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The High Priestess

The High PriestessThe High Priestess, the third card in this series is also called, Papess, Pope Joan  or Isis. The priestess is the human representative of God on this earth. Therefore, she is also called a goddess.  She has all the skills of the Magician, but she uses these skills in a virtuous manner. She uses them in a subtle manner---with deep insight and wisdom.

The High Priestess card represents intuition and intuitive feelings of the enquirer. The holder of the High Priestess is usually seen as secretive and is always hiding things from their friends and family. It also represents the prospect of something new as well as the barriers that hinder approach to the new, and also change generally.

Some tarot card readers interpret the appearance of this card in a divinatory as a warning to the enquirer against over-enthusiasm or ‘getting carried away’.

The Priestess is shown with a Lunar Crescent. This symbolizes her natural ability to align with the forces of nature and natural cycles. While the Magician draws upon his own personal resources, the Priestess uses the forces of Nature and Life to achieve her goals.

The High Priestess helps us to understand our dreams, subconscious and conscious world. Our subconscious holds the keys to our higher self and the universe.

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