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16 December 2018 - 22 December 2018

icon Gemini Always look at a glass half full instead of half empty. This means that you have to see things in a positive light even in the midst of a difficult situation. Bear in mind that there is light at the end of a dark tunnel; your hope and faith will see you through your path. Just be flexible and allow things to run their course.

09 December 2018 - 15 December 2018

icon Gemini Do what your heart tells you to do and don't procrastinate by overthinking. If you're single, you can find someone only sexually attractive. It is already sufficient for you for now. You can try to get a deeper relationship later on. Buy a new outfit or treat yourself to a makeover. It'll make you look good and feel good as well. Don't take any crazy risks with a popular diet regimen because it might damage your health. The good old fashion balanced diet filled with lots of fruits and vegetables is still the best. The best option is to stay peaceful at home with your loved ones.

02 December 2018 - 08 December 2018

icon Gemini Your health and financial situations are finally improving. Your career is going steady as well. You have worked so hard work and it's finally starting to pay off. You are not the nagging type and you want to get your hands dirty. No beating around the bush but taking action. If you need to make amends with someone in your immediate environment, sit down for a private chat towards the end of the week. Come to the table with a pair of ears ready to listen and a heart willing to compromise. This week also favors getting close with friends and family. You've been quite "away" for some time and they truly miss you.

01 December 2018 - 07 December 2018

icon Gemini You don't have to worry about things getting out of control. Sometimes you just have to allow things to run their natural course and find their way out. You don't have to be always strong, Gemini. You're only human just like anybody else who has his/her weak points. People won't understand what is going on in your mind unless you make them understand. Don't bottle things up!

25 November 2018 - 01 December 2018

icon Gemini All developments are speeding up this week and you should be ready to roll your sleeves and get your hands dirty. It's best to think about what you want to accomplish in the next half year. You are in a very dreamy mood but your realistic side is kicking in as well. That makes sure you keep both feet on the ground. It's important for you to surround yourself with lighthearted people as well. You have a bunch of them, so organize your schedule to meet up with them every now and then.


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