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The Divinatory Interpretations
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Trump Cards

The Fool

0 The Fool

The Fool represents oddity, eccentricity, foolishness and in some cases, madness. They are mostly seen in the unexpected and the surprising event. The Fool is usually seen as particularly something ‘out of the blue’ which has astonished or will astonish the enquirer.

The Magician

I The Magician

The Magician represent that the enquirer takes risks and also risks manifest themselves in their everyday life. They also possess the qualities of initiative, skills and general adaptability. The Magician is often indicative of something new (or somebody new) and major importance in the enquirers life.

The High Priestess

II The High Priestess

The High Priestess card represents intuition and intuitive feelings of the enquirer. The holder of the High Priestess is usually seen as secretive and is always hiding things from their friends and family. It also represents the prospect of something new as well as the barriers that hinder approach to the new, and also change generally.

Some tarot card readers interpret the appearance of this card in a divinatory as a warning to the enquirer against over-enthusiasm or ‘getting carried away’.

The Empress

III The Empress

The Empress usually represents general real happiness and much good fortune. It also represents creative actions that will lead to pleasurable experiences and sensations and the reverse – pleasure resulting in creativity.

The Emperor

IV The Emperor

The Emperor Card usually represents success, authority and creativity. The holder of the card is usually ambitious, or depending on what the other cards are in the divinatory spread, the ambitions of others.

The Hierophant

V The Hierophant

The other name for The Hierophant card is Pope or High Priest. As the name suggests, a high priest stands for wisdom, faith, spirituality, righteousness, morality and religiousness.

The Lovers

VI The Lovers

The Lovers usually represent love and sexual attraction generally – for either good or ill. This will be a choice made by the enquirer. The choice made is usually, not always, connected with the emotional life of the Enquirer.

The Chariot

VII The Chariot

The Chariot represents success despite all the difficulties surrounding the enquirer. It also represents the enquirer’s ability to overcome hindrances and limitations.

It also indicates that the enquirer will travel to new places and meet new friends and acquaintances. However it also indicates some sort of unexpected change in the life of the enquirer.


VIII Strength

The Strength card represents the courage, inner strength, and self control of the enquirer. It can also indicate the influence of a woman who is well disposed towards the enquirer.

The Hermit

IX The Hermit

The Hermit represents Prudence and Tact within the enquirer. It can also represent the place where the enquirer can draw on or obtain guidance or help from; or possibly a person who will supply this sort of assistance.

It usually represents an old man or an old woman, showing that they possess wisdom and knowledge. Pertaining to a younger person, the hermit means that they are wise beyond their age.

The Wheel of Fortune

X The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune Card represents good luck and a lot of success in financial matters. It also represents the impact of fate and chance usually for the improvement of their situation, as well as favorable changes in their life.


XI Justice

This card represents a time when the enquirer is put to the test and / or must make certain decisions regarding certain situations.

The Hanged Man

XII The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man represents the enquirer’s eccentric behaviour, setbacks and suffering. It also shows sacrifice and self sacrifice.


XII Death

In this case, The Death card represents failure, disappointment, partings, and love-takings without happiness. It also represents the loss of friends and friendships and the cessation of help.


XIV Temperance

The Temperance card signifies good management, successful partnerships and good health and quick recovery from illnesses. In some cases, the Temperance Card represents a happy outcome to a difficult situation.

The Devil

XV The Devil

The Devil card represents temptations and obsessions, particularly those concerning physical sexuality, money matters, and material possessions. The Devil usually represents Male Sexuality generally as well as an inevitable and usually materially advantageous event. It can also sometimes indicate a will or a legacy.

The Tower

XVI The Tower

The Tower card is usually concerned with everything traditionally associated with war gods and the planet Mars – fires, conflicts, quarrels, accidents, losses of money and possessions.

The Star

XVII The Star

The Star Card represents unexpected help, often from someone in a power of position and responsibility. It can also show a coming run of good luck or an especially fortunate happening.

The Moon

XVIII The Moon

The Moon Card represents risk and more particularly risky situations and adventures. It also represents puzzlement and even fear, as to the real nature of a situation or the true motives of others around you.

The card sometimes indicates a major change of in the enquirer’s life, past or present according to the nature of the spread and the position of the cards.

The Sun

XIX The Sun

The Sun card represents the prosperity and success of the enquirer. It also shows happiness on all levels of being and consciousness. Everything is encapsulated in the phrase “the sunny side of life” for the holder of this card.

The Last Judgement

XX The Last Judgement

The Last Judgment card signifies the settlement of some long standing problem and / or a fresh start for the enquirer. It also signifies doors opening and closing - leaving one job and starting another for example. It may also signify a reunion or an important decision.

The World

XXI The World

The World card represents certain success of the Enquirer. It also represents happy journeying, real or imaginary, to the objects of desire, be they persons, things or events.

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