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The Lovers

The LoversThe Lovers usually represent love and sexual attraction generally – for either good or ill. This will be a choice made by the enquirer. The choice made is usually, not always, connected with the emotional life of the Enquirer.

True love means trust, innocence, submission, unconditional love, sublime joy, exhilaration and spiritual happiness. The couple is shown either intertwined in a state of blissful love or standing side by side.  They are the soul mates of each other. Each one represents the half of the other to make one complete union of hearts. The figure that flies above them is Cupid, the god of love. He blesses them to stay united forever.

The loving couple represents the harmonious co-existence of the opposites without any fear, doubt and prejudice against each other. This is the secret of happiness not only at personal plane but also at universal level. Love stands for deep feelings and empathy.  True Love can take us from darkness to light. It brightens the human life as nothing else can.

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