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The Sun

The SunThe Sun card represents the prosperity and success of the enquirer. It also shows happiness on all levels of being and consciousness. Everything is encapsulated in the phrase “the sunny side of life” for the holder of this card.

The Sun card shows powerful beams emanating from it. These beams spread out into the universe. They also contain the signs of zodiac that determine the nature and the future of the human beings.

The appearance of sun rays symbolizes the emergence of hope and clear vision. The rays also help in creating bounty and prosperity in the world. The sun also depicts the figures of a male and a female looking joyously at each other like happy lovers.

This card, therefore, can be linked with the Lovers card. These two people are the holy and innocent children of God bathing in the warmth of the sun rays in joyous abandon. The sun is also associated with the movement of years, the cycles of birth, life, death and reincarnation. It promises hope, health and happiness.

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