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19 November 2017 - 25 November 2017

icon Your creativity and resourcefulness are to be commended this week, Cancer. You want to deal with things in a different way and you will discover a way to do something faster without lowering the quality. Your intuition is working overtime as well. You can use this to make decisions instead of being purely cerebral. When it comes to work, expect some sort of acknowledgement, along with the possibility of a salary increase or a promotion. Celebrate with your family and friends this weekend. They may have some good news of their own, which contributes to the happy atmosphere. This weekend also comes with a sense of adventure in your love life. You are encouraged to be more creative with your partner. This gives a sense of renewed warmth, love and appreciation of each other's presence.

12 November 2017 - 18 November 2017

icon Some couples fight over the smallest things. Are you that kind of person, Cancer? Don't worry about those petty things but focus on what you can share with your loved one. True love after all isn't about competition, it's the most pure form of give and take. You're attracted with someone and you tend to find similarities. You want it all and you want it now but that's impossible. Be more realistic in your expectations or you'll get disappointed. A career move is at hand this week. You're popping with ideas that will inspire you to seek further education or training. Go! Don't be afraid to sail away. Fear won't get you anywhere. Trust yourself and you will prosper.

05 November 2017 - 11 November 2017

icon Things are going well at work but you will have to be a bit careful with investing and contracts. Fortunately, you'll be blessed with an extra strong intuition this week making you sense what lies beneath the surface. If you have questions or doubts, it would be good to confront the rightful person. There would be moments when you don't feel particularly good. It's no use sulking in a corner, instead go out and breathe fresh air; commune with nature. Spoil yourself with lots of fresh fruit and vitamins to prevent colds and other ailments. An unexpected phone call, look or attention awaits Single Crabs. Do you really want to start a love adventure? Just make sure you understand what you're getting yourself into. If you are in love, engaged or married you are in a very romantic mood. Celebrate all of your romantic successes.

29 October 2017 - 04 November 2017

icon You are sexy, Cancer, and there are more than enough people who are interested in you. Apart from that you have to be confident with your words and actions, too. The more confident you are, the more others will be confident with you and your work. Someone who is starting to get on your nerves needs to be put on his/her spot this week. Now is not the time for distractions and doubt in any way. If you've been having financial struggles lately, you will get support from an unexpected corner and that could mean a financial windfall. Accept it with a smile and use the money wisely. A light-hearted playfulness graces the air this weekend. You will have the energy and desire to play with others. This is a good day to spend with kids and kids at heart.

22 October 2017 - 28 October 2017

icon Opportunities for achievement present themselves to you this week, Cancer. You need to be receptive because if you close your doors, you may never find this spot in your path again. If romance has been on the rocks for a while now, bear in mind that you will have to give so you will receive as well. Don't be tempted into rivalry or jealousy. That won't get you anywhere. Single? This week's celestial configuration brings out your boldness and you are prepared to agree to a relationship which you may have held back for fear of being hurt. Other people may not agree, but for once you don't care. Store your valuables at a safe place and don't forget to lock your car. The loss of important documents could have some serious consequences.

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