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22 October 2017 - 28 October 2017

icon You're about to face a dilemma this week, Aquarius. Both versions sound sincere but there is one that isn't right. If you can't find any evidence, you won't be able to pull the right conclusions. Don't give in to those feelings of superiority because that could work against you. Vanity and self-assurance could blur your view on reality and that will get in the way of luck and success. Your mind wants to go faster than your body and that doesn't work out right. You'll accomplish more with calm. Whether you see it or not, sometimes you try so hard. Listen to your body's signals and calm your mind so you can find the right balance. Lots of water, plenty of rest and sleep, regular exercise and healthy food are your ticket to a sound mind and body.

15 October 2017 - 21 October 2017

icon You can make someone happy with an email, Aquarius. Try your best not to forget a certain birthday. You have a very good relationship with your colleagues and you have successfully won their favor in the past. This means that you are perfect for a leadership role. Use your connections to your advantage. The truth is that having a vast network drastically tips the scales. You can help by listening but not by lending money because that will cause misery in the future. It's hard to say no but it would be wise to do so. Tensed with nerves? It's necessary to seclude yourself and to find the silence of nature. That's where you will find the answer to your question.

08 October 2017 - 14 October 2017

icon Close your eyes and ears for destructive types this week, Aquarius. Fortunately, this period is also high-energy for you. Use this to get out of your comfort zone. If you're looking for a job, do some research in an area of interest and improve your prospects. Don't forget that first impressions count. Dress to impress on your initial interview and show up sharp. If you've been employed for a while now, definitely working hard is your game, but you're at the brink of turning work into an addiction. Make it a resolution to do more things you enjoy outside the workplace, and that's the weekend is for. Do the things you like and eat what you love. Pleasure and relaxing is what you need to maintain your emotional balance. Get out of the house on a Saturday night and really have a good time with friends. Do something physical and fun like dancing and singing.

01 October 2017 - 07 October 2017

icon Flexibility is important this week, Aquarius. A lot of changes are happening around you and you're having a hard time dealing with them. The trick is to take a relaxed and laid back approach. Trying to control everything on your palm isn't the best tactic. Take an attitude of going with the flow and you will be right in the place you need to be. If a decision has to be made, you need a lot of time to process things. Prefer to sleep over things for a night to let it sink in because extreme actions will lead to extreme consequences. There's no need to rush.

24 September 2017 - 30 September 2017

icon It's going to be a week with a lot of insights and growth. Stay close to yourself and don't worry too much. Make sure you listen well to others and don't just hear what you want to hear. Your own interpretations aren't favourable at the moment. Fortunately, Lady luck smiles on you as you come across endless opportunities regarding work. Make sure not to let these slip away and utilize them to your advantage. Love also comes with a lot of surprises. If you're in a relationship, the first half of the week could be cloudy but it will gradually clear out as the week goes by. Worries related to children or other sources won't keep you troubled anymore.


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