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16 July 2017 - 22 July 2017

icon This week's lesson is to stabilize your foundation. While you're never at a loss for brilliant ideas, you are prone to distraction, Gemini. Fortunately, come Wednesday, mindful Mercury inspires you to get ready to transmute all your insights into a tangible actions. You will, however realize that unfinished projects have piled up around you. If you're going to invest all your time and effort on them, surely, you'll get some returns. Take some distance from your emotions, especially during the weekend. Put them on the table and look at them with the intention to let go of certain things. You will be forced to make some necessary adjustments in your finances. If you do this in a rigorous way and cut back on your expenses, you will soon see improvements soon. If you're in a relationship, take money off the list of taboo topics with your partner. Conversations about cash could prompt resourcefulness and creativity in search for sidelines worth pursuing.

09 July 2017 - 15 July 2017

icon Hope and inspiration are the keywords this week, both in your personal and professional life, Gemini. You have learned some life lessons that you can use. That makes romance flexible and even exciting. And work, optimistic despite of several setbacks. Tune down your impulsive tendencies. That first taste of success after a long hibernation period is within your reach this week, but that doesn't warrant you to rush to the next big one without proper planning. Taking risks are part of life, of course, but make sure that they're calculated ones. The travel bug could bite towards the later part of the week. Treat yourself to an adventure this weekend. If you're single, this could mean going home after this with a change of status.

02 July 2017 - 08 July 2017

icon You can be very provoking at times and this week shows a high probability of that, Gemini. You think you're being assertive but the people around you experience it as aggression. You might easily say or do something rash that you regret. Try not to get on the wrong foot of anyone by making unthoughtful statements. You are a born leader and there's no question to your ability to put things to proper perspective, but make sure to soften your approach and lead with your charm. Pay attention to your inner voice when it comes to matters that need to be decided on. If you get a feeling you should take a leap, follow your gut. Take calculated risks only though. This may require you to reassess what you have on your plate. An opportunity might find its way in if you let go of something.

25 June 2017 - 01 July 2017

icon That striving for perfection needs to be adjusted when it comes to love and career, Gemini. You are very enthusiastic in your urge for actions but you are a bit weary to push through. Don't be afraid to take on a vulnerable position. It's not as bad as you think. As a matter of fact, this will motivate you. Don't give in to your fear of never coming up with something almost perfect or a sense of powerlessness over a situation. Monitor your thoughts this weekend. If you're angry or full of self-doubt, you're not going to create the reality you want for yourself. Try to inspire peace and harmony. Just surrender to your deepest desires and act on them. You will notice that it brings you peace of mind.

18 June 2017 - 24 June 2017

icon The prospects for romance are in your favor this week, Gemini. If you're in a stable relationship, this could spark a gesture that brings you closer, like exchanging keys or the possibility of a pregnancy. Single? Consider taking a time-out for now to work through core wounds. You don't have to seclude yourself, though. Get to know someone as a friend first before you dive into the deep end. You can change uncomfortable circumstances if you analyse what causes them and tear the root of it. Don't sweep a financial problem under the carpet but solve it.


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