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The Moon

The MoonThe Moon Card represents risk and more particularly risky situations and adventures. It also represents puzzlement and even fear, as to the real nature of a situation or the true motives of others around you.

The card sometimes indicates a major change of in the enquirer’s life, past or present according to the nature of the spread and the position of the cards.

The Moon card creates a kind of mysterious sight. We find water in the foreground. If the moon is full, we find the face of a woman flying high about the sky. It is flanked by pylons.  It appears as if droplets of water are falling from the moon like its tears. When they fall upon the earth they act as seeds for recreation.

The moon also affects the tides in the ocean. The rising and falling tides can be associated with the rise and fall in our fortune.

The moon card also depicts a crayfish, which is known for its ability to quickly fall in love, mate and become pregnant. The card, therefore, indicates the power of moon to create romantic ideas that lead to recreation.
The moon also relates to our psychic and intuitive powers that reveal important secrets.

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