Or meet your friends for a nice chat around food and drinks.

02 July 2017 - 08 July 2017

icon Boldly express your ideas, Leo, but don't rush into something permanent. You have the tendency to walk on the edge so realize what the consequences of rashness could be. Pursue your dreams and exciting plans, but proceed with caution. You are entering one of the most successful periods of the year even though not everything will work out smoothly. No need to force things though because the stars land in your house of supportive people. This is a good call to delegate. You will need a back-up to prevent problems with communication devices. The weekend brings rest and relaxation. Take it easy, Leo, and make sure you get enough time to recharge. If you're single, spread those solo wings on Saturday night and go hang out with your friends. You have fresh stories to hear about and share.

25 June 2017 - 01 July 2017

icon A lot of people love seeing you as a support system because you are skilled and hardworking. However, because of that you could be overwhelmed with so much work and responsibilities. You have more than enough to do with your own things, Leo. They should understand if you say no. If you are facing a certain choice that will cost money, it's better to follow your first idea instead of doubting things for too long. If you're single and have been struggling to communicate effectively with someone, you'll hit on a good way to initiate a meaningful conversation. Take a break from bills and responsibilities this weekend and do something that makes your heart sing.

18 June 2017 - 24 June 2017

icon Your popularity is on the rise this week, Leo. In love, you have found your partner again or you've found a new one. The relationship is still fragile but it will all work out with some empathy. Don't get carried away and exaggerate because then you end up in emotional chaos. Career-wise, networking and collaborations take top billing. Team-up with kindred spirits to support an innovative idea. Has a friendship lost its strength? Get wobbly group dynamics back on solid ground. Your career will thank you for this later. Money just flew out of your wallet last week but there was a good reason for that. Now you have to hit the brakes for a moment and only spend money when it's really necessary.

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