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The Tower

The TowerThe Tower card is usually concerned with everything traditionally associated with war gods and the planet Mars – fires, conflicts, quarrels, accidents, losses of money and possessions. The Tower card shows a tower struck by lightning. Its inside has been engulfed by raging fires and its top is tumbling down. The inmates are hurtling down headlong from its ruined remains.

The tower is the symbol of our spiritual life. If we do not guard it carefully with humility and constant learning, we may be visited by the devastating anger of God that can demolish it completely. Sometimes we become the prisoners of our old traditional beliefs and long-established thinking patterns. We take our assumptions for granted.

This kind of myopic vision blocks our perception of the truth. We become egoistic and think that the tower of wisdom that we have built is the ultimate unassailable truth. But as it turns out, the tower, born out of ego, is hit hard and destroyed by the cataclysmic force and we are brought to our knees.

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