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The Devil

The DevilThe Devil card represents temptations and obsessions, particularly those concerning physical sexuality, money matters, and material possessions. The Devil usually represents Male Sexuality generally as well as an inevitable and usually materially advantageous event. It can also sometimes indicate a will or a legacy.

The Devil card shows the picture of half man and half beast. Two figures are shown chained to his feet. They may be the forms of a man and a woman.

The picture in its totality means that every human being, whether a male or female, has devil somewhere in the heart. Try, howsoever hard we may, we cannot get rid of our animal or diabolical instincts.

This is the reason that Adam and Eve ate the forbidden apple and were, as a consequence, thrown out of the paradise. We suffer misfortunes in our life because we cannot eliminate the bestial instincts from our hearts.  The Devil can degrade us from our exalted position and make us dark and ugly.

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