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19 February 2017 - 25 February 2017

icon Dreaming and being vulnerable are the things that will become important in your love life this week. In love, if you're the kind of Water Bearer who's afraid of commitment, the vulnerability behind it that you're trying to desperately avoid may actually end up being the key to a successful relationship. Don't take this as an act of being weak or submissive, Aquarius. To the contrary, it implies the courage to be yourself. It involves uncertainty and emotional exposure. Career-wise, turn words into actions and exercise more often. Take risks; don't focus on what might go wrong or what you might lose or sacrifice. Believe that things will go right and they will. Don't waste precious time in over-estimating the likelihood of something not going as planned. Instead, take another look at your daily and work schedule and make sure you start investing time in turning your dreams to reality.

12 February 2017 - 18 February 2017

icon Things are looking good for you, Aquarius, on all levels. You're ready to embrace a more practical magic into your life. You are oozing with great ideas and now is the time to run them through the reality filter. As usual, you're always up for a challenge, but this time you want to switch to the logistical part of you. You are willing to give in a little when it concerns love and your personal life. Having downtime in between your productive spurts is essential to your sanity. Romance is an icing on the cake. Your free-spirited house will help you connect with likeminded people, perhaps through dating apps or in a social gathering. Couples will have to get ready for a passionate, lively action this week. Your throat, nose and ears are you weak points this week.

05 February 2017 - 11 February 2017

icon Tone down the firepower, Aquarius. You have learned from your mistakes and you have a positive attitude towards your partner, superior and colleagues. That's the wisest position you can take. You don't have to agree to everything that is being said, but it doesn't hurt to give things more time to sink in. Lusty Mars can bring some extra heat this week. You're in a playful, adventurous mood, which gives you the guts to share your honest feelings. Heart-to-heart talks are best done out of the house this weekend. A different scenery makes you feel more at peace with an enough dash of emotions.

29 January 2017 - 04 February 2017

icon It's imperative to walk away from any scenes that feel tense or combustible, Aquarius. Things could get extra charged, so keep your wits about you. It wouldn't hurt to try to imagine beforehand if meddling would really mean something to you or if people would be happy with it. Expect Jupiter, the Planet of Love to be in house of career this week. Everything seems to be rushing at you all at once. Though it'll brings positive expansion in your professional life, it could cause fluctuations on your home, family or love life. The real challenge to find the right balance.

26 January 2017 - 01 February 2017

icon An event could challenge your patience today, Aquarius. You will have to use all your diplomacy and tact to not end up in an argument. Your productivity won't be great either unless there is a creative project on the calendar. Use an idea to develop a plan. The good thing is that the planets are teaming up to enhance your resourcefulness. You could come up with small improvements with whatever resources you have. If you're single, the most unlikely connection could develop into something with potential, so give everyone a chance. Love is in the air!


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