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The Hermit

The HermitThe Hermit represents Prudence and Tact within the enquirer. It can also represent the place where the enquirer can draw on or obtain guidance or help from; or possibly a person who will supply this sort of assistance.

It usually represents an old man or an old woman, showing that they possess wisdom and knowledge. Pertaining to a younger person, the hermit means that they are wise beyond their age.

The Hermit, also sometimes called the Lord of Time, is depicted as an old man carrying a lamp or a staff. The lamp symbolizes the power of knowledge that the hermit has accumulated over the years.

 Knowledge does not come easily. It takes a lifetime of hard work, dedication and meditation to acquire it. The lamp of knowledge shows the path a person should walk in order to achieve his goal, which is to know the inner truths of life.

The staff represents the experience that he can rely upon as he moves ahead in his life. He can differentiate between the good and the bad in every area of life with the help of his life long experience.

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