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The Magician

The Magician is the second most important tarot card in the major arcana. The Magician is also sometimes, called Magus. He is usually represented as a shrewd, skillful, charismatic, powerful, resourceful person who can manipulate the events and men to his advantage. He can change the world according to his free will.

Magician represents one powerful part of our life. It means that if we try to be dynamic and resourceful, we can achieve a great success in our life. It must, however, be remembered that while using your resources in a positive manner may enrich our life, a negative and exploitative approach can ruin us.

What matters, therefore, is how we use our resources. If we, for example, use our leadership qualities in constructive manner, we can become leaders, and if we use them in destructive manner we can become gangsters and end up in prison.

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