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13 August 2017 - 19 August 2017

icon You could have the feeling that everything around you is quite slow. Because of this you have the tendency to crave control of all situations, including people's train of thought. Try to get rid of this or you will ruin the good atmosphere, Cancer. Things will work out smoothly when you have an open and relaxed attitude. Rely on your sense of humour to avoid stingy issues. Most of the financial obstacles still seem to be manageable. Do something about it though and don't just wipe it under the carpet. With Saturn, the Planet of Discipline and Responsibility blessing you, you are encouraged to invest in your own expansion. Look for programs that make you accredited or certified, anything that builds your resume. This can be helpful in bumping you up to the higher pay grade you deserve. Your voice is important to you so cherish it with honey. It's better to be safe than sorry.

06 August 2017 - 12 August 2017

icon You feel restless. You are on the move or you want to get away. That's convenient this week because you are probably going on a trip. Be careful with the strangers you meet because not everyone is as nice as you are. Also don't let someone manipulate you into taking on their advice. The stars illuminate your house of self, putting your initiatives and desires in the spotlight. Listen to your gut and step boldly into the unknown, trusting that something better awaits. This also puts self care as your top priority. If you're battling an addiction, this is a powerful time to get your act together and finally recover. Also don't forget to hydrate. Start your day with a full glass and repeat that a few times during the day. You effortlessly cleanse your body that way.

30 July 2017 - 05 August 2017

icon You're a sign who doesn't give up easily, Cancer. So instead of taking the the opposition too seriously, you turn it into a motivation booster to keep pushing ahead. You have inspired a lot of people too, so expect a small gesture you didn't count on to come your way. Speak about good karma. With both internal and external lift, it's time to ramp up your aspirations. That could move you to do something for someone who will be very happy about it. This reciprocity is important. A disagreement could be the cause of an ailment. That's why it's good to avoid conflicts and to save the harmony. Don't be provoked. Venus in your partnership house gets a supportive nudge from the other planets. Business and pleasure may mix perfectly in profitable ways.

23 July 2017 - 29 July 2017

icon Cupid's arrow is pointed toward the most romantic zones of your chart this week, Cancer. You will get to know a completely different side of your partner and that will prove to be a pleasant surprise. You never thought that was in him/her. Single? If you're constantly trying to find a way on how to not be shy with the opposite sex, be confident, be yourself. The cosmos promise you'll get him/her faster. A gloomy mood is normal from time to time but it shouldn't last too long. Music activates brain pleasure centers, makes you feel more relaxed, and shifts your focus. Nature also offers a strong dose of bright light if you suffer from seasonal blues. The weekend is perfect to tell depression to take a hike.

16 July 2017 - 22 July 2017

icon This week is about putting the finishing touches on a big project or sealing the deal. If encountered with a challenge while doing so, go back to the initial phase, there could be something that you missed out on. Don't worry, it's not something major. You just have to catch it early before if causes a domino effect. You need a partner who sees you as an equal and not someone who dominates you, Cancer. This will only bring out your claws and make you feel rebellious. If your partner is of the jealous type, he/she will have to learn how to keep those feelings under control because this just doesn't work for you. In whatever you do, put something at stake for yourself. This will make you far more motivated to push along during the inevitable moments where inspiration crumbles. You may have less energy than usual as the week goes by. Make sure you take regular breaks and don't spend every minute doing things for others.

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