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The Last Judgement

The Last JudgementThe Last Judgment card signifies the settlement of some long standing problem and / or a fresh start for the enquirer. It also signifies doors opening and closing - leaving one job and starting another for example. It may also signify a reunion or an important decision.

The Aeon card also known as the Judgment, Last Judgment, Atonement or Resurrection card shows as if some figures are rising up from the graves in response to a clarion call from an angel. 

May be this angelic figure represents the goddess Nuit that appeared in the sky at the time of creation. Her body has the shape of an arch. She is a symbol of never ending process of life. We can also see a childlike figure that has placed his finger on his lips as if it is commanding silence to another figure seated in a majestic manner behind him. These figures symbolize Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis, as a child and then as a ruler of Egypt.
The Aeon card makes us think about the chain of cause and effect for which we, ourselves, are responsible.

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