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26 March 2017 - 01 April 2017

icon You are quite a taskmaster this week, Cancer. You can no longer control yourself. You want to do something for such a long time already but you don't have the courage. You will receive that one little push this week. There's no guarantee that it'll be a success and and you might have to deal with the consequences but it's worth taking the risk for. This week is also about teamwork. You are a great leader and have a charming personality as well. Don't hesitate to bring your thoughts to the open. If you do that with confidence, your colleagues will hop on board. You will notice a steady improvement of your health if you are able to delegate the tasks and to free up time and space for pleasurable activities and sports.

19 March 2017 - 25 March 2017

icon Boost the passionate vibes and listen to the point of view of your partner, Cancer. Don't just jump to conclusions. Together you are strong. If you slow down enough to tune in, you'll be able to get all the support you need. There are times when you are nervous and have a hard time sleeping this week. That's because you are taking on too much work. It's only logical that your nerves are so tensed. Find the right balance. With a little strategic scheduling and delegation or work, you might wind up at a party or have time to go for a massage. The good news is that, recognition is coming your way this week. That could come in the form of a praise for your diligence or a raise. If you're looking for a job, hop online and start a buzz about your qualifications. You might end up in a home based job which pays the bills and gives you time to be with your loved ones.

12 March 2017 - 18 March 2017

icon Monday and Tuesday will probably be two days where you'll be stressed. Don't let this stop you from pursuing your dreams, Cancer, but know that you can press pause to recharge. Thursday and Friday are full of variety and look brighter. Just remember that home is where you heart is. There could be some emotional or family-oriented matters that need to be address, but it's not something that good communication and open-mindedness can't solve. Your house of health inspires your love life this week. Coupled ones can start a fitness kick together, finding ways to be more healthy, while singles might meet someone hot in a gym, park or in a fitness studio.

05 March 2017 - 11 March 2017

icon Lesson for the week: act without thinking about what you gain from it. Not everything you gain is tangible, Cancer. Sure, helping others out may take some of your personal time, but the bonding benefit as well as the fulfillment of being able to help someone in need far outweigh any monetary cost. That's what is important in love and friendship. Collaboration is also a source of strength and inspiration. If done right, collective passion and enthusiasm can get a job done efficiently. However, there could also some dissent within the ranks. You are a born leader, Cancer. Identify areas for improvement and come up with a concrete action agreed upon by everyone. Be careful not to strongarm your way into consensus, but make it clear that everyone is a stakeholder. Don't turn back to look at the mistakes you once made but appreciate where you are right now. This applies to everything, especially to romance this week. An event may force you to revisit the wounds of your romantic past. If there's anything that life taught you, it is the truth that feeling the pain is your fastest route to ending suffering and eventually starting anew.

26 February 2017 - 04 March 2017

icon Try to find the right way between reason and dreams, Cancer. See things in a positive light even though this can be hard but at the same time remain practical. In the second half of the week, you will receive a feed on your sense of security and stability, particularly given all of the changes that have been taking place in your lives. There will be times when you will need to slow yourself down and choose your battles wisely. Just be flexible and just let things happen. Your bones and joints are your weak spots this week. Improve your calcium intake by drinking milk and some supplements. Good energy is with you for dealing with debt, but you still have to save as much as possible.

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