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25 September 2016 - 01 October 2016

icon Make sure love is a priority this week, Cancer. Solo ones need to stay open for serendipity. If you're in a relationship, start talking about marriage or plotting an exciting new chapter of your life. In terms of career, there is an opportunity heading your way that you shouldn't miss out on. That will be the beginning of a long period of success even though things get financially tight on the onset. Watch out for the sensitivities of other people this week. This could influence your stability and throw you off balance. You don't have to avoid it but stay grounded on your principles.

18 September 2016 - 24 September 2016

icon Transformation is your theme for this week. A vibe of self-scrutiny will come visit you, Cancer. You will realize that in your past relationships you feel attracted to people with power and that just conceals your own insecurity. How to deal with it? Believe in yourself more. Changing your job or workplace could mean progress. Whether you decide to stay or move, make sure you make a great impression this week. Don't just use fancy and sweet words for that. Show the world what you are made of with actions. A pain or complaint shouldn't immediately worry you. Your health is looking good so there's no need to panic.

11 September 2016 - 17 September 2016

icon Romance is in harmony with Venus this week. You value getting in touch with your most genuine feelings, bringing out a softer side of you. Some foreign connections could arise and they will cause love sparks. There is a change that this will work. Just be honest and take a chance on your passions. Keep performing well at the office, Cancer. It's about time to pursue the spotlights while having some well-deserved fun. Don't ignore possible health problems though. Ask for a second opinion if necessary. If back pains make you uncomfortable, pay attention to your posture. A massage would feel heavenly.

28 August 2016 - 03 September 2016

icon You might not be so passionate or fiery when it comes to romance but you intensely enjoy experimenting. You shock yourself with a daring move. If you feel that the flame has dimmed out on you, bring back the blaze by planning some sexy dates. Don't hold back. Be ready for some action because a friendship will be put to the test. Be patient and see what happens. Open up for new contacts because that could be financially and professionally interesting. You will be blessed with the power of honey-coated words, so you won't come aggressive. You will have to take the initiative yourself though. Sometimes you need to push things a little in order to set them towards your direction. You're not really in the mood to exercise but if you force yourself you will later be happy with the results.

21 August 2016 - 27 August 2016

icon You like harmony and you usually avoid conflicts. You often agree to a, for you, unfavourable compromise. If you accept a bad compromise because you want to save the peace you don't do yourself or others a favour. Demand your right to be happy. You're allowed to make some demands as well. You are worth it. You can be a good leader. Your boss has noticed this and will offer you a promotion. The chances are good for you. You will be pleased when you get more power. You can sit back for a while and enjoy the success. Trust your own strength and your abilities. You seem to be invincible. Your energy and health were never as good as they are now. It doesn't matter how you do it but continue what you are doing. You look great.

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