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DeathIn this case, The Death card represents failure, disappointment, partings, and love-takings without happiness. It also represents the loss of friends and friendships and the cessation of help.

Death is the most fearful reality in life. The Death card evokes the horror of death. It shows a reaper’s figure, which is a dark, powerful and ominous. Sometimes he rides a horse and at another time he walks on foot. He carries a scythe, leaves and limbs. It means that Death does not spare anything on this earth, whether it is animate or inanimate.

Although Death apparently brings an end to a life, but if we look deeply, the life does not end with the disappearance of a physical body. The truth is that the end generates a new beginning and a new future.  Death, itself, symbolizes only the end of the past, but heralds a new beginning. It means that if we get rid of the baggage of past, we can make a new beginning.

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